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Divine Powers Are Your Right As Per Vedas ! # Celebrate Power Manifestation

Hindus inspired with secularism have reduced the Vedic tradition to some set rules of morality.The ancient Bharateeyas explored all possible dimensions and we operated from consciousness,not mind as the core.

The idea of exhibiting and attaining divine powers is somehow being demonised by the so called new age Hindus.The idea started rising when people  approached shortcuts through undivine paths to attain siddhi-s which did not tally with their consciousness.As a result,these guys started misusing their powers.

Divine powers are not in parallel to this.Divine powers manifest in accordance to one's consciousness and everyone has the right to attain them.

Chamakam is a portion from the Taittiriya Shaakha ( branch ) of Yajur Veda.It expounds on all possible human desires.It is usually chanted after Rudram.

It is a very powerful part of the Vedas which fulfills us through completion of all desires which sets path to enlightenment.

The 6th Anuvaka ( Chapter ) of Chamakam asks for various divine powers represented by Vedic deities - The power of Gods.

Introduction to Vedas 

The entire Universe is reverberating.When there is reverberation,there is sound.In other words,the entire cosmos is simply a manifestation of sound energy.The ancient Vedic sages through penance,activated non-mechanical parts of their brains which enabled them to download cosmic data directly.They received cosmic truths in the form of sounds which they heard and experienced.These truths were recited as received,and passed on generations after generations.

Various truths downloaded by various Rishis gave rise to the ocean of Vedas.Veda Vyasa later compiled these Vedas and classified them.These is how the 4 Vedas came to existence.Each of these Vedas had many branches.Each branch had 4 components : 

(1) samhita
(2) brahmana
(3) aranyaka
(4) Upanishad

The Chamakam is found in the Samhita of the Taittiriya Shaakha ( branch ) of the Krishna Yajur Veda.

In this Anuvaka - it proclaims ' may ALL THESE BE MINE ' , and various deities are invoked through recitation along with Indra ( who is the chief of devatas ).

In the verses above,the powers of Agni,Soma,Savita,Sarasvati,Pushha,Brhaspati,Mitra and VaruNa are asked for.

Indra in the Vedas has an inner meaning - it means the master of the senses.So these power match with one who has his senses under control.

May all of these be mine :

The powers of the Gods TvashhTa,Dhata,VisHNu,Ashvinis,Maruts and the Vishve Devas ( all deities )

*A lot of these Gods are not known today.Google them up and you can relate the powers represented by them

May all of these BE MINE :

The manifestations of Prthvi,Antariksham,Dyau,Dishashca,Murdha and Prajapati.

The 7th Anuvaka ( chapter ) elaborates on the powers of :

Amshuhu refers to the portion of delight as soma.

Rashmihi is the rays of light ( of Sun )

Adaabhyaha is the Sun's unapproachability.

Adhi-patihi is the Sun's overlordship.

Upa-agmshuhu is the secrets of Brhaspati ( the teacher for Devas )

Antah-yaamaha is Lord VisHNu's inter-penetration = all pervasiveness.

Aindra-vaayavaha is Indra + Vayu.It represents the combined power of Lord 
Indra and Lord Vayu.For example,control over thunderstorm.

Maitraa-varuNaha is Mitra + varuNaha.The combined powers of Mitra and 
VaruNa.For example,power of light and cosmic order.

Aashvinaha represents the Cosmic breath.

Prati-prasthaanaha is the power over celestial bodies - including planets,comets,asteroids etc

Shukraha is the power of cosmic reproductivity.It denotes the power to re-create ( Shukra is also the Teacher for the Asuras )

Manthii refers to Cosmic churning.For instance,rotation and the flow of galaxies.

*The churning of the milky ocean by Asuras ( with their Guru as Shukra ) and Devas ( their Guru as Brhaspati ) with Lord Vishnu as the pivot ( in the form of Kurma Avatar )

AagrayaNaha is the power of Lord Agni as a guide who leads us towards the cosmic realm.

Dhruvaha refers to Mitra's powers of mental focus.

Vaishvaanaraha refers to power of Cosmic heat.

Rtu-grahaaha is the power to understand and grasp The cosmic cycle or play.

Ati-graahyaaha is the power to beyond further grasp and understand the universe.

Aindra-agnah = Indra + Agni.It is the combined powers of Indra and Agni.For instance,power over planetary cooling and heating.

Vaishva-devaha represents omnipresence.It also denotes the power of all deities.

Marutvatiiyaaha refers to the power over winds and ocean.

Mahendra = Mahaa - Indra = The Power of Maha Indra.Ultimate control as the chief of devatas.

Aadityaha refers to the Powers of Sun.

Saavitraha is the power of the Sun to protect Life-force.

Saarasvataha is the power of Sarasvati devi.It includes power of speech.

PausHNaha refers to PuusHaa or the power to nourish.

Paatnii-vataha is the Shakti to carry out these stupendous tasks.

Haari-yojanaha is the power of VisHNu - to keep everything under perfect order.

BrahmaRishi Vishvaamitra created a parallel universe with the power of Gayatri Mantra

Each form of power has many,many layers to them.For example,the powers of Sarasvati can cover intellect,music,serenity,speech etc

Credits to mentor - Shri Maunish Vyas

These two chapters of Chamakam actually describe every possible power that can be celebrated.It gives one the right.The significance of Indra is that these powers come to manifestation in its prime only with the mastery over the senses.

In other words,these powers by default are celebrated only by highly evolved conscious beings.

In our PuraNas - we see how Asuras and Rakshasas who attain some form of power through crook end up as failures who are destroyed by Cosmos.

All our enlightened masters had these powers but yet,none misused them because they are duh - the very embodiment of cosmos.

Bhasmasura attaining powers from Lord Shiva,only to be destroyed by it.

Powers of Deities Are Within You 

Each deity mentioned has many dimensions to it.For example,Lord Agni ( God of Fire ) has several functions other than the common ones we know of :

(1) The power to harden and strengthen muscles.
(2) Energy development
(3) Healthy progeny
(4) Digestion of food
(5) Development of patience
(6) Prolonging life
(7) Sharpening and boosting memory
(8) Enhances boldness of thought and action

The powers of Antariksha is related to infinite space ( ether ).This includes accessing Akashic records,Astral projection,downloading cosmic knowledge,teleportation,materialisation etc

Lord Hanuman and Bheema exhibited immense physical strength from Lord Vayu - their father.

Like this,each deity carries so many dimensions of power manifestation which is already latent within us.We are Atma.

If we list every specific power represented by each deity or element in Chamakam,we would exhaust this page.

The smriti-s specify power manifestation in their verses.

For example,Shiva Sutra quotes the power of materialisation :


 Translation : Experiencing the objective world as the product of his subjective consciousness,he can create and manifest any object or matter or occurrence that he thinks or desires in this Universe,within time and space

The Vigyana Bhairava Tantra quotes the power of levitation

Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, Sutra 82, Dharana 57

āsane śayane sthitvā nirādhāraṃ vibhāvayan ।

svadehaṃ manasi kṣīṇe kṣaṇāta kṣīṇāśayo bhavet ॥ 82 ॥ 

Our shastra-s are rich with the exhibition of such divine powers.Sage Vishvamitra obtained the celestial weapons through the recitation of Gayatri Mantra.

Time-space matrix was accessed by the Sages who contributed Bhavishhya PuraNa - which lists the future happenings on planet Earth ,including the arrival of Jesus Christ.

My Whatsapp Veda Learner Shravanti reciting Chamakam - Taittiriya Samhita,Krishna Yajur Veda

It is Your Right

You have the rights to ask and pray for these latent powers to awaken within you.It is your right to be strong.It is your right to be powerful.It is your right to be responsible.It is your dharma to raise your consciousness towards enlightenment.

Never submit to pseudo-Hindu-s who demonise these gifts.Hinduism will collapse without the science of divine power manifestation because all our Rishis - the very ambassadors of this culture exhibited them.

VaruNashca ma Indrashca me.What Jesus exhibited was simply a norm as per Vedas.

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