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Medha Suktam - Word to Word Meaning and Commentary

Medha Suktam is part of the Taittiriya Aranyaka of the Krishna Yajur Veda.This refers to the part of the Vedas learnt in seclusion in the forest region traditionally.It finds place in the 10th Prashna,41st-44th Anuvaka.

The verses of Medha Suktam reveal various dimensions and layers of intelligence  expressed by different entities across the cosmos.

Video : Medha Suktam recitation by my Whatsapp Veda Learner Smt Kavita

Introduction to Vedas 

The entire Universe is reverberating.When there is reverberation,there is sound.In other words,the entire cosmos is simply a manifestation of sound energy.The ancient Vedic sages through penance,activated non-mechanical parts of their brains which enabled them to download cosmic data directly.They received cosmic truths in the form of sounds which they envisioned.These truths were recited as received,and passed on generations after generations.

Various truths downloaded by various Rishis gave rise to the ocean of Vedas.Veda Vyasa later compiled these Vedas and classified them.These is how the 4 Vedas came to existence.Each of these Vedas had many branches.Each branch had 4 components : 

(1) samhita
(2) brahmana
(3) aranyaka
(4) Upanishad

What we refer to as 'Medha Suktam' is a portion from the Aranyaka of the Taittiriya Shaakha ( branch ) of the Krishna Yajur Veda.The part of the Vedas found in the Aranyaka have their downloaders ( Rishi ) unknown.Hence,we do not know who received this shruti.

Medha Suktam word to word meaning :

medha devi jushhamaaNaa na aagaad

vishvaachii bhadraa sumanasyamaanaa

Medha = literally ' that power which retains my memory' ( me dhaarayati iti medha)

devi = feminine version of devata.Devata comes from the root sound 'div' which means 'to shine'.Devata / Devi literally means 'One who shines'.It refers to divine being

jushhamaaNa = delighting

naha = us

aagaat = upon coming

vishvaachi = root 'vish' pertaining to all-pervasiveness

bhadraa = auspiciousness

su-manasya-maanaa = please minded 

Meaning and commentary :

The sound 'Medha' manifests the dimension of intellect.Pronunciation here is very crucial.If you say 'meda' instead of 'medha' ( as in not emphasising the expiration in dha ) , you refer to 'fat'.Meda = fat while medha = retentive power.

Medha Devi is all pervasive ( vishnu-tattva ).She is auspiciousness.She is One who is in the state of samadhi ( equanimity which is illustrated by a content/pleased mind) .These are the qualities exhibited by the state of enlightenment.Medha Devi is verily the manifestation of absolute consciousness.Her very manifestation delights us such that we attain oneness with Her.This oneness shall have us imbibe Her qualities.

tvayaa jushhTaa nudamaanaa duruktaan

bR^ihad-vadema vidathe suviiraaH

tvayaa = your

jushhTaa = pleased

nudamaanaa = from root 'nud' which means foolish talk.

duhu + uktaan = difficult + word utterers

bR^ihat = great

vadema = speak

vidathe = root 'vid' which means to know.

su-viiraaha = su + viiraahaa = superb + heroism

Meaning and commentary :

With Your grace,even those who are verbally handicapped ( those who speak foolishly and those who have difficulty with speech ) are transformed into great speakers who are intellectually brilliant.They become superb heroes who manifest your Medha Shakti.

tvayaa jushhTa R^ishhir-bhavati-devi-tvayaa

bramhaa.a.agatashrii ruta tvayaa

tvayaa = your

jushhTa = pleasure

R^ishhihi = sage

bhavati = becomes


tvayaa = your

bramha = bramha

aa-gata = comes

shriihi = of 'shri' ( lakshmi )

uta = also

tvayaa = your

Meaning and commentary :

With Your grace,one becomes a Rishi.One realises that he is Brahman ( Brahman = Absolute Consciousness = Atma ) As per Vedas,one who knows Brahman becomes Brahman.This is because Godhood is our true nature.One attains Lakshmi.

tvayaa jushhTash-chitraM vindate vasu saano jushhasva draviNo na medhe

tvayaa = your 

jushhTaha = being pleased

chitram = picture ( the diversity of creation across the cosmos )

vindate = gets

vasu = wealth

saa = she

naha = us

jushhasva = upon being pleased

draviNe = by wealth

naha = us

medhe = in reference to medha

Meaning and commentary :

By your grace,we know the various dimensions of the Universe.We get wealth.Wealth does not only refer to monetary possession.Wealth refers to good character,intellect,position,achievement etc

medhaaM ma indro dadaatu medhaaM devii sarasvatii

medhaaM me ashvinaavubhaavaadhattaam pushhkarasrajaa

medhaaM = In reference to Medha

me = to me

indraha = lord Indra ( who is the deity who is the master of the senses )

dadaatu = to provide



sarasvatii = saa rasena sarati iva ( one who flows like fluid is Sarasvati ).Sarasvati is the deity of speech ( which flows like a fluid )

ashvinau = the two ashvins ( the celestial doctors )

ubhau = both

aa-dhattaam = to come and support

pushhkarasrajau = adorned with lotus flower garlands

Meaning and commentary :

The manifestation of Medha Shakti may come to me through Indra ( Indra is the symbol for mastery over the senses.The Medha Shakti one attains when he gains mastery over the senses is that of Indra ).May the manifestation of Medha Shakti come in the form of Sarasvati ( the intelligence associated with power of speech.The Medha shakti which enables one to have speech that can flow like a river )

May the manifestation of Medha Shakti come in the form of the two Ashvins who are adorned with garlands ( the celestial doctors in the Vedic tradition ).This refers to the dimension of intellect associated with healing powers.

apsaraasu cha yaa medhaa gandharveshhu cha yanmanaH

apsaraasu = in apsaraa ( apsaras - the celestial dancers who are overwhelming in their charm )

cha = and 

yaa = she


gandharveshhu = in gandharvas ( celestial musicians who have supernatural abilities )


yat = as per

manaha = mind

Meaning and commentary :

May I be graced with the dimension of intellect expressed by Medha Devi in the form of art ( dance ),patroned by apsaras.May I be graced with the dimension of intellect expressed by Medha Devi in the form of the field of music,patroned by Gandharvas

daiviiM medhaa sarasvatii saamaaM medhaa surabhir-jushhataa(gge) svaahaaH

daiviiM = devii



saa = she

maam = to me


surabhihi = fragrance ( all pervasiveness )

jushhataam = juhomi = offer into fire of yaaga

svaahaa = a call to deity.Used in yaagaa

Meaning and commentary :

Medha devi is multi-dimensional.Her dimensions spread in all layers like a fragrance.May we call upon the multi-dimensional Medha Devi to manifest in us

aamaaM medhaa surabhir-vishvaruupaa hiraNya-varNaa jagatii jagamyaa

aa = come

maaM = to me



vishvaruupa = all pervasive form

hiraNya-varNa = golden coloured

jagatii = all pervading

jagamyaa = sought upon by seekers

Meaning and commentary :

May Medha Devi,in Her all-pervasive nature,multi-dimensional expressions,golden hue,who is sought upon by everyone come to me

uurjasvatii payasaa pinvamaanaa saa maaM medha supratiikaa jushhantaam

uurjasvati = rich with elevating energy

Payasaa = by milk

Pinvamaanaa : nourish and energise

Sa = she

Maam = to me


Supratiika = su+pratiika = superb + auspicious signs

Jushhantaam = to be pleased to grace me

Meaning and commentary :

May Medha Devi, who is vibrant  and full of inspirational energy, enlighten me with milk ( grace that is enriching, pure and fluid like milk ).May Her grace bestow me with all auspiciousness.

Here,we are reminded on how Tirugyaana sambandar, the revered shaivite saint,as a toddler got enlightened when Miinakshi Devi fed him milk.

In our culture,milk has been the means of passing enlightenment or supreme knowledge.

mayi medhaam mayi prajaam mayyagnistejo dadhaatu mayi medhaam mayi prajaam mayiindra indriyaM dadhaatu mayi medhaam mayi prajaam mayi suuryo bhraajo dadhaatu

mayi = my

medhaam = of Medha

prajaam = progeny

agnihi = Lord Agni ( God of Fire )

tejaha = tejas ( lustre )

dadhaatu = to provide and sustain that which has been provided

indra = Lord Indra

indriyam = the five senses

suuryaha = Lord Surya ( Sun God )

bhraajaha = enlightenment

Meaning and commentary : 

May my lineage and I be graced by Medha Devi in the form of Agni who provides the glow,vibrance and lustre.

May my lineage and I be graced with Medha Devi in the form of Indra ( The deity who resembles mastery over senses ) who enables us to control the senses

May my lineage and I be graced by Medha Devi in the form of Lord Surya who enlightens us

Here,Medha Devi is awakened in our DNA.This is why the verse talks about progeny.Progeny here denotes the awakening of the DNA within one through the invocation of Medha Suktam.May Medha Devi permeate our entire being.

Video : My Whatsapp Veda Learner Pongsakorn from Thailand reciting Medha Suktam


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