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The Link Between Subrahmaṇya And Serpents

Nandi Ashram,Sungai Petani

Have you realised that most Subrahmanya temples house a shrine for Sarpa Devata ? 

The role of Subrahmanya as the Lord of Serpents is not well-known.

Ghati Subrahmanya temple, Karnataka where Sarpa Worship is very prominent.

Thirumala hill on which Lord Venkateshwara presides is also known as 'Seshagiri' ( Sesha : King of Sarpa ; Giri : Mountain ). Subrahmanya is personified as the very Thirumala hill itself in the verse 'sarpa svaruupa dhara'.

This verse is from Muthuswami Dikshitar's Subrahmanya Kriti.

Subrahmanya as the Lord of Serpents in the famous Kukke Subrahmanya temple, Karnataka

In the Yajur Veda, we have something called the Sarpa Suktam. This portion speaks about the various forms of Sarpa-s and their significance. Sarpa is not a synonym to snake. Sarpa is a term given to a classification of entities that possibly include Nagas, serpents, dragons and other variants alike.

There is another name for Sarpa Suktam.It is called Subrahmanya Suktam.

Video : Sarpa Suktam recitation by my Whatsapp class learner Margot

Although Sarpa Suktam does not talk about Subrahmanya, it is still attributed to Him since there is a relation to serpents. It is recited in Subrahmanya pujas.

In fact, our Batu Caves complex which imbibes the vibes of Skanda is a site to get rid of Sarpa dosha. It is a common place referred by many astrologers and experts in Malaysia for those who are experiencing a tremendous down-pull from sarpa dosha. Common experiences from devotees include relief from dreams related to snakes after stepping into the shrine.

Kerling's Subrahmanya Temple, Selangor

Another famous temple that holds specialty in diluting Sarpa Dosha is Kerling's Subrahmanya Temple.

Even if a Muruga temple does not hold a Naga Shrine, you can always find its symbolism in an adjacent Ganapati shrine.

Arasamaram Ganapati - Bakar Bata Mariamman Devasthanam,Alor Setar

A Muruga temple will always house a Ganapati shrine under an Arasamaram tree ( Peepal tree ). Interestingly, this shrine will be accompanied by sculptures of Sarpa Devata-s.

Image: Sarpa Vinayaka in Pazhani

Why the slither ? 

In the Hindu culture, serpents are a representation of Kundalini Shakti ( The potential energy in you, which once aroused leads to spiritual awakening through the chakras ).

Look at the image above. This is the representation of the two nadis ( energy circuits, not nerves. Nadis are not to be confused with nerves ) - Ida and Pingala through which the kundalini ascends.

In the yogic culture, the kundalini is described as a sleeping serpent that ascends along the Nadis through the spinal column once aroused. The vertebral column in a human is very similar to a serpent actually.

Subrahmanya is the direct representation of Kundalini Shakti. As the Kundalini is inert, it represents Shiva. As it awakens and gets activated, it becomes Shakti. Shiva ( pure inert consciousness ) and Shakti ( expression of consciousness as activity ) govern the universe.

Subrahmanya is actually Shiva-Shakti tattva. He was born from Shiva's third eye and He receives the vel ( lance ) from His mother Devi Parvati, Who is Shakti.

The Muruga Yantra - The upper triangle represents Shiva. The down-pointing one represents Shakti. The Yantra for Lord Muruga is nothing but a Shiva-Shakti combination.

So the significance of Subrahmanya as the lord of serpents is as a deity who helps awaken your Kundalini. This is why Subrahmanya is very popular in the Siddha tradition. He is known as the Siddha among Siddhas. He is an ideal deity for those who seek enlightenment.

As the lord of Sarpa, He can awaken the serpent of Kundalini in you and raise your spiritual consciousness.

Video: Kum. Shravanthi and I reciting the Sarpa Suktam

The medical vector symbol well-known by physicians. It actually denotes the Kundalini shakti..


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