Thursday 6 February 2014


The following article is on common mistake done by many today.Intepreting vedic traditions from logic or from what they have studied in school..or by experiments..this is one disaster where west has foolishly intepreted Yoga as a method of exercise.Experiments are done on mantra and some logical conclusion is brought up, which does not even describe the true meanings of mantras.. they find out that the rituals bring some positive effect and hence conclude such.These positive effects that are observable are just superficial part of the vedic tradition to me.

-Nowadays,many educated persons immersed in Vedic and scriptural ( Shastric ) knowledge and classic scholarship have lost faith in the texts of which they are masters.THey have become afraid to stick firmly to Dharma,for it is laughed at by their cynical friends.They have yielded to the crooked arguments of critics and sold their heritage for trivial returns.

They intepret fasting on the eleventh day of the lunar month ( Ekadasi ) as one of the means for regulation of health,the waving of camphor flame as a remedy for asmathics,breathing exercises ( pranayama ) as helping digestion,pilgrimages as educational tours,and charity as a means of self-advertisement,thus demeaning and desecrating the holy injunctions of Dharma.Such people only DECEIVE THE WORLD ; they are BARBARIANS who do not know or heed the principles of Dharma.THey can learn something from a perusal of Manu's text on Dharma.

Anyone who wants to know Dharma can know it only by following a system of logic ( tarka ) that is not opposed to Veda and the scriptures.

Aarsgam dharmopadesham cha
Vedashastra a-virodhina
Yastarkena anusandhatte
Sa Dharmam veda, na etarah

  Thus said Manu : No conclusions opposed to Veda can be logical.Dry logic is profitless,and Manu does not recommend it to those who want to study the Vedas,etc.Still,many today stick to this logical reasoning and follow Adharma themselves,dragging others with them into the wrong path.That is why Veda Vyasa declared long ago ;

Those who follow the path of causalism and logic,seeking cause and effect connection,will not offer sacrifices in the sacred fire but will involve themselves in low demeaning acts.

Na yakshanti,na hoshyanti , hetuvadha vimohitah
Neechakarma karishyanti,hetuvadha vimohitah

Veda Vyasa said this in Aranyaparva of the Mahabaratha,while describing the conditions that are expected in kali yuga.

(Adapted from Dharma Vahini By Baghwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba )

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Monday 3 February 2014

2012 shift

Before starting, I suggest everyone to watch this video .. -

I would like to share the significant changes going on Planet Earth and our preparations to it.To put in a nutshell,this is what the '2012 hoo haa ' is about :

(1 ) THe Earth's gravity drops slightly
( 2) Thoughts are energy ( Whatever we think of , stimulates brain waves which comprises energy )
(3) Energy has mass ( E=mc^2 ).In turn,mass has weight under gravitational influence.
(4) Hence,under in low gravity situation,we are naturally inclined to a low-thought state.We are comfortable with lesser thoughts
(5) As we know,Spiritually active beings are definitely comfortable with this state.In meditation and other spiritual process,our thoughts are very less and absorbed in the activity.
(6) In contrast,those not spritually active ( those who only care for wealth,pride,status etc....) will have a tough time adapting to this situation..their minds are naturally always trafficked with thoughts and is not still.. they easily fall into depression under this low-thought state
(7) Hence.. this 2012 shift is very good for the spiritually active types.. who have compassion etc.. ( we call this people as 'high frequency beings'.. and it is a disaster for the opposite ( we call them low frequency beings ) .

All this is happening as we are merging to the GOlden age.I believe that Kali yuga has ended in 2002..and we are slowly merging to the sathya yuga..Therefore,changes must be made to the remove the low frequency beings and increase the high frequency ones...This is to increase the planet's frequency ( It can mean the Planet's energy for simplicity ) .. In fact,the Mahabaratha war was of that remove the low-frequency beings who are burdening the Planet Earth..our Mother Earth... AND now..the same thing is happening just that the planet's gravity is made use to cause a good change.

Now,I knew of this a year ago..and there must be something that urged me to share with everyone..yes.. Just from past few days,I could feel the tremendous energy falling on Planet Earth ( I just use the term ' falling on Earth' to describe the frequency of the planet..To put in a very simple form..lets just say I experienced a powerful positive and divine energy allover the planet. I cannot describe what I experienced by words..It can no way be explained by words.. it has to be experienced .. I have never experienced the Planet in such a state ever ( In my lifetime ) ... This is when I realised how powerful the Earth is growing.. Hence I wanted to share this. There is even physical proof to this ! Just look at the floods occuring everywhere...climatic changes here and there.. Rare snowfall in Egypt ! All this are part of the change..

Now I want to stress that this period is crucial for spiritual development..YOur spiritual sadhanas will be greatly aided by the powerful frequency of the planet...In fact,it is the best time to easily produce many enlightened beings ! Hence,I plead everyone to engage in spiritual sadhanas will be beautiful to start with this newyear..In fact, this new year starts with full moon ! Meditation and spiritual activities on full moon day is very powerful..

Acts resembling low frequency ( left) and high frequency/love (right).
Instead of saying God has love,it is better to say God IS Love.
Love is of the highest frequency ( devotion ) .

You can choose to disbelieve everything described above..But I kindly plead everyone to engage in spiritual activities like meditation.Simple ones like simple meditation and continual chanting of holy names ( Namah Shivaya , Allah Ho Akbar, Sairam,Hare krishna hymn ) ..which can be merged with daily activities gives you no excuse to give 'time lack' as a reason not to engage in sadhanas..

I would like to share below few very simple but veryy powerful sadhanas ( spiritual practices ) that can be followed by everyone.. :

(1) -

(2) -

(3) -

Current corrupted system where compassion
and unconditional love is given no
attention.Everyone is engaged
in a rat race.

Long before,Avatars were born to eliminate demonic beings to lighten Mother Earth's burden.
This can also be translated as to eliminating beings that lower the planet's frequency.Of course,these great historical epics also conveyed deep,powerful messages of vedas,dharma,righteousness,etc to society.I believe in Kali Yuga ending,this method would require mass murder in the planet.Hence, avatars are born to evolve people to a higher frequency..more caring,loving.To eliminate the sense of greed,ego,wrath,lust and negative qualities that lower Mother Earth's frequency.
     I wish everyone to practice spirituality/meditation during this period and to share this to as many as possible...Please don't assume that spirituality must mean renunciation ... going to forest and meditating..It can be infused into anyone... familied ones.. bussinessman etc... they just have to elevate themselves through sadhanas ... Then we can create bussinessman/doctors/workers who are compassionate,all loving and highly evolved..whom I term as 'high frequency ones' enjoy the golden age.. Let us start the New Year with a beautiful experience.

One of the purposes of The great Mahabaratha war,which involved almost all countries of the world,involved the use of terrible destructive weapons,that involved great heroes and powerful warriors.. was to reduce the low-frequency beings of the planet to relieve the burden of Mother Earth.

Please note that the Infos from Mahabaratha and the gravity drops are taken from Paramahamsa Nithyananda's discourse.The end of kali yuga,golden age etc are from different sources .... The article is written with the stated changes that I can experience.The article is not adapted from anywhere..but infused with self-experience and informations from friends and enlightened master.None of the credits belong to me.I am just expressing my experiences which are in tandem with the words of the masters.