Thursday 23 April 2020

Vishnu Avatars of Dashavataram ( Film )

The movie released 12 years ago and made a breakthrough with Kamal Hasan's versatile play as 10 different characters in the movie ! These 10 characters very loosely relate to the 10 avatar-s of Lord Vishnu.

(1) Matsya Avatar - Rangarajan Nambi

The 12th century scene introduces itself in exuberance with the persecution of  Vaisnavites by Koluthunga Chola II, who demands  Rangarajan Nambi to submit to the Panchakshari and Shaivism, thus having the entire Vaishnavite clan adopt Shaivism.

Rangarajan Nambi appears uninfluenced with the posed threats and gets drowned with the vigraha of Govindaraja.

Here, he loosely reminds us of the Matsya avatar Who manifests to save the race of mankind - in parallel to Nambi who drowns into the ocean ( ecosystem that nourishes fish ) to save his clan.

(2) Koorma Avatar - George Bush

In PuraNa-s - we find the tortoise being used as a pivot in the churning of the ocean of milk by deva-s and asura-s.

The hero-villain chase is catalysed by Bush who finances the bioweapon project - intending to protect the United States of America from future terrorist threats,which later leads to undesirable consequences as revealed by the plot that thickens.

We think of the Hala-hala poison that emerged from the churned ocean.

(3) Varaha Avatar - Krishnaveni

Krishnaveni, the old lady's introduction comes in the form of the silhouette of the boar in a play.

She also displaces the vial into the Lord's murti, thus safeguarding it in the very presence of God - a parallel to Lord Varaha supporting the planet on the tip of His tusk.

(4) Nrsimha Avatar - Shingan Narahazi

An extremely obvious manifestation of Nrsimha is appreciated when Shingan appears as a saviour to the protagonist during the climax.

Shingan notably uses bare hands in combat as an Aikido master. This resonates with Lord Nrsimha using His diamond-like nails to rip Hiranyakashipu.

In addition, his name very much resembles the avatar mentioned.

(5) Vamana Avatar - Khalifullah

His introduction is Mahima siddhi itself. He crawls out of the vehicle and stands erect to reveal his gigantism - thereby exhibiting his exponential manifestation of an extraordinary height.

(6) Parashurama Avatar - Christian Fletcher

The role of Parashurama as the terminator of 21 kshatriya-s.It tallies with Fletcher who uses a gun ( which is the shape of an inverted axe ) to go on a killing streak.

(7) Ramachandra Avatar - Avtar Singh

Portrayed by the love for his wife.Lord Rama went on war with a mighty king to save Sita.

Here,we notice Avtar Singh,willing to sacrifice his career for his wife.

(8) Krshna Avatar - Vincent Poovaraghan

Vincent's dark skin and his appearance as a saviour to Andal ( Asin ) from being harassed by sand mafias reminds us of Krshna's intervention to save Queen Draupadi.

Vincent dies in the movie when a metal rod pierces his leg.It reminds us of Lord Krshna ending His avatarhood as a hunter shoots an arrow that pierces His toe.

The hunter who arrowed Lord Krshna was Jara.We note how Vincent Poovaraghan dies saving the children of his own rival - the sand mafia named Jaara.

(9) Balarama Avatar - Balram Naidu

The name - dot.Plus,we see Balram Naidu indirectly working with the protagonist towards a same goal,as how Balarama worked as Lord Krshna's sidekick.

(10) Kalki Avatar - Govindarajan Ramaswamy 

We see the protagonist going all out to prevent a deadly virus from wiping humanity off the planet.

The occurrence of Kalki Avatar is also symbolically expressed through the tsunami that engulfs the bioweapon and its virulence when Christian Fletcher consumes it - as the shastra-s proclaim :  absolute consciousness will manifest ( in any form ) to safeguard dharma.

( Do note that the movie was not made in proportion with medical evidence especially when quoting a virus that can be 'killed' by table salt,having microscopic binoculars that can view the structure of viruses,a virus that causes an instant eruption throughout the body and the display of virus 'multiplying' in seawater.

Here , they clearly missed a crucial point - that a virus is not a living organism to exhibit the traits showed in the movie.

Nevertheless, it is an amazing film that really inspired my childhood )

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