Monday 27 January 2014



Our traditional lifestyle itself is so unique that every
aspect of it contributes to self well-being and spiritual progress.

Kumkum - processed turmeric.When 

kumkum is applied to the centre of forehead (ajna chakra),it awakens and keeps the ajna chakra alive.Archeological findings give evidence that the use of kumkum was widespread throughout the world in ancient times.Today,it can only be found highly persisting in the land of Bharat and those practicing the vedic traditions.Ignorant about their ancestral traditions,many westerners and atheist go on ridiculing the 
great spiritual science of kumkum usage... My sympathies to them < weeps  >.

Each energy centre in our body has a subtle smell.When a particular energy centre in the body is awakened,the associated smell is emitted from the person.For example,if a person has his ajna chakra awakened,you will smell kumkum ( the associated smell) if you go near him/her.

Smiliarly,if the person's vissudhi chakra (at neck region) is awakened,you will find jasmine smell.

ALSO,in the other way,,these energy centres get awakened when you apply the smell to the particular energy centre.THIS is the reason why kumkum is placed in the ajna chakra, and jasmine flower at the neck region ( usually as a garland or tied to the hair,so it touches the neck region).

Such powerful secrets and great sciences are already in our vedic culture.These traditions are dying slowly as generations pass.The society has started thinking that the practice of these traditions seem outdated and embarassing.So many ladies today do not wear proper kumkum.They go for various designs of plastic made 'kumkum' or 'pottu'.

 For traditional wears,saree is made such that one piece of the wear is made to rest on one shoulder.For men,dhoti is made to rest on one part of the shoulder.One reason for this is to balance the prana of the body.

We need to reawaken our tradition and vedic lifestlye.Stay strong! be proud of your tradition ! let the world laugh when you apply large kumkum,you go on with it ! Don't be a slave to them.Today they tell that your tradition is foolish,and tomorrow they extract wisdom from this same tradition and claim as their discovery, and we have to bow down and look down on ourself.Recently,I heard that Britain found the magnificient power of Kumkum,and they made it their patent rights !!! What bullshit ! Then what were the ancient Bharatiyas ( of those in the land of Bharat ) doing giving such importance to kumkum ?? 

 Now , let us look deeper into Kumkum ( vermilliom  mark applied at the point between the eyebrows , ( personally I have an obsession to kumkum :) ) , and also,the hazards of plastic-based,artificial vermillion mark,which is now sadly becoming a trend.

  As it is commonly known,the magnificiently empowered kumkum/sindoor applied to the spot in between the forehead as a dot greatly activates and tingles the ajna chakra and pineal gland..I grieve for the extensive use of plastic made vermillion marks- completely destroying a big science of our traditions !

  A late experiment has now proven that kissing the point between the forehead stimulates the pineal gland.

We have been activating our pineal gland/ajna chakra continuously through the use of kumkum since ages...Our great traditional vedic science that we should be proud of.Also,the great possibility of the descendants of Bharatiyas in awakening their third eye is there,thanks to the extensive use of Kumkum by our ancestors.So much exercise is done to in activating the third eye by our ancestors,such that it is embedded in our DNA.THe exercise is not just confined to the use of kumkum,but to yogic practices,meditation and other various spiritual progresses.Our ancient mothers of Bharat were incredibly advanced in intuitive power.Naturally,women are very very much ahead than men in inquisition.This was further enhanced by the continuous use of Kumkum by our ancient mothers.Such important roles did our mothers have in ancient days,in giving the proper advises to husbands in decision making,as they had such high intuitive powers to foresee an incident,know the best decision ..etc.
  How unfortunate for the modernised generation to have neglected the use of kumkum.They misunderstand the use of the vermillion mark to be some sort of fashion..They feel ashamed to use proper,large kumkum..Today it is such that even the elderly ones are discouraging and causing degradation to our rich tradition ! What a shame ! I myself have seen many elderly persons who discourage their young ones who are interested in our traditional lifestyles..In fact, I would say there are many youngsters who are starting to realise the potent of our vedic tradition.Elders however,term the practice of our ancient tradition as 'weird' or 'abnormal', just from the fear of the impressions of society.. this is one big big , massive problem we are having in our society today-fear of representing our own identity.The worst part is,the fear is existent in representing something we should be proud of !

Every Bharatiya must strive to revive their heritage and be proud of it !

The beautiful image shows kumkum materialising from Mother Gayatri's picture..Kumkum just

appears from the Picture from divine grace and shakti.This is in fact a very common miracle to devotees.

The revelations of how each chakra is related by the scent was obtained from discourse of Paramahamsa Nithyananda.