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Actual Image Of Lord Rama: Materialised by Swami Sathya Sai Baba

Image: The materialisation of Lord Rama as how He actually appeared. Swami Sathya Sai Baba materialised this t o Sister Githa Reddy.

This is a very interesting article that will allow you to relive Ramayana through various items that existed during that time..which was about 20 000 years ago.

...thanks to the grace of Bhagavan Shri Sathya Sai Baba who materialised ( create or teleport by divine will ).Time and space do not apply to the divine plane.Bhagavan is known to materialise items that existed throughout history.

So let's begin.Scroll and enjoy :)

''Once Sai baba materialised the chain worn by Ravanasura, the demon king.Ravanasura had a very big chain with three hundred sixty-five gold Shiva lingas. At the centre of the chain were three stones─green, red, and blue crystals─in the shape of Shiva lingas. It was a huge chain.Then someone said, “Swami, that big a chain?”Baba immediately said, “Yes. What you think of Ravana‟s personality? He was not a pygmy like you! He was very tall and heavily built.” We are fortunate to have seen Ravana‟s chain as well''

Shri Rama was also very tall in stature.His ring was as big as a today's world teenagers' wrist size.
''Chanting RAMA'S Name Destroys all the sins - When you utter the word "RAM", you first open the mouth with the sound" RA". All your sins go out when your mouth is open. When you utter "M" by closing the mouth, the entry is barred against the sins that have gone out. Everyone should recognise the sweetness, the sacredness and the divinity enshrined in the name "RAMA".

(Excerpts from Bhagavan's Sri Rama Navami Discourses-
Sanathana Sarathi - April 2015 Page 20 & 21)

''Swami once talked about the Ramayana and used to say that Lanka was not situated in the present day Sri Lanka as many assume (and Rama was not born in India either). He said that during the time of Rama some of the earth plates were connected differently than today. Lanka was situated near what we know as Greece today. In fact, the western story of Atlantis is what in India is referred to as Lanka in the Ramayana. It's one and the same story relayed from different cultures! ''

Sita's Ring

Kanyazachi Ring 

The Kanayazhi ring which was sent to Mother Sita through Hanuman.

Video : Swami Materialising Items of Ramayana

Sri Sathya Sai Baba materialises the pearl necklace that Sita gifted to Hanuman.

Rama Navami is the festival that marks the advent of the Lord as Rama. Many years, the festival occurs when Swami is in Kodai. On such occasions, the festival becomes a truly memorable day for the boys. On one such Rama Navami day, Swami materialised the pearl necklace that Sita gifted to Hanuman at the time of Rama's Coronation. Rama was distributing various gifts to members in the assembly but somehow, He seemed to skip Hanuman. Sita was troubled by this apparent indifference; how could such a loyal one like Hanuman be overlooked on an occasion like this? So, she whispered to Rama that Hanuman should not be forgotten. 

Rama whispered back that Hanuman was way above material gifts. Sita was not quite satisfied by this reply; so she took out a pearl necklace that she was wearing and offered it to Hanuman. While receiving the necklace, Hanuman gave it a suspicious look. He then placed the necklace near one of his ears as if to check whether the individual pearls were emitting some sound. He appeared to examine every pearl in the necklace, and once in a while, he would bite a pearl. Sita was shocked by this behaviour. Was Hanuman proving that, after all, he was a monkey? She demanded an explanation from Hanuman for what he was doing. With great humility Hanuman replied, "Mother, for me the Name of Rama is supreme.

 An object is worthless if it does not resound with the Name of Rama. Some of these pearls are not emitting the proper sound and so I am chewing them up." Sita was neither convinced nor amused and tersely remarked, "Pearls do not emit sound." Hanuman replied, "Everything that is saturated with the Rama Principle will always chant the Name of Rama. Let me demonstrate." So saying, Hanuman plucked a hair from his body and offered it to Rama. When Sita took it near her ear, she could clearly hear the chant of Rama's Name! This was the way Hanuman proved to the world how intense true devotion really is.

After narrating the story and materialising the necklace, Swami passed it around and asked the boys to carefully examine it. Sure enough many pearls had teeth marks! After everyone present there had had a look, Swami made the necklace disappear! 

GV: Oops! The ring that Dasaratha gave?!!

AK: That is right. It was a diamond ring, and Swami was smiling as He looked around while materialising another ring – this time it was a sapphire ring that was presented to Lord Rama by His father-in-law, Emperor Janaka.

GV: I am told these rings are very big?

AK: Very big indeed. I said, “Swami, it is almost the size of my wrist. How come this ring is so big?” Swami replied, “
Lord Rama was an Aajanubhau, meaning one of very tall stature.

GV: Eight feet or so?

AK: Yes, Swami then materialised the Mangalsutra or sacred wedding medallion, complete with the sacred thread that holds the medallion. This was worn by Mother Sita at the time of the wedding. I have also seen Swami materialising the chain worn by Ravana.

GV: Ravana?

AK: Yes, complete with 365 Shiva Lingas and a pendant at the bottom made up of three large Shiva Lingas, one yellow, one green and one blue. All the 365 were made of gold while the three in the pendant at the centre were made of crystal. This was the chain that Ravana wore.

GV: What happens to these jewels afterwards?

AK: They go back to SAI STORES (laughter). Swami also materialised a golden replica of the deer that captivated Sita, later landing her in trouble.

GV: Are you allowed to touch these objects?

AK: Yes, sir. On one occasion, Swami said, “Tomorrow is the wedding function of Balarama [brother of Krishna] and Revathi. All of you are invited for lunch!” Sure enough, on the following day, there was a fabulous lunch and in the afternoon Swami spoke about the marriage of Balarama with Revathi. And at the end He materialised a magnificent diamond-studded necklace with three or four rows of diamonds.

GV: My GOD! How big was the necklace?

AK: About 15 cms. At the centre of the arch-like necklace there was a Swan suspended by a gold chain. The Swan was clear and you could look through its eyes, beak, stomach, and so on. Every body started looking at it. Swami came to me and said, “Look, look deep”. I did so and there in the middle of the stomach of that bird I could see Bhagavan Baba in a reclining posture, the classic reclining posture of Lord Narayana, reclining on His Thousand-hooded snake, Adisesha. That is what I saw. It was absolutely fantastic. Swami also materialised the CHOODAMANI or the ornament that Sita used to wear on her head. This was the CHOODAMANI that Hanuman brought back as proof of having met Sita, when he reported back to the Lord Rama.

GV: How do the boys feel on such occasions? They must be transported to a different world.

AK: That is right, into a totally different world. They had come so close that they even took the liberty of almost pestering, saying, “Swami, let us see, let us see!” Swami gave ample opportunities for all to see these manifested objects at close quarters. He would keep them on the table so that everybody could later see at some leisure. Photographs would be taken and some of them are here in our MUSEUM also. [...]

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