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Karikala Chola's Obsession With Vedic Rituals

Karikala Chola was one of the prominent Tamizh Kings who patronised grandiose Vedic rituals

His love for Yagas and Vedic rites was so eminent that they filled the ether even during his death.

The descriptions of such Vedic rituals finds place in the eulogy sung by Karungulal Athanar when Karikala Chola left his body.

Puranuru 224  : 

அறம் அறக் கண்ட நெறி மாண் அவையத்து,
முறைநற்கு அறியுநர் முன்னுறப் புகழ்ந்த  5
தூ இயற் கொள்கைத் துகள் அறு மகளிரொடு,
பருதி உருவின் பல் படைப் புரிசை
எருவை நுகர்ச்சி யூப நெடுந்தூண்
வேத வேள்வித் தொழில் முடித்ததூஉம்;


Translation : 

In the assembly, the great ( Brahmanas ) who had mastered dharma,Vedas and Agamas guided the conduct of the ceremony.The sacrifical hall was round and surrounded by walls. A structure was built in it in the shape of an eagle. At a tall Yupa-pillar planted there, the Brahmanas conducted the Vedic Yaga along with their wives who were praised by all for their character and chastity.

Tamizh Kings who Imitated Karikala Chola's patronage for Vedic Rituals

(1) Palyani Sel Kelu Kuttavan of the Sera dynasty helped poet Palaik-kaudamanar to perform 10 Yagas in an event, in which the poet and his wife attained liberation.

(2) Pakyagasalai Mudu Kudumi, a Pandya monarch, similarly patronised many Yagas. He gifted a Brahmana who conducts Yagnas several lands.

(3) Perunarkilli, a succesor of Karikala Chola, got himself crowned according to Vedic rituals. He even took the title of Irasashuyam Vetta - and underwent the Rajasuya Yaga.

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