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Tirumantiram and Rig Veda Hold A Common Verse Which Reveals A Mysterious Being

Tirumular is recognised as one of the prominent Tamizh Siddhas. He is also one of the 63 revered Nayanars.

His contribution of Tirumantiram holds more than 3000 verses covering various aspects of spirituality.

Out of these, there are many which are Vedantic

Interestingly, I found one ( there could be more ) verse that is a direct replica of a Rig Veda mantra

Tirumantiram, Tantiram 4 , verse 1030

 எடுக்கின்ற பாதங்கள் மூன்றது எழுத்தைக் கடுத்த முகம் இரண்டு ஆறு கண்ணாகப் படித்து எண்ணு நா எழு கொம்பு ஒரு நாலும் அடுத்து எழு கண்ணான அந்தம் இலாற்கே.

English translation : 

Three His feet, Seven His hands,
Two His faces,six His eyes,
Seven His tongues,four His horns,
Thus does He rise from the Sacrificial Fire Pit
He the one that no end knows

This mirrors a Rig Vedic verse that finds a place in the 4th Mandala as the 58th Sukta. The Rishi who downloaded this verse is Vamadeva Gautama.

English translation : 

Four are His horns; three are His feet that bear Him; His heads are two; His hands are seven; this bull connected in a threefold manner; fluently roars the Supreme; the great deva has entered amongst mortals.

This verse describes a deity. A deity with four horns ( chatvaari shr^ingaa ) , three feet ( trayo paadaa ) two heads ( dve siirshha ), and seven hands ( sapta hasta ) 

The deity is none other than Lord Agni ( Fire God ) : 

Of course, since Vedas carry meaning in many dimensions, there are many interpretations to this mantra.


Thirumantiram is a compilation of verses from Thirumular. He went into samadhi and revealed a verse every year - for a period of 3000 years. These revelations were compiled as Thirumantiram

Origin of Vedas 

The Vedas were heard as a series of sounds that reverberate as the cosmos. Ancient sages who were in penance tapped into the cosmic archive and downloaded truths of the Universe in the form of sound energy. This is why the Vedas are learnt and taught through recitation. One has to recite the very mantra to match the frequency of the particular truth or knowledge to realise it. The Vedas do not have an author and they are of non-human origin ( apaurusheya ). They are simply brought to this planet through channels we refer to as Rishis.

The Parallel

Thirumular tapped into the same truth as the verse downloaded by Sage Gautama. Afterall, they are cosmic truths which are universal - always available for access,even today.

I Witnessed The Form of Agni

Interesting Story on Agni's cosmic form. This was back in 2016 during my time as a medical student. It was during Navaratri and our small Vedam team conducted a mini-abhisheka for Devi while reciting Durga Suktam ( Durga Suktam contains 90% of verses denoting Agni). We collected the residual abhisheka water in several cups. I accidentally toppled one of the cups and its content poured to stain the table into a form. We inspected and realized it depicted a deity - which we clearly could not make out. I took a picture of it and many months later - realized that it was Lord Agni. The image matched the description of Lord Agni as revealed in the Rig Veda.

Video : My students reciting the Durga Suktam ( Yajur Veda ) ; Setapak,Malaysia

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