Monday 18 November 2019

Secrets of Conch ( Shankha ) - The Cosmic Blueprint

The Universe as we know,is governed by waveforms.

Water waves, sound waves, electromagnetic waves - existence itself is an expression of waves

We had been pampered with the not so accurate 2d image of a waveform from school days : 

This is not how waves present themselves.

A 3d image of any wave would be something like : 

The image at the centre - a somewhat spiral fluid of motion.To put in simpler words - a conch shell ! 

All forms of motion / wave are spiral.Replace X in the image above with the Sun and you have our solar system.

The entire Universe functions with the same mechanism - from the minutest atom to the largest star system.

Image: A nucleus with electrons in motion around it.It could also represent planets orbiting the Sun.

Image above represents a more accurate presentation of our planet's circular motion around the Sun.What you commonly see in textbooks are simplified 2d diagrams that resemble nothing more than a coloured doughnut.

The conch shell has always been revered eminently in the Indian culture.It is an important insignia of the Indian culture.Our ancients had given us the key to unlock the Universe in the form of a cosmic blueprint - the conch

Think of other aspects of creation that holds a spiral - waveform. I have given one below: The DNA helix


  1. Awesome Vinnith.

  2. Entire Universe has left replicas to mankind to understand the significance of its existence in a simple's as simple as our breath but as difficult as to find who we are. Beautifully explained by you dear Vinnith. May God bless you with lot of strength and knowledge to share and spread the truth.