Wednesday, 27 February 2019

The Consequence of Forgetting One's Kula Deivam

 Staying away from worshiping Kula devata is like keeping a vessel with a hole. Nothing will stay on the vessel with a hole.

Likewise, no good thing will dawn on the person who does not worship his Kula devata.”

- Kanchi Perivaya

At least 95 % of the Indian diaspora in Malaysia do not know their Kula Devata.

Today,KulaDeivam means another SunTv aired Masala serial

A gentleman came from Pattukottai for Sri Maha Periyava’s darshan.

“I bought a new car. From the time I got it, there has been many accidents. I sought the advice of astrologers and performed a number of expiatory rites. Nothing has helped.”

Periyava was silent for a while. Then he asked the gentleman a question,

“Is there a village called Kanyakurichi near your town?”

The gentleman was taken aback.

Kanchi Periyava

“There is a Mahamaya temple there… very powerful deity. Send fifty rupees for abhishekha to be performed to the Ambal (Goddess) there. Have the words, ‘In the Protection of Kanyakurichi Amman,’ painted on the front side of your car.”

The gentleman was dumbfounded. Recovering himself he said, “Kanyakurichi Amman is the deity worshiped by our family. My father and mother would visit that temple every year. They would have abhishekha performed for the deity. The children in our family would be tonsured there. Somehow in course of time we have forgotten all this. Now it is my good fortune that Periyava has reminded me.”

There were no further mishaps in that car. After all, it was Mahamaya who was protecting the vehicle.

Hope this little narrative triggered some neuronal impulse there..

A kula devata is a deity who has a high affinity to your blood line.The deity's grace or energy runs in the genetic line for generations.One has to follow the kula devata of his/her paternal side.

The Y-Chromosome unwinds her helix 

Only males inherit the Y-chromosome.This genetic information is passed through the males of each generation.The Y-chromosome,therefore,acts like a storage device of one's paternal ancestry.

The Kula Devata runs within a genetic line.Relating it to the Y-chromosome,one's Kula Devata is determined by the deity worshiped in the paternal side.So your Kula Devata would be the one worshiped by your father.

Thus,your Kula Devata is sitting there latently within you - conferring help and grace that may not be very obvious at times.

Unfortunately,most Indians in Malaysia are unaware of their Kula Devata's identity.Something known as the 'adoption phenomenon' has caused a great mess in this nation.

The 'adoption phenomenon - adopting a Kula Devata' :

To put it simple, people in Malaysia are confusing their Ishta Devata with their Kula Devata.There was a time when people simply concluded their Ishta Devata to be their Kula Devata - eg : My kula devata is Ganesha..

Some decades back,awareness on how a kula devata should be a physically intense deity started surfacing.So people dropped Ganesha and started calling Muniswaran or Madurai Veeran their Kula Devata.

Reason ?

Simply because their grandparents were ardent devotees of a Muni or Veeran.Back then,it was natural to construct a shrine for Muni,Veeran or Mariamman in an estate.So,their favourite Muni and Veeran started becoming their kula deivam.

This is why,should you enquire 10 people out there,8 will vaguely point out Muni or Veeran as their Kula Devata.

               Do you know your Kula Devata ?

 8/10 Indians : Yes.Veeran ( with sheer confidence ) 

Imagine 8 non-consanguineous family sharing the same 'Kula Devata' as they claim - simply doesn't make sense.That defeats the purpose of a Kula Devata.
A Kula Devata is supposed to be unique to your gotra or genetic line.

And your Kula Deivam would have a unique identity and name.Vague names like just 'Muniswaran' or 'Veeran' don't qualify.They should at least have a prefix or suffix to it ( eg. at least ' Nondi Veeran' instead of a crude 'Veeran' ).If you had been told to worship Muniswaran or Veeran as your kula devata,please be doubtful and have a thorough check.

When the diaspora crossed the seas to Malaya,most of the elders chose not to pass down their ancestral history in India.Frankly,how many of you are aware of your ancestral village in India ? Losing touch with your ancestral village is equivalent to losing touch with your Kula Devata

What happens when you lose touch with your Kula Devata ?

Your Kula Devata is like your first line of defence - like your skin.That deity has been in oneness with all your forefathers.It is equivalent to their breath.As expressive as it sounds,the tragedy in forgetting them is indeed heavy.

Firstly,you start acquiring a lot of doshas and karma - those related to Pitru ( forefathers / ancestry ).Do not mistaken dosha or karma for sin.Just think of it as a pothole.It is like blocking your nostrils and externally respiring through your mouth.You still live,but the adverse effects are there.Your oral cavity can dry out and there is no filter to microbes entering.And why are your nostrils blocked ? The reason is that- you saw your grandparents and forefathers breathing through it,and so it appeared obsolete.Eventually,you saw blondes going for nosejob and it seemed cool.So you took a scissor and started exploring your nose to make it look pretty,ultimately disfiguring it and rendering it useless.So now you breath through your mouth.

Commonly,the dosha takes form in the materialistic realm - difficulty to retain wealth,health disorders,frequent motor vehicle accidents,subfertility, unappeased deceased family members etc..

How many of your Chinese friends suffer from wealth issues or other forms of societal burden ? Now look at their mode of worship.They emphasise so much on ancestral worship,eh ? Hope it rang a bell.

I mean, don't we hear rants ?  ;

" Sadaiyan ellam panran.. nalla than irukan"

" Sadaiyanukku yenna korre "

In Malaysia,these form a major factor for burden and if you look at it from a mystical view,the reasons are very obvious.There are any number of families who have started witnessing miraculous changes upon worshiping their forgotten Kula Devata.The story pinned at the beginning of this article is a good example.

If only the current Malaysians take effort to find out their Kula Devata and start doing the necessary veneration,we as a community would be beyond a lot of back-pulls.

You may struggle as much as you can,but without honoring your Kula Devata,it would be synonymous to swimming against the current.

The Indian culture is well-known to recognise parental blessings as eminent.Now,where would we place a deity who has been in oneness with all your forefathers for thousands of generation ??

If you claim that negligence of parents is sin,what would you call negligence of your Kula Devata, who has been protecting and conferring help to your generation for ages ??

Make the comparison and the belt-whip is equally heavy.

Start finding out your Kula Devata and start revering them.It is never hard to track a deity who is sitting right there in your DNA , figuratively.

Start doubting if your parents pointed a Muni or Veeran as your Kula Devata.Be prepared for an answer like this : 

'' There was a shrine outside our house in estate.Now the shrine is no more.Your grandpa told us to worship there,so we took it to be our Kula Devata because we refuse to admit our fault in not passing down our crucial ancestral history.Instead,we blame others for the mishaps we undergo and finally convert to another religion''

And for heaven's sake,stop choosing your Kula Devata based on your rasi and natchatiram.If it was astrological,we wouldn't be calling them 'Kula' Devata.

Utter rubbish - bullshit.Because idiots share this crap,people are being misguided 



  1. Living a life full of problems & Mysteries

  2. my father pray to mathurai veeran.That means is he my kula theivam.I am against slaughter.I prefer to worship without slaughter.

    1. I am 97 % sure Madurai Veeran isn't your kula deivam.He can be very intimate to your family,He may confer immense blessings etc - but IF I am right and if He isn't your kula deivam, you gotta find your actual kula deivam.

      As said in the article,do not just assume your kula deivam from what your parents worship.Ishta Devata is different from Kula Devata.

      No Kula Deivam will have a vague 'Madurai Veeran' as identity.

    2. Kula deivam is only guardian god is it?? Can Murugan or Sivan be Kula deivam??

    3. Any deity who can be manifested in a form that is intense in the physical plane.

      Even is Shiva or Muruga becomes your kula devata, they would be in a form that is specific - with a specific identity and specific name

      You can't just say ' shiva' vaguely

  3. Please give us idea on how to find our kula devata? Thank you...

    1. I have come across many youtube links for that but I cannot guarantee any of it as authentic.

      I have seen families where the deivam has refused to let its identity transparent - as the deity was forgotten for many generations together.

  4. thank you brother vinnith, the write-up is an eye opener !
    will try to seek help from the above posted contact

  5. Thanks man... This is what I have been trying to tell people all this while...

  6. U r right bro... shit.. now i remember.. when i was small my mom said perumal is our kula deivam.. then it changed to nagamma.. i feel so helpless now.. and the problems u mentioned are so in my family... no matter how much we struggle we cannot make the ends meet...

  7. how to get know our kula deivam sir

    1. best way would be to go back to your ancestral village

  8. If you are an agnihotri, you can make regular ahutis to your kula devata via Aum Kuladevatabhyo Namah Swaha as preliminary offerings..

  9. Hi vinnith sir..i just came across your blog and it was very very informative and the best part is that this is one created by a Malaysian.sir i have a question and i really do hope and pray that you can give me an question is,does praying to ones kula deivams would also help to pacify or please our recently passed away relatives or family answer from you would be much appreciated sir.thank you

    1. Yes.In fact , dishonoring your Kula Devata will give a lot of hindrance to the dead.

  10. Dear vinnith sir..thank you so much for answering and guiding.thank you again sir.really hope to read more of your articles sir,for its very very informative.thank you again dear sir.

  11. Hi sir should I pray to my father’s side kuladeivam or husband side kuladeivam sir because both side kuladeivam I don’t know sir

  12. Hi sir should I pray to my father’s side kuladeivam or husband side kuladeivam sir because both side kuladeivam I don’t know sir

  13. Hi sir should I pray to my father’s side kuladeivam or husband side kuladeivam sir because both side kuladeivam I don’t know sir

    1. both..but make sure you know the kula devata

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Hello,sir.My parents are from pattukottai and I have been living in Singapore since young.My kula deivam is "veeranar".I know that for sure.I just would like to know if "veeranar" and "Madurai veeran" are the same.Do you have any information about this?

    1. How do you know it for sure ? No offence but logically, one would naturally know the history of their kula devata.

      There are many kula devatas who are referred to as veeranar. They are not madurai veeran

    2. I know that my kuladeivam is "veeranar" because we do poojai at india every year at our temple and I have alot of relatives who come for the poojai.We go for the poojai once in a while.The problem is that there are so many gods which have veeran behind their name which makes even the natives confused.Many people just assume he is madurai veeran.I could not find any information on google too.Anyways do you have any book recommendations about "Kaaval deivangal" or village dieties in general?I would appreciate it.

    3. Veeranar is a general term used for any warrior. Not all veerans refer to Madurai Veeran

    4. Thank you sir.How do you know so much information about these kind of village dities?Are there any books that you get information from?I would like to know more about these gods too sir.I have been following your blog for a while now and I really apreciate your effort to write about these lesser known yet powerful tamil gods.Thank you.

    5. folk tradition has no book to it.Just through experience and a state of oneness

  15. Hi, I recently get to know about Pydathalli (some people call it as Paidamma) is our koladeivam. Is there any temple in Malaysia?

  16. Namaskaram,

    Thank you so much for reminding the importance of Kula Devata. My Kula devata is Lord Narasimha Swamy. I neglected in between to worship Him daily but I do now. I did not know the significance of Kula devata and how it plays out till now.
    Gratittude & Pranam

    1. As said earlier , your kula devata cannot be just ' nrsimha".. it must be specific to a form and temple.. if not, that is not your Kula Devata