Tuesday 25 June 2019

Quickest & Guaranteed Way to Access Karuppar

One of ,or probably THE quickest way to squeeze yourself under the umbrella of Karuppanaswamy's grace is selfless service.

This dimension is often not popularised,despite its intensity.

Karuppar as we know, is a deity who stands for justice,materialistic issues,healing and time management to mention a few.He is the folk form of Kala Bhairava ( fierce aspect of Shiva ) who is extremely quick in response to fulfill your prayers.His energy is prominent in the physical plane of existence and therefore,He is quite specific for materialistic purposes, which includes your daily worries - exams,health,injustice,protection etc

This deity who has been the tutelary God for ancient Tamizhs is having His popularity on the rise and myriad around the globe are being immensely benefited by their connection with Him.

The quickest and confirmatory way to access His grace is always self-less service - Love in form.

Sincerely devote your time to shower service to other beings.It could be as simple as feeding a dog or providing blanket to the poor.

Importantly,do it from within.Mere mechanical action will never work with Karuppar.

Here is one modified technique which will infuse this deity's grace in you instantly.If it fails for anyone,I will discontinue writing in this website.

(1) Take a conscious decision to live for others from today.Decide that LIFE IS FOR OTHERS.If you cannot commit to this step,forget this technique all together.

(2) Visualise the deity in your chest region,where the hrdaya ( spiritual heart - atmic consciousness ) resides

(3) Affirmation.

Start with 3 long ' OOOMMM ' chanting. Proceed with the following phrase :

'' The very manifestation of Kaala ( time ), Oh Karuppar, who resides within me.Work through me to render service to all beings.Let me serve until I see divinity ( God ) in myself and all.Make my presence itself a service to all ''

You can affirm in your native language.

(4) Serve all,love all.Remember,your very career can be made into a form of service.

The magic that tails this technique is for you to witness.

Simply by adhering to this technique,one can be never devoid of Karrupaswamy's intense grace and energy.He will manifest within to pave a miraculous path for you to brave the bowels of hell in life.

Good luck



  1. Hi, is it enough for God if we chant Vedic mantras with pure heart and LOVE for God or the specific deity of the mantra daily or regularly without fail, but are getting pronunciations not exactly right or as truly well-studied master chanters would? I'm in the US and indian american, but i sometimes doubt my pronunciations though i chant with pure heart and LOVE for the Deity or God daily.

    1. Vedas are in the form of mantras and they are science.These were the sound waves which were directly received by sages from the cosmos.. so their sounds and articulation must be kept at notch.

      No one is a perfect chanter but it is best if we try to improve our recitation.

      Again,vedas work as pure science..it is not about god accepting or rejecting.. it is about you utilising the sounds that verily reverbrate throughout the universe to raise your consciousness and access the truths and secrets of the universe...

      you can whatsapp to +60163059916 for help

  2. Is it ok or beneficial to put the word 'Shri' in a mantra before God's name or will it cause a negative effect? Such as: OM Shri Gang Ganapatye Namaha or should only OM Gang Ganapatye Namaha be chanted?

    1. As per the Ganapati Upanishad of Atharva Veda where the secret sound 'GAM' is expounded , it is clearly given as ' OM GANG GANAPATAYE NAMAHA' so stick to it..

      I wouldn't recommend adding shri or anything else simply for the respect to the authenticity of Vedas.

  3. Hi I feel very lost and find it difficult to pray to Karuppar because nobody believes in him and make fun of me for praying to him, especially my mother. What should I do to ask Karuppar for help? I only trust him.

    1. Morons will never appreciate their cultural gift.Karuppar is being celebrated in western countries.

  4. Hi Guru, please let me know the flawer that Karupanaa Swamy like the most. I like to offer to him if I am able to find it. Thanks for your help to let us know about him. Appreciate the most.