Thursday, 18 July 2019

Why You Should Stop Watching Shirdi Sai TV Serials

Trend is what you call projecting the attributes of divinity through a plasma TV.
Centralising on the headline 

So why do I say so in the title ? Because most serials are killers.They kill the diversity of divinity.They do not allow you to explore divinity.

I mean,look at these serials.Like the famous Shirdi Sai serial which is going on these days.They misrepresent Baba in the crudest form.

 What do these serial characters portray ? 

Baba,or any other spiritual icon in that sense, are projected in a common way.It is the same for Baba Serials or Ramayana serials - most of them.Let's see

(1) As crippled handicaps.They portray as if these great incarnates had no other work other than raising their hands with drooping eyelids and speaking in a husky voice.They project a box of attributes and stuff all these beings into it.For example,Rama,Krshna or Baba must be like this - never angry,feeble,all smiling,all clean,always pampering and giving you a daily dose of Jay shetty motivational message.

Look at this video.At one point a guy scolds Baba and they show Baba retaliating with a series of laughter done in installments like a buffoon - because that is apparently 'divine'.So what do we learn ? We can step and play and toil as we want and they just retaliate with a smile ?

Truth is not as such though.Shirdi Sai Baba radiated in such a fiery intensity.It was not easy for people to be around Him because He was a like a volcano - so unpredictable.Extremely pleasing at times,and in the other extreme some other instance.

Imagine this - You are bringing a tray of puja items and prostrating to Baba with pure love.If you had been watching these silly serials,you would expect Baba to raise His hand in a slow motion while blinding you with a glare from those whity teeth ( Like that's how serials show aight ? ) while you admire that tunnel light behind His head.

Well,this is what Baba might do in His physical state,because this is what He actually did to someone.He would speed-hit your puja items off its tray,fling your tray,stare at you with reddy eyes and scold with the most undivine words you can think of.These actions are yet cooler than the heat His very presence would radiate.At that point,you will pee then and there and never judge Him as an oldie to be used as you wish.You can even find the reference to this story in the Sai Satcharitra.
So fiery that even today,people use this photo to meditate on His eyes,because these were they very eyes that burnt karma to ashes.Baba used to sit in this position and stare at the dhuni flame He set and burnt the karma of devotees.Look at Him.A Smile ? Any tunnel light behind the head ? clean dress ? well groomed ? No one would call Him divine unless you were told - if you defined divinity according to serials

Those who were close to Baba had a tough time.You might think it would be paradise to be near Baba.Baba's intensity was such that it was very discomforting.No one could judge Him.And that's the beauty.Because no one was capable of judging,they simply surrendered.And when they surrendered,Baba spiked their consciousness and they were transformed into yogis of the highest order.

What a person would achieve in meditation for a millenia was achieved by simply sitting with Baba in a state of emptiness.Empty because you have lost logic to comprehend His divinity.He scolds a sick person with harsh words - yet you cannot judge because the last time He did that,the sick got cured of his ailment.What appears to be harsh scolding was actually His divine operation to pulverise a bad karma in one.

But today,what do these serials do ? They give us a module on how we should judge an avatar.We ultimately render these beings as old,fragile puppets who would simply nod to our commands.

Picture above :

Serial Krshna in the battlefield of perhaps the biggest war that ever happened.He has a clean peacock feather stuck so perfectly and a spotless face that would probably peel at the blow of a wind.

Reality : 

In the Kurushetra war,Arjuna had to use his boots to hit Krishna's left or right aspect of face to indicate the direction in which Krshna had to maneuver the chariot.Back then,electronic signals were not used.

As a result,Krshna in his physicality was actually drenched with blood soaking head to toe.He was no where near as to how these serials show.Today it will be unorthodox to think of Krshna in such a state.But that's divinity,it operates against and beyond your logic.And you should give way to it.Once you judge divinity,its the endgame.

You see the problem ? Divinity is not bound to morality.What these stupid serials have done is  - they have given a shape to divinity.Anything which doesn't agree to this shape is not divine.They don't show Baba as how He actually was in His physical frame.They should.Because that's when you get transformed.

Video : Malaysia - a fraud dresses up like Baba and starts blessing people in a centre.And people queued for that.Do you see why ? Because this fraud has learnt the way to be 'divine' - he must be an ardent viewer of those serials.Just raise your hand,smile like a senile octogenarian, have a spinal kyphosis and you are Baba - It is that simple folks. While the genuine masters out there who do not fit into societal logic are discarded - even today - now.

The fraud was later exposed though..just in case you're wondering

As long as you fix Baba as a figure who just pops out to smile and pamper you,He is nothing but an insurance.As insurance, you use Him only when you need Him and not otherwise- perhaps just chanting Sairam and looking at His photo and hoping the old man would walk up and help you.He will.But that's where the limit is.You limit yourself from experiencing His absoluteness.

You block yourself from Him entering your life and hijacking your consciousness to infuse His absolute one - because you have framed Him.You have limited absolute divinity into a microchip.

Picture above :

Yeah,Shri Rama and Mother Sita were sent into exile in a forest and this is how serials show - so well groomed with an always smiling,foundation filled face.We should put these serial makers in a forest unequipped and see how they appear not 14 years later,but a mere 5 days would do to render them unrecognisable.

If one reads the shlokas of Ramayana,he would be mesmerised by the way Ramayana is described.You will have to imagine a beast-like Rama,bearded and wounded raging at full intensity in using deadly astras ( weapons ) against Ravana.

There was a point when Shri Rama used an astra ( mantra empowered weapon ) to travel at light speed and shoot thousands of arrows at Ravana with a roar. You can imagine the comic superheroes flash and a thousand hawkeyes combined ( I just united DC and Marvel ) 

This is a digital painting of Shri Rama as how the scriptures describe Him,done by my friend Anirudh.Now I feel more convinced when they say Rama was the Avatar taken to display how a man should lead a dharmic life.Because this is what you call a man.Not a boy with foundation on face.

This way,you can connect with Rama so intimately.You will aspire to be like Him because you have not transported Him to heaven by putting angelic wings and a tunnel light behind his head.You do not build a wall between you and divinity.The divine behaves human so that you as human,can realise the divine.It's like reverse psychology.

But what do we do ? We send back these avatars to heaven.We refuse to accept divinity in the humanest way possible and keep building a barrier.We resort to ideas like ,' He did that because He was GOD'.. 

Well,you are God too.And that's what the Vedas ultimately expound on.In order for you to realise divinity and to establish Mother Earth's spiritual consciousness,divinity descends in human form as avatars.They appear and interract as human with you while uplifting you.And instead of allowing that to happen,we give them angelic wings and send up back to the skies.

Video : The enlightened one ,Osho uses the f*** word liberally in one of His jokes.Divinity is not bound to your morals.Therefore,orthodox devotees failed to recognise Osho's state of enlightenment...

If you become empty,the state of enlightenment expressed by Osho or Sai,Krshna or any other masters,even Jesus is no different.Osho's way was for the westerners.It appears as if He was a rebel to everything.He used this approach only to break the slavery in people who were logically attached to religion which prevented their spiritual growth.Osho Himself declared that He is the richmen's guru.There is a significance to this.
This is what all masters represent.To make man realise it,they employ different ways.So never judge.

Divine incarnates do not have to follow by any order.They descend in any form in accordance to their task.They do not follow morality because moral is  human making.They operate as the universe.Their body is only a reference point.Their consciousness is absolute.

If you allow,they can enter your life and make you the same - to realise your state as supreme consciousness.But unfortunately,you make them a personal assistant who writes an exam for you,passes your interviews and adds money into your bank account.You are simply using diamond to cut vegetables.

It is a shame that we cheapen them to this extent.

A short story : 

Ever thought why all divine entitiies along history were not famous or followed when they were physical ? And people hang their pictures everywhere once they are gone, like centuries later ? Like how we nailed Jesus and later write 'Jesus loves you' on rocks and latrines 2000 years later ? Or about how Buddha was insulted and now we build statues for Him ? Or how Shirdi Sai Baba who was discarded as a lunatic is now verbally expressed in everyone's lips ? 

This story will help express my answer.

For ages,we claim to love God.Now let's look at its anagram - dog.Humans claim to love dogs right ? True enough. We do love dogs.We come back from work and hug em'.We post insta stories of our beloved canines.We bathe,we feed etc

Would we actually follow or bring the dog everywhere ? to our vacations ? work ? Sleep with it outside ? So you still think its' love ? 

We just mask our exploitation with the term 'love'.We just use the dog to satisfy our pleasures and needs - a need of company - he's there.Stressed ? he's there.He doesn't even nag ! He is always loving even if you don't feed him for weeks together.Otherwise, no one actually cares a shit to be honest.Im' not denying it as love for dog.But it is simply dog-love.That is why people use dog as a synonym to exploitation.Eg , ' Do you think Im' your dog to follow everything you say ? '

God is the same.That is why we hang portraits of Krshna or Ramakrishna and we shape them according to our needs - not according to what they have taught.We fast in their name,observe vegetarianism for a day in their name in expectation that they fulfil our needs.This isn't love or surrender - its bribery.It's exploitation.It's simply dog-love.We know these masters are capable of helping with our needs and pleasures.

Until you decide to hold the master's hand,surrender and plead to be led,God is just a dog.

Gurus,incarnations and masters are never there to pamper you.They are there to mould you and break your illusions.And the process ain't pleasant.Unless you are willing,never ever feel that you actually 'know' a particular master.You don't .You are just living with a version of their impression you have built to suit you.

And that's what exactly differentiates Vivekananda from any one else who merely hangs the portrait of Ramakrishna in their altar

Swami Vivekananda,Ramakrishna Paramahamsa's disciple.

The Vedas declare : Brahmavid Brahmaiva Bhavati - By knowing Brahman ( God ), One becomes Brahman ( God ).


  1. Amazing bro... need guts to write this
    My mom watches baba serial but till now, i never see her follow anything baba say
    she blames baba for everything and she says when he in shirdi he help everyone

    but from your article i see how difficulty the people in shirdi face with baba

  2. Really well defined, you explained beyond the avatars and the actual reason to take an avatar. Even I do follow this serial which is edited according the viewers entertainment but I do follow shirdi sai satcharitra which was written by the people who spent little time with Baba n his followers. You mentioned it right that we are fixed the God v pray , in my opinion we are creating a boundary to realise what is God as per our knowledge n it actually stop us to realize who we are. Though the all avatars taught us how to transform ourselves by following their lives n teachings but unfortunately people are not following it. Well am in the mission to transform myself and dear Bro your efforts helped me.

    1. It is okay if one or two serials do.. but all serials are portraying ALL divine forms as such.

      They simply kill the fragrance of an avatar.

  3. Dear Vinnith
    I'm amazed by your spiritual maturity.
    You are not a 25-yearold, you are 2500-yearold! Like Vasishta.
    I would like to pick your brain to see what other gems of Divine knowledge you have...
    God Bless πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  4. Vinnith ,what u said is well defined son go ahead u r an extraordinary person with rare genes8 v

    1. Pls don't alienise me with rare genes.I am just like anyone and everyone hahaha

  5. Vinnith , u r an extraordinary person with rare genes my salutations to ur guts son ,go ahead

    Anything is in the eyes of the beholder
    As such we don't need new preachers.

  7. vinnith your writing mesmerise me so much... i am younger than you and none of my peer or big brothers elder sisters have touched my sense as deep as you have..

    Your writing struck me so much it made me sit and think... and for the first time i actually felt i experienced baba ..

    i swear no normal teenager can write this.i dunno if u agree but that's the truth

  8. This article is really everything I have been pondering upon all these years. Very nicely put together. This would be an eye opener to people who think divinity is just all smiles and tunnel lights behind their head. Thanks for the article vinnith!

  9. Beautifully written. I was reading sai satcharitra and was wondering why I could.not relate to the serial. Now understand why. Btw do you have the English PDF version of sai charitra? The one I have is a one to one google translated version I think. So am unable to connect.

    1. Thank you.You can google search the English version.

  10. Deep Thoughts from a young but fresh mind. But are you saying external cleanliness has no place in Spirituality? If that be so why Hinduism is placing so much importance on taking bath before doing prayer? Or is it your view that these Rules apply only for ordinary persons and not to Gurus?

  11. Nice post Vinnith. Our Swami did not appreciate Osho's way of 'enlightement'. Just thought you'd like to know

    1. Thank you
      But did Swami in any occasion personally mention anything about Osho at all ?

    2. Yes, to us students in private, though I'm not aware of any public discourse. In the 70s many 'hippies' who were drawn to Osho's brand of 'spirituality' used to visit Parthi too and this continued in the 80's. You can imagine, Swami whose teachings emphasize on detachment and less luggage - what He would have said about Osho's emphasis on bliss through enjoyment. Let's leave it at that! :)

    3. That's great. It is just unique as to how variety of paths are there.
      THe western world at the time of OSho which was brainwashed by churches and indulgent materialistic possesion will not be able to follow Swami's path.

      Swami's way is very orthodox which is most apt for the eastern world where the culture suits it best.

  12. Thank you for doing honest work in the name of God. Genuine truths.

    1. Thanks for the appreciation but pls.. do not put wings for me too .. this has nothing to do with God or the name..

      Just a sharing upon keen observation

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