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Do Aliens visit Earth ? # Galactic Federation Inc

The role of Alien Beings in our planet 

The universe functions
as a common consciousness.We are all of the same consciousness functioning through different forms.This is why in our culture - we saw the Universe as family.

Like beads ,we may appear different but our core consciousness ( string ) is common,connecting us all.

As such,Earth is not the only planet inhabiting lifeform.

There are many other dimensions,star systems and planets that hold such potential.They may be physical like Mother Earth or can even exist in a subtler form.That is why our ancients used the term 'loka'.There is no English translation for this - though we may adopt 'planet' which is a big misnomer.

 Several dimensions and lokas can coexist with one another.As said earlier,they may not all be necessarily physical like Planet Earth.Don't we hear tales of some random farmer dude who accidentally walks into a secret world on his way back home... ( of course we gotta rule out schizophrenia as well ) 

'' Saya masuk ke dunia Bunian ''

( I entered into the world of 'bunians' - a mystical civilisation of Malaysian folklore which coexist with us in a different plane of dimension )

is a common example we hear in Malaysian paranormal stuffs

Orang Bunian - Light beings who possess superhuman knowledge and live within a dimension that coexists with our physical world.They reveal themselves and bestow knowledge to people occasionally.

These planets and star systems vary in frequencies.Some are lower than that of Earth and many others function in a higher frequency.

What is frequency ? 

To put it simple - let's just say frequency simply means degree of awareness and experience of TRUTH.

An ant has a core consciousness and so do you.Both consciousness is the same as that which pervades the entire universe.

However,in that ant form,that particular consciousness is trapped in an insectine body and it is unaware of its true nature ( oneness with cosmos )

An ant may be crawling by the roadside but it may not be aware of the traffic.A being with a broader consciousness may - like a cat.

Similarly,humans may not be aware of their identity as the universal consciousness itself.This is deviation from truth.This deviation is the basis for duality - where we cannot see unison between our "self'' and creation.

This is why people steal,hurt and blast bombs. A being who has realised and centralised in the truth and experience that he is the universe functions from a plane of high frequency.A terrorist who cannot experience this truth functions from a plane of low frequency.

A human has the potential to attain the highest realisation ( which we refer to as enlightenment / mukti / nirvana etc ) .This is also why alien beings are concerned with elevating man's consciousness because we are capable of the ultimate.

Such beings are allover the cosmos.And clearly,they have a huge role in our planet.Contrary to the oblivion,what we refer to as 'aliens' are in constant interaction with planet Earth and some of Her evolved residents for ages,even now.

Remember that these beings possess scientific advancement which is far beyond ours.They have flying objects that operate on various mechanisms - sound energy,anti-gravity etc. 

What have Aliens got to do with our Planet ?

From time immemorial,beings of high frequency have always visited Planet Earth and contributed to her civilisation ( the planet has a consciousness just like you and me, and this is why ancients never referred to our planet as an inanimate 'rock' like these modern clowns.Some used Gaia and our ancients very well used 'Bhu Mata' or its variants like 'Bhu Devi' )

These beings were guiding us as Earth's civilisation advanced in consciousness.They were and are watching us grow.It is contrary to a teacher-student relationship - if that's what struck your mind. They are in constant experience that the universe is one.Hence,they never see any beings inferior.

To high frequency beings - it is like them watching us take time to realise ourselves as universal consciousness.Like watching your friend awaken from sleep.

To aid this process,they descend and share various methods and ways to catalyse our growth.Many of these beings even took birth as humans to accomplish this.These make some of the extraordinary anomalies of personalities you see throughout history - Like Nikola Tesla. 

Not many grasped Tesla's quotes in his days.But now he is a synonym to genius - as our consciousness evolves,we match the frequency of higher planes

There was a time when our planet flourished in consciousness.Ancient India or Bharata was the hub which held the entire planet in an elevated consciousness.

Take a look at our Puranas,Ithihasas and scriptures.Or simpler,just walk to your nearest Hindu temple and look at the carvings.Our relation with multidimensional beings is inevitably evident.This is why some western idiots started propagating about how ancient Indian marvels were built by hands from the skies ( to them,it was like UFOs which descended and sent forth oval-headed squidwards who helped us build our great iconic temples,ate ponggal,put some vibhooti on our foreheads and left )

We lived and walked with various beings from different lokas and dimensions.In fact,the residents of Ancient India were those of high frequency and we never had the slightest thought to alienate anyone.In contemporary terminology,WE were the aliens ! The very Pandavas of Mahabaratha - were their Y-chromosome of human origin ? 

If we karyotyped Ancient India,we would have our minds-blown off its shell.

Patanjali,the Enlightened being who is also the father of modern Yoga was said to render His teachings from behind a veil.It is believed that He was not humanoid morphologically.He possessed serpentine head(s) resting on a human body.In fact,the scriptures describe His birth and it clearly ain't human.

Besides India,many other tribes and civilisations around the world had always interracted with extraterrestrial beings.

There is a saying ; Native Americans never feared 'Aliens'
Even today,there are many among us who subconsciously visit other dimensions and planets.These consist of people around us who eat,go to office and shop like us.They have learnt the art of blending with societal norms whilst preserving their frequency and their motive for human birth.

In the western world,some icons of alien beings are famous - like Ashtar Sheran.They form something called the 'Galactic Federation'.It is like an inter-galactic government who monitor humanity's evolution.

Westerners connect with these Galactic masters and channel their messages

 Why Don't Aliens Reveal Themselves ?

Contrary to scriptures,these beings do not seem to freely mingle and form network with collective humanity like they used to.

The reason simply being the collective consciousness of humanity being below the threshold.People will not be able to accept or understand them.

Just look at our silly movies.Aliens are always portrayed monstrous.This is because we only reflect our inner space.If we placed our position as aliens,we would only think about exploiting and ruining a weaker planet.Therefore,we reflect this onto the aliens.

How movies portray Aliens

How they actual are 
Just note that if these beings decide to exploit humanity,they could annihilate our entire race in a jiffy for the technological wealth they have.Even Arjuna of Mahabaratha could have wiped out the planet with the incredible sound-based-weapons he possessed.

But they are not like humans.They have in fact,silently played their fingers to prevent many big disasters and calamities that was bound to befall humanity.

The real threat to the planet are low frequency humans.

In fact,many of these beings who chose to take birth in a human body had to undergo a lot of torment and sufferings from society.Many realised beings had been dumped into asylums in the past.

Since the 1990's,there has been a massive traffic of high frequency beings taking birth in the human world - for reasons.Those who are meant to know the reason shall know.

Indigo children are high frequency beings who take human birth.They are extraordinary and many times,discarded from society as they cannot be understood by dumbass morons.
Just think of this - Should a group of extraterrestrials make a public display,no big person is gonna talk peace or welcome them in reverence.We would think of kidnapping them,slicing them or perform an autopsy to see their viscera,threaten them to reveal oil rich planets in other star systems etc.

No big person is gonna discuss about work to elevate human consciousness.

This is why,they choose to communicate in a one-to-one basis,only with those who have an established frequency.Those who experience spirituality in a higher degree.And these candidates are mostly the isolates of society.They are not famous or recognised for their realisation.

However,good news is ,human consciousness is elevating and the planet's frequency is spiking as we speak.In near future,open revelations can be witnessed when the collective consciousness of humanity is ripe.

Mark my words and come back to this article when your grandkids show you headlines in papers about beings making public appearances like divas.But this is gonna take some time - perhaps half a century.

Other Star Systems hold planets that can be this advance.They almost resemble this picture.Many from Earth consciously make inter-galactic travels and experience such ecosystems of enlightenment 

Ending the article with an apology for alienating others by coining the term 'aliens'. 

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  1. I simply have no words for how fluidly you have expressed such a complex topic, and that too with crystal clear clarity & truth, I personally have gone through much of content on the net, and could find some reliable sources, which obviously portray just the similar views you have expressed. I am forwarding links to some of them here & a book named the allies of humanity by Marshall Vian Summers,

    I hope this content helps somebody out there in search of truth!