Thursday 5 April 2018

Why is Yama referred to as the Son of Sun ?

 What's roasting ? Hey, it's the God of Death - Yama ! 
This is one deity that never hangs as a portrait in any house - for obvious reasons.

Who is Yama ? 

Yama is actually a symbolic representation of Time ( Kaala )

Why time ?

Death and time possess an intimate link.Death pounces when your time is 'up'.Got it ?  With every tick on your watch,you are nearing your grave.

This is why in tamizh, they refer to the deceased as '' kaalama aithanga'' ( One who's time is up )

Time exists only because physicality ( body ) exists. Once you drop your body ( physical death ) , the concept of time does not work for you.

In our scriptures, Yama is said to be the son of Sun.

Dissecting the occurence of sunrise and sunset,we reckon that there are 12 hours from 6 o’clock in the morning to 6 o’clock in the evening; this is the way we count time and the progress of the day is related to the movement of the Sun in the sky.

So since time was determined by observing the Sun,we figuratively personified time as being the child of Sun ( as in being born from the Sun ) .

 The Gayatri of Lord Yama :

 Surya putraya vidmahe 

 May we know the son of lord Surya ( Yama )

 Maha kaalaya dheemahi

 May we meditate on the great 'time' ( Lord of time ) 

 Tanno yama prachodayaat

 May Yama fertilise our intellect and enlighten us.

So do not fear Yama.Understand the inner significance behind.
Only one who faces death can live.He who realises that death is only for the body,enslaves Yama.

            Anirudh Sainath's artwork of Yama deva,as per the scriptures.

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