Monday 25 December 2017

The virtue of Organ Donor

Register yourself as an organ donor today !

 Organ donation by itself possesses a profound amalgamation of servitude,a sense of completion and a spiritual essence.

  Let's get to the core : 

 Contemplate on the truth - you are consciousness. Absolute consciousness. This consciousness which you are is not part of the mind and body which most are identified to. Your body - composite of organs and networks of complex systems only serves as a vehicle for your consciousness - packed in karma , commonly termed 'soul' to play its part in this creation.

  When you take an oath of being an organ donor, a lot of higher truths fall into your sense - that could transform your whole being and self tremendously.

Let's see : 

1. Your immortality strikes you ! 

When are your organs being transplanted into another being ? - When you are physically dead. This creates an awareness in you that what you have identified with is no permanent. Your skin,flesh,beauty - is superficial at its best. This truth,unfortunately strikes many only at their time of death. If you live with this truth in awareness, you will start noticing as to how efficiently and blissfully you start walking the path of life.

 You become centered in your consciousness. Instead of living as a body with consciousness - you start living as an infinite consciousness experiencing life within a small body.

 This high spiritual truth is referred to as aham bramhasmi. Aham Dehosmi is the term used when one have all their sense organs functioning with the feeling of ' I am the body'.

There are several, who, despite chanting the Lord’s name for several hours, days and months together, did not transform themselves even one bit. The demonic nature of Ravana, Bhasmasura and Kamsa did not diminish even a little, despite their chanting of the Lord’s name. What is the reason for this? All their sense organs function with the feeling: "I am the body (Aham Dehosmi)." Those who utter the name of the Lord while being immersed in body consciousness cannot realise the Divine, however long their penance may last. You are the embodiment of Divine Consciousness. Only when you are pure, you can experience that consciousness. Through attachment to worldly pleasures one gets bound to the physical and becomes oblivious to one’s essential Divinity.
- Sai Baba

2.  You are no longer attached with your body

 The biggest attachment most have is perhaps the attachment with their body.They are so glued to their physical nature that the very idea of losing it sends bouts of terror into their minds. Being an organ donor, you allow a channel or perhaps a fistula for this truth to seep into your awareness gradually. This will lead you to a higher state where you realise that you are not the body,but yet utilise it at its best. Once you have mastered this, everything else in life becomes a play in your hands. Be it wealth - you can be a millionaire yet remain unattached to money.Not perturbed by its presence or absence.

3. Giving life to someone else

 You serve even after you leave your body.Parts of your body function in someone who lacks it.In this way,you are able to give sight or vital visceral organs to someone who lacks it.It creates a deep sense of unison amongst us.The truth that the world is a family - Vasudeva Kutumbakam can be achieved through this.

 ''Just imagine that one day our heart will beat for someone else , our corneas could give sight to two people, our bone marrows are used for treating patients with certain types of leukemia and sickle cell anemia while skin grafts give a hope for a girl who suffered from burn accident to step out of her house bravely.. And this all will happen just because of us..Let's give the gift of life at the end of our life!! 

 Please register yourself as an organ donor today.If you are a regular visitor of my blog and should it be in your appreciation, do register yourself as an organ donor and take the pledge to inspire all around you. This is my sincere request to all.

Thank you.

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