Thursday 19 April 2018

Shiva is selfish !

SELFISHNESS is the ultimate truth - To grasp this truth,you must be mature enough...

Let's dissect - 

Ramana Maharishi,the great enlightened master, declares , ' there are no others'

What's the significance to this ?

As long as you are in the perception that you,creation and God are separate,you are in delusion.

What is creation in essence ? Big Bang ? Yes,you may relate it as such.A huge explosion that settled dust and particles into planets,which eventually inhabited life forms that evolved to higher complexities.Hence, essentially, creation,despite an infinite variation, has a same origin.What was creation before big bang ? The theory states that there were no atoms,no planets..nothing.Just a force or sheer emptiness.

This sheer force is Shiva - absolute consciousness.

In fact,there is portion from the Rig Veda,called the Nasadiya suktam which speaks of the origin of universe,very much in tandem to the modern big bang theory.Nasadiya suktam speaks of how neither existence nor non-existence prevailed prior to the existence of planets.

From ' Shiva' ( absolute consciousness ), came existence with the play of ' Shakti' ( active,creative energy ) and the 5 elements.Millions or perhaps,billions of beings and species may exist,but fundamentally,the core of each one of them is the same.The true nature of every being is of the same consciousness.


means,to realise your true nature as absolute consciousness. To break the ' I ' that you hold.To transcend your physicality,your emotions,your memories..everything that was created like a cocoon over your absolute consciousness.

In this state, what difference is there between you and others ? All are one,in different bodies,states and frequencies.This is in fact the essence of Vedas.

When you give importance to your self, you are giving importance to everything else - because what you refer to 'self' is indeed everything : the same consciousness that presides everything in the universe.

The gist of each Veda could be explained in one simple sentence.These are called the Mahaavaakyas.


Rig Veda  
 - praGYaanam brahmaa  ( consiousness is Brahman ) Brahman : God

Yajur Veda
  - aham brahmaa asmi   ( I am Brahman )

Saama Veda 
   - tat tvam asi ( That thou art )

Atharva Veda
   - ayam aatmaa brahmaa ( This self is Brahman ) 

Vedas declare - brahmavid brahmaiva bhavati ( Knowing Brahman,one becomes Brahman ) 

Selfishness is the truth - 'I' includes everyone else.There is no space for discrimination. 

Beyond gender,caste,species,creed,religion,culture,good,evil,pure,impure,all are one.This is what every enlightened master or avatar portrayed.This is the ultimate message - realise your self - and be selfish ! Because when you realise it,there is no others ! Where is the 'me' and 'he' to even differentiate ?

We may exist in different colours,shapes,sizes and qualities,but 
essentially,we are connected by the same string ( consciousness) which is the only truth.The colours on the outside is just the decoration.

   The ultimate equation ,

                                     You = God = creation


Once Lord Rama asked Hanuman, "How do you contemplate on Me?" "At the physical level, You are my Master and I am Your servant. At the mental level, I am a spark of thy Divine Self. At the Atmic level, You and I are one," said Hanuman.


  1. Great.. your efforts are excellent.. yet, nothing is complete without you describing the glories of Parasakthi. There is no existence of any gods without Jagadamba. If Shiva is the supreme lord, it is only due to the residence of Her form as Uma in his left part. If Vishnu is the supreme soul, it is only due to the presence of her Shakti as Vishnu’s Yogamaya. No Shiva without Uma and no Vishnu without Yogamaya. No Prajapati Brahma without Vac Shakti of the Vedas. When all this shaktis become one from which source they originated from, we call her Adhi Parasakthi. I will be waiting for your posts with love.

    1. You clearly failed to grasp my post.That's saddening...

  2. Yes, Paramahansa Yogananda has also said "When we serve others, we serve ourselves. Do not think, ‘I will help others’–think rather, ‘I will help my own, my world, because I cannot otherwise be happy."

  3. Yes, Paramahansa Yogananda has also said "When we serve others, we serve ourselves. Do not think, ‘I will help others’–think rather, ‘I will help my own, my world, because I cannot otherwise be happy."