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Varna system explained in Vedas

The caste system,as widely spoken of - did it have its origin from the Vedas ?

Let's look 

The correct terminology would be indeed - Varna

The Purusha Suktam, which finds place in all the Vedas expounds on the Varna system.

Video : Purusha Suktam recitation by my Whatsapp Veda Learner Shravanthi

The Purushha Suktam is a very famous portion of the Vedas venerated as the essence of the Vedas by Vaishnavites.

The societal structure is very the form of God,as expressed in Purusha Suktam.The first verse talks about the Cosmic Person who has infinite heads ( sahasra shiirshha puruShaha ) - it denotes how every person is verily an extension of God - so as to say that every head is His.

The society is represented as God in the form of a person ( puruShah ).

At one point,the Varna system is related to the Purusha .

BraamhaNo sya mukhamaasiit

The Brahmana ( bramhaNo ) represents the mouth ( mukham) of the Cosmic Person.In ancient days,the Brahmanas were those who orally taught the Vedas.

The Brahmanas who learnt and orally taught the Vedas - represent the mouth of the Purusha
Baahuu raajanyaH kRitah

The Kings who are the Kshatriyas ( raajanyaH ) represent the Purusha's arms ( baahuu ).They were the supporting power who protected the kingdoms and ensured a smooth ruling system.The arm symbolises strength ( Now you know why the name BaahuBali represents warriorhood )

Bahubali supporting the Purusha with his upper limbs

Uru tadasya yad-vaishyaH

The businessman ( vaishyaH ) represent His thighs ( uru).Vedic business people worked on commerce with their thighs as a foundation.

Vedic businessmen's office revolved with their thighs
Padbhyagm shudro ajaayata

The labourers ( shudra ) represent the feet ( padhyaagm) of the Cosmic Person.The labourers as the working force ensure productivity in the society.Vedic labourers were fully dependent on their lower limbs when it comes to work ( eg.paddy field  ) - therefore,their symbolism as the feet of the Cosmic Person.

The force of productivity - as represented by the very foundation of the Purusha,the feet.
Varna - the ingenious system to facilitate societal function

The Varna system was in no way a hierarchy or discriminatory tool.Every Varna is part of the Cosmic Person - Who would be handicapped should they not work in unison.

Genetic Concentration 

Imagine yourself being born during the Vedic period.The family in which you are born into most likely determines your profession - which forms the crux of the Varna system.A child born to a king is by default a prince -  future king.He is by default a Kshatriya and he is brought up in accordance to the dharma of a warrior and ruler.He is taught Vedas by the Brahmana yet teaching the Vedas was not his dharma - as he had a different role.

Genetic influence works when a particular family was only associated to a particular profession.

A child born into a Kshatriya family would be default possess the genetic structure that would give him the necessary physique and resilience to be a warrior.As we say - it runs in the blood.

Take a look at the Sikh community.Note their physique and stature which has been a result of an intense Kshatriya-hood that peaked during the ages of their forefathers.

Varna system in Ramayana

Vedic rituals involved all Varnas.An example from Ramayana to illustrate :

During the Yaga,Sage Vishvaamitra conducted the Yaga as a Brahmana.Shri Rama and Lakshmana,as Kshatriyas guarded the Yaga-shala.The Vaishyas funded the Yaga.The Shudras as manpower set up the Yaga shala.

As we can see,the Varna system was never a hierarchy - for the Avatar Himself conducted as a Kshatriya.

The Purusha Suktam does not glorify a particular Varna as being superior than the others.

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