Wednesday 30 April 2014

Lord Narayana Materialised by Sathya Sai Baba


By Dr.D.J.Gadhia - UK

'After the interview,Swami called me near,waved His right hand and materialised a beautiful medallion.He handed it over to me and asked ,'' What do you see in it ? '' I replied, ' Lord Sathyanarayana.' '' Who is in the heart of Narayana ? '' I replied, Lord Shirdi Sai Baba.' Bhagavan said, '' Correct,who is in the heart of Swami ? '' I replied,' Yourself.' He further questioned,''Who is in the heart of Swami ?'' I said,' Baba,I cannot see anything'.

Swami said , '' Pass it on to all the devotees and then to Swami Shradhanand ( one of the disciples of Swami Nityananda .Swami Shradhanand concentrated upon the object handed to him and scrutinized it,but could not say who he was.Swami then said,''It is Prema Sai as a boy sitting behind a black flower.Gadhia,have you seen black flowers in Africa ? '' ' Yes Baba.' Baba continued,'' Prema Sai's right leg is on His left leg,just like Shirdi Baba.His hairstyle is like Swami,and do you know why He is sitting behind a black flower ? ''

Everybody said , 'NO', and Swami inverted the medallion upside down and said,'' Black flower becomes the hair of Swami,and the body of Prema Sai becomes his face;if you concentrate carefully,you will be able to see it.When the medallion is in the right position,Swami's left eye ( in the heart of Lord Shirdi Sai Baba ) is covered with the hair of Swami and hence we cannot see the left eye.When you invert it upside own and look at the figure of Prema Sai as Swami- even there the left eye is covered with a tuft of hair''.

Swami further explained,'' In this Viswa Swarupa,Narayana is standing over seawater and you see the sky at the top and trees on both sides.Therefore,Sathyanarayana is seen amongst all the elements of the earth.This is therefore Viswa Swarupa ! '' He then handed it over to me.

Swami is our Divine Mother,Father and Guru and Daivam ( God ). We are really fortunate to come to Prashanthi Nilayam and also very grateful to Him for giving us Darshans ( visions),Sparshan ( touch ) and Sambhasan ( talking to us ).May our beloved Swmi shower His blessings on all'.

- Dr.D.J.Gadhia - UK

( Prem Luthra,- ' Baba is God in Human Form ' pp.227-231)

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