Friday 9 May 2014

Why Did Abhimanyu From Mahabaratha Die Young ?

Abhimanyu , the son of Arjuna of Mahabaratha,died at a very young age - 16 in the war. He was valiant and innocent,yet why was he subjected to a cruel, unjust death ? 

 When Abhimanyu was in the womb of his mother Subhadra, Arjuna used to tell her many stories. One day, Arjuna was explaining to her the intricacies and nuances involved in entering Padmavyuha (a military formation in the shape of a lotus).

 Before he could explain to her how to come out of the Padmavyuha, Lord Krshna, the supreme director of the cosmic drama, entered the scene. God comes whenever the need arises and plays His role appropriately.Krshna asked Arjuna, “What a mistake you are committing! It is not Subhadra, but it is the child in her womb who has been listening to you all the while. Where is the necessity for you to teach the child about Padmavyuha?” He took Arjuna away with him.

      Padmavyuha formation used in Kurushetra war 

Later on, in the Kurukshetra war, Abhimanyu lost his life in Padmavyuha, since he did not know how to come out of it.

Why did Krshna do this? 

It is because Abhimanyu had to attain Veera Swarga ( heaven of the warriors ) .In fact, when the Kauravas challenged Abhimanyu to enter Padmavyuha, he came to his mother Subhadra and sought her permission and blessings. Subhadra tried her best to dissuade him from going to the battlefield. She said, “My dear son, it is not an ordinary task to enter Padmavyuha and come out of it. Moreover, your wife is in the family way, and your uncle Krishna and father Arjuna are not here. So, give up the idea of going to the battlefield.”

But Abhimanyu did not pay heed to her advice. He said “Mother, I am a kshatriya (warrior) by birth. There is no greater insult for a kshatriya than to shy away from the challenge posed by the enemies. In fact, you should encourage me and enthuse me to fight and annihilate the enemies. It is not proper on your part to discourage me from going to the war.”

Abhimanyu knew what he was doing was correct, but he did not understand his mother’s love. He lost his life because he went to the battlefield against the wishes of his mother.

Ganesha probably became a sad kid after penning down Abhimanyu's death.

I'm sure He even refused the mothagams offered to Him later on.

There is nothing greater than mother’s love. Mother’s words are always sweet. At times she may use harsh words, but they are meant only to correct you, not to hurt you. There may be a wicked son, but there can never be a wicked mother 

in this world. Ladies Day is celebrated only to make you understand the value of mother’s love and her concern for you.

- Discourse of Sai Baba

Abhimanyu was indeed a great warrior.Let's contemplate on the plight he underwent in the war ....

''Following which Karna quickly cut Abhimanyu's bow. Kritayarman killed his horses and Kripacharya killed his two Parshni charioteers. The others all simultaneously attacked him with their arrows. Bowless and carless, Abhimanyu, took up a sword and a shield and attacked. However, Drona cut his sword at the hilt and Karna destroyed his shield. He then picked up a chariot wheel from the ground and rushed at Drona. The kings all attacked and broke the wheel into small fragments. Abhimanyu than picked up a mace and rushed at Aswatthaman. Aswatthaman jumped out of his chariot and ran as Abhimanyu destroyed his chariot. Abhimanyu then attacked and killed Kalikeya and seven hundred and seventy of his army. He then attacked Duhasasana's son and destroyed his chariot.

 They both knocked each other down. Duhasasana's son got up first and hit Abhimanyu on the head, killing him as he was getting up. Abhimanyu's Death as the Turning point of the Mahābhārata War 
 Abhimanyu's death was certain the moment he set out to penetrate the chakravyuha, and Abhimanyu was well aware of this but his courage and commitment were so strong, that he never cared. And when he stood alone and without a bow, he had in his sight several warriors shooting at him from distance, whom he could not hope to fight - and he was left with whatever he could find on the ground, a mace or a chariot wheel. In a way, his death was considered to be murder rather than death in the battlefield''

What I would call a bunch of shameless Kauravas murdering a 16 year old boy


  1. All of sons of Pandavas will died in Bharatayudha - but the Pandava them self will safe until end of the war.