Wednesday 26 March 2014

Ending the Shaivite - Vaishnavaite War

Verbal rage has been always inter-exchanged between Vaishnavites and Shaivites from time immemorial.The former refers to those who are in the path of Vishnu tattva ( principle ) and sampradayas ( a traditional system ) under it while the latter,in that of Shiva tattva.

In laymen term,Vaishnavites consider Hari to be supreme while the Shaivites consider Hara in that position.

Both 'Hara' and 'Hari' come from the root sound Hrr - Hrr means 'to forcibly take away'.

It refers to the Lord who snatches away our ego and identity of body and mind - to have us realise that we are atma = Brahman.

All my work and writings has always been emphasising Advaita - that all is one.The Vedas declare this Truth that all is consciousness and that we too are God in amnesia and it's just a matter of grace and sadhana before we get enlightened to realise and experience this truth.

To help pave path for this,different sampradayas and margas make up the beauty of Hinduism.If someone loves the magic of Krshna,he may prefer to follow a path that suits him.For example,the Gaudiya Sampradaya.The same principle applies to that of a Shaivite or Shakta.

Everything is neat and clean until fanaticism hijacks our journey to realisation.This is when we start fighting over superiority - simply trying to prove how 'my god' is better than yours.

I write this article in hope to bring some unity between Vaishnavites and Shaivites,who seem to clash too much everywhere.

First,let us look at the form that we have represented Shiva with.He seems to hold a damaruka ( drum ) in one hand and a trishula ( trident ) in the other.

The damaruka simply represents sound energy and the trishula represents time ( past,present and future represented by the 3 ends of the trident )

Now,look at Lord Narayana.A chakra ( disc ) in one hand and a shankha ( conch ) in the other.The chakra represents time ( wheel of time ) while the conch represents sound.

The fundamentals of the universe - sound and time is expressed differently by these two forms.In real,both are one.

It is best if everyone just sticks to their sampradaya and sadhana and stop assuming they 'know' the truth until they experientially realise it.Different sampradayas contradict one another but they ultimately bring us to the same truth.Because truth is to be experienced,not dissected with logic.

In the past,scientists believed light to be particulate ( made up of particles - photons ).Later,it was accepted as wave.Einstein descended to ultimately prove that both are right - light is both wave and particulate in nature.

When humanity has struggled to even understand the quality of light energy which one experiences daily,what can the petty logic and mind do to comprehend the source of creation itself ?

Put logic,intelligence and doubt aside.Stick to your Guru,lineage and path assigned and just reach the goal.

To know light is to become one with it.To realise God is to merge with Him ( Saayujyam )

In ultimatum,all is truth.

Unfortunately,truth is never singular in its expression.

Tirumoolar expounds on the unity between forms through his verse of Thirumanthiram :

''Adhipiranum animani vananum
Adhi kamalthu alarmisai ayanum
Sothikkin mundrum thodarchiyil ondru ennar
Bothithu ullagam pinangu kindarkalle''


  1. You are dr , and in your article i find physics, spiritual knowledge, tamizh verses of thirumanthiram...

    Vinnith you are phenomemon. This is a lot seeing it coming from a 25 yr old kid