Monday 3 August 2020

Meaning of Dvija - The Twice-born.

The word 'Dvija' is often used to denote a braahmaNa.It is translated to 'the twice-born'.

If we look at Vedic literature,the term dvija is used as a term for elements which are no where close to a brahmana.For instance,dvija is used to denote teeth.

In other examples,dvija is used to denote a bird !

So what does dvija really mean ! 

In Vedic Sanskrit,every word comes from the root sound.The root sound manifests a particular truth.Dvija comes from two root sounds -

Dve = two
Ja = jananam - which means 'that which is born'.

So,Dvija simply refers to anything which is born twice.

A tooth can be referred to as dvija because it is born twice.First,we have the milk tooth.It then gets replaced by the permanent tooth.

A bird is oviparous.It is first born as an egg.The organism then undergoes a second birth as it hatches off the shell.

The eagle is also commonly referred to as a dvija.An eagle plucks out its feathers and after a five month ordeal, the renewed eagle takes off and lives for 30 more years.

Like this,the term dvija covers a vast range of elements.

On contemporary,dvija is seen as a synonym to braahmaNa.In ancient India,a child is initiated into Gayatri mantra through the thread ceremony at the age of 7.This indicates the 2nd birth.

The first birth is through maternal delivery.The second birth happens through initiation.Hence,anyone who has undergone initiation can be referred to as a dvija.

Can you think of any other element which can be classified under the term 'dvija' ? Comment below


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    1. Haha yes small boy revived with elephant head

    2. How about a snake? Or an animal that removes its old skin and crawl out of it? Butterflies etc?