Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Lord Ganesha Appeared in Form and Hit Me With His Trunk !

A significant manifestation of Lord Ganesha happened during my stay in Puttaparthi last year - during my posting in the Super Speciality Hospital for my electives.

His physical manifestation has occurred previously but the advice He gave me in Puttaparthi was indeed something special.

Lord Ganesha is somehow the mascot for Puttaparthi.He is ubiquitous there ! 

Image : Lord Ganapati in Sai Gokulam.Cowboy here.

My night routine ( post-hospital hours in Prashanti Nilayam ) before retiring involved a typical walk around the Ashram,with stops at several Ganesha shrines.

It would be a very personal moment with the minimal crowd,contrary to post-dawn period.Hence,I would spend time reciting some portions from the Vedas - one being the Ganapati Atharva Shirsham from Atharva Veda.

Teaching the Vedas as a passion has always overweighed my involvement in reciting the same.I have a habit of putting my awareness on the technicalities in recitation.These permutate and I start relating what I recite with my students - 

' This part looks a little difficult for their experience,are they able to recite this verse correctly ? '

' Did I bring the svara low enough in this sound ? Or did it sound middle ? Now let me recall how my students do it ... '

There was a lot of braining in regard to the technicalities - which is the soul of the Vedas as I perceived,in parallel to the instructions set in Taittiriiya Upanishad of Krshna Yajur Veda.

shiikshaaM vyaakhyaasyaamaH
maatraa balam
saama santaanaH

We shall explain ( vyaakhyaasyaamaH) the principles of correct way to learn the Vedas ( shiikshaaM).It deals with pronunciation ( varNa - syllables), intonation ( svaraH - sound or note) , duration ( maatraa) and emphasis ( balam) laid on syllables,linking of the varying intonations ( saama-uniformity) and continuity ( santaanaH) of recitation.Thus,these set guide for one to learn the Vedas.

Ganesha's Initiation

So this happened one day after my usual routine.I had recited in front of the majestic vigraha at entrance of of Kulwant Hall.He was initially inside the Kulwant hall.

Image : Lord Ganesha at the entrance of Kulwant Hall

I always slept with a mattress on the floor ( in North 1 block ).I woke up the next morning by the echoes of a clear,high pitch Veda chanting in my room,not too far away for me.

My room

I opened my eyes,half-asleep to see Lord Ganesha sitting close to my other end of the mattress.He was in padmasana,in a yogic posture with eyes closed whilst reciting Shri Rudram ( it was the 10th Anuvaka ).His recitation was very high pitched and had a 'piercing' effect.

He gave a very important lesson through His gesture here which I grasped.

(1) Recitation is to be made with body in a yogic posture - Erect spine with padmasana.

(2) Strictly NO movement.Not even hand gestures to indicate svaras as commonly done in Vedic Schools.Strictly no swaying of head.

(3) Spine erect with eyes closed, and have yourself fully absorbed in the Vedas

(4) Recite with a very high pitch,loud and sharp voice.

The moment I saw Him,He stopped His recitation.He opened His eyes and stood up.He was barely a few feet tall.Like a toddler,He made leaps towards me.He literally made few tiny jumps with his feet towards me.He came beside me and hit my head with His tiny trunk !

It actually hurt and importantly - made it clear that this was reality and not a vision or dream.

With the hit and contact,He transmitted His initiation in a flash.

He told me not to recite from the mind.The technicalities are important,but do not let them lead the chant.You lead from your being.Recite from the heart with a stressless flow.

These were not what He said. I'm just expressing the initiation He transmitted without any verbal cues - just as a flash in a jiffy.He transmitted simply with His touch.

I returned to the physical dimension and the mild pain on my head was still present !

My night routine continued and I just surrendered any issues of technicality that ran in my mind to Him ( since He talked so much,now let Him take care of the students :P ) I started a somehow burden-less recitation.

Soon,I met the kitchen team of Western Canteen - Dr Akshay from Mumbai,Shveta from Ukraine and Chef Edo from Indonesia.I followed them for rounds and we disturbed the Ganesha-s as a group instead.My personal time with him lessened and we would just do a short GaNanaan tva,Yajur Veda.

Image : Lord Ganesha at the canteen of Super Speciality Hospital.Would see Him daily during breakfast and lunch

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  1. Very interesting,instructive and illuminating ! I have followed some your recordings already.Here in chennai I am guiding amny in veda chanting.