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Big Bang Theory in Rig Veda - Nāsadīya Sūktam

The Big Bang Model
The Big Bang theory illustrates the origin of creation.The entirety of spacetime and the elements within it has a common source of origin.

To put it simple - this model explains as to how a sheer magnificent FORCE initiated the expansion of universe across the timeline.All elements,matter and creation occurred after the initiation of this ''FORCE'.The very formation of atoms is in tandem to this Big Bang - which forms the core to the existence of universe,galaxies,planets etc.

In the Rig Veda,we have something called the  Nāsadīya Sūktam.This portion is related to creation and interestingly,the Big Bang theory has been explained.For instance,in this verse :

Meaning :

Matter arose propelled by magnificent force.This fundamental matter expanded in all directions across the void.And,know what was below and above.Great forces were made.Below was strength and above - impulse.

This verse actually denotes the Big Bang itself.According to the theory,the expansion of the Universe is immensely magical.

10-35 seconds after the Big Bang, the Universe expanded so vastly,in which it increased in size by a factor ~1050 

What was manifest before the Big Bang ? 

The theory states that there were no atoms,stars,form or even any structure to existence ! 

That refers to something beyond existence as we perceive with logic.

What does Rig Veda state about existence prior to the Big Bang ?

The  Nāsadīya Sūktam actually begins with a verse which describes 'existence' before creation.

Meaning : 

Then ( Before Creation ) , there was no existence or non-existence.There was neither wind or heavens.The five elements were not there.No one can comprehend what existed then ( comprehend as in to understand with mental logic and intellect ) .

This truth is similarly expressed in the 2nd Shloka of Chapter 10 in Bhagavad-gita where Shri Krishna expresses the non-fathomable nature of God and creation.

The 'sheer nothingness' that was there before creation is what we refer to as 'Shiva'. Shiva has several meanings and one of it being - 'He who does not exist'.

Shiva is the absolute consciousness that pervades the entire universe.Shiva is like a huge canvas on which all our paintings are produced.

This is why in Shaivism,the initiation starts with you identifying yourself as 'Shiva'.That which cannot be comprehended with logic - is Shiva.We may associate many hymns and stories to illustrate what we refer to as this 'SHIVA', but only elevation in consciousness can give rise to the answer.You need to experience Shiva.This is what self-realisation is all about.

The Suktam in its second verse beautifully puts : 

Meaning : 

Then ( before creation ) ,there was neither death nor immortality.There was no day or night.The ONE existed without a second ( Ekam eva Advitiyam Brahma - There existed only one 'Brahman - Absolute consciousness' ).It sustained itself without even air to breathe.

This Brahman ( Absolute Consciousness or God ) - the sheer force described in the Big Bang Theory is the one Truth addressed with various names , be it Shiva,Narayana,Shakti,Ganapati,Allah,Jehova,
Rama etc. Truth is one - expression is many.

Nāsadīya Sūktam is said to be one of the Nitya Karmas ( a must recitation on daily basis ) for Veda Chanters.It is placed along Shri Rudram and Purushha Suktam.

However,I have not personally taught it in my Veda classes yet.

Video : Chanting of Nāsadīya Sūktam.The Suktam starts with ' Nasadasinno..' which begins after the first minute of the video.

Origin of Vedas

Again,to reiterate - why chant Vedas ? Understand that the Vedas are the highest authority in Hinduism.They have another name - Shruti.

To put it brief,Vedas were heard by Sages in the form of sounds.The truths and knowledge of the Universe expressed itself through these sounds.

The Sages of the past transferred Vedas through chanting.

Just take it this way - The Sages received the knowledge through sounds.Hence,for one to experience ( not understand ) the knowledge conveyed,he should reproduce the corresponding sound form.And recitation is the way.

This was how Nāsadīya Sūktam reached mankind.No sage used logic or mind to think and explain these truths.They were directly downloaded from the cosmos in the form of sounds.

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To me,the first verse of this suktam seems very significant.It says - there was neither existence NOR non-existence before creation.All these while we perceived non-existence to prevail before creation.But our Vedas go beyond - an entity that transcends both existence and non-existence - English language is yet to find a term to this, unless we denote it as "GOD".

This truth alone shatters our perception about the universe.I believe, reciting this verse itself and meditating upon it can inevitably expand our consciousness to experientially grasp the vedic truths.


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    As of this article, now, the big bang is an experimentally proved hypothesis where as Nasadiya awaits human experience (it is truth to those who uttered it i.e., sage of the hymn). For others, it is awaiting to be realized. Also, Nasadiya/Veda speaks of 4 parts (chatvaari vaak) out of which bigbang speaks of one fourth of total (vaikhari vaak). With this BG, one should proceed to understand Nasadiya so as to not be baffled at its immense vastness.

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