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Shri Rudram Holds The Energy of Creation

The Shri Rudram is a portion from the Yajur Veda which occurs in the Taittiriya Samhita ( TS 4.5, 4.7 ) It is regarded as the most powerful portion of the Vedas.

Rudra - The Feared One

Throughout the Anuvakas ( chapters ) of Rudram,we find the portrayal of Rudra ( fierce aspect of Shiva ) as a deity who induces fear.The verses loosely translate to a superficial understanding where we request Rudra to calm down so that we could be spared from His arrows and wrath.

Big Bang and the Cosmic Dance

The materialistic universe initiated from the Big Bang - the primordial sound through which matter arose - illustrated as a 'bang' from which planets and galaxies came to existence.

The Nasadiya Suktam of Rig Veda elaborates on the creation of Universe.It states on how a 'sheer' force existed prior to the Big Bang - from which crude energy condensed to form matter ( Shiva to Shakti )

This sheer force is what we refer to as 'Shiva' - the inert consciousness independent of the play of matter.The limitless wave of absolute consciousnes that's all pervasive.Shiva is commonly translated as 'auspiciousness'.It has another meaning too = He who does not exist.

Shiva is the undefinable consciousness from which everything arises from.You can only create art on an empty canvas.Likewise,creation must arise from a space that is purely 'empty'. Buddhists refer to this state as 'Shoonya'

The state of Shiva during Big Bang is Rudra.Rudra is the haphazardous state of Shiva that is ferocious - like a vibrant dance.When the Big Bang initiated through the sound ' OM ' , immense energy came into action in a vast manner.Matter propelled by immense force resulted in innumerous galaxies,planets and their residents.

This happening is like a huge dance of energy - the Rudra Tandava.The inert consciousness now erupts and dances so vibrantly - it is a little too much for us to withstand. - Like a silent volcano that erupts abruptly.

The Sound aspect of Shri Rudram in calming down the state of Rudra to Shiva

Video : Shri Rudram by the famed Challakere Brothers

In the verses of Shri Rudram,we request Rudra to calm down and return to His benign form of Sadashiva.Rudram recitation is always followed by Chamakam - another portion of the Yajur Veda that lists the human desires and our prayer to the cosmos to fulfil them.

This can be superficially put as a reciter who calms down Rudra and then inteligently using the opportunity to ask all possible materialistic needs through the benign form of Sadashiva.

The Human Sound Mechanism and the Big Bang

The Big Bang is the sound of pranava - OM.OM consists of three basic sounds - AAA , UUU and MMM.Now look at your own system.The basic sounds a human being can produce without altering the position of his tongue is simply - AAA , UUU and MMM.

All other sounds are just the modification of these three basic sounds through the manipulation of your tongue.This is the core of Nada Yoga.

In other words,you are simply an image of the Universe.We say that the sounds of Vedas are an expansion of ' OM ' - the primordial.When you recite the Vedas,all the sounds made with their unique intonations are simply rooted in ' OM' - as we had seen.

Vedas as Cosmic Sound ( Shabda Brahman )

The genesis of Vedas , to put a long story short - The Vedic mantras constitute the sounds that are reverberating in the cosmos.These sounds are present in the Aakasha ( one of the 5 elements ).The Vedas were heard as a series of sounds by ancient sages who were in deep penance.

The truths of the universe were endowed to them in the form of sound waves - like how a Pendrive would carry digitalised data.

In other words,the sounds of the Vedas produce the sound frequencies that represent a particular aspect of the Universe.

When we recite the Shri Rudram,we somehow condense the huge,haphazardous,orderless vibrance we call Rudra to a more benign form which can be assimilated into us.

Therefore,by imbibing the very vibrations produced from the recitation of Rudram,one cultivates the sense of realisation within himself - the realisation that He is consciousness - He is Shiva ( Shivoham , Shivoham - I am Shiva ! I am Shiva ! )

Chamakam is recited after Rudram because When Rudra is calmed down to Shiva,matter is more stable.Chamakam is simply Shakti - the play of matter.

When the Big Bang calmed down, the universe rested in a stable geometry - as we see today. This is the transition of inert consciousness to active consciousness - Shiva to Shakti - Rudram to Chamakam.

Arudra Darshan

Today is day we meditate on the danceful state of Shiva - Nataraja.May the rhythm of our fluctuating awareness calm down to a state of enlightenment to identify our infinite state of Shiva.

Video : My whatsapp Veda Learner Sairaj Reciting the full Rudram


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