Wednesday 12 June 2019

Rhythm ( 2000 ) - A Musical On Panchabhootas

Rhythm - A musical drama that will ever be deeply engraved in the consciousness of us 90's kids

A masterpiece with the magical touch of A.R Rahman, this film embodies songs that speak of the five elements.

Though not so obvious in the screenplay, the profound insight of the five elements is expressed in five different songs.

Each song has a unique touch, flavour and raga.

Panchabhootas expressed in the rhythm of Rhythm

(1) Water

 Song -   Nadhiye Nadhiye
 Singer - Unni Menon 

(2) Wind

Song - Kaatre En Vaasal
Singer - Unni Krishnan & Kavitha Krishnamurthy
Raga - darbāri kānada

(3) Earth

Song - Thaniye Thannan Thaniye
Singer - Shankar Mahadevan
Raga - ānandabhairavi

(4) Ether ( Aakasha )

Song - Anbe Ithu Nijamthaana
Singer - Sadhana Sargam

(5) Fire

Song - Aiyo Patikichu
Singer - Udit Narayanan & Vasundhara Das

Of course,you have to understand Tamizh in order to appreciate the lyrics.The elements listed are metaphorized in many dimensions throughout the songs. Importantly, the choreography is so apt that it gives the necessary visuals in tandem to the lyrics.

As 90's kids,we grew up with exposure to such magical treats which barely finds a parallel expression in current movies.

The Carnatic touch in these songs, namely Ragas Ananda Bhairavi and Darbari Kanada play an important part in the magic.

Ananda Bhairavi being an ancient Raga, finds a place in very few Tamizh songs, despite having its origin from South Indian folk culture - Partha Mudhal Naale from Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu to quote one. This Raga is divine in nature and has therapeutic benefits.

Kaatral en Vaasal song from this movie has a very strong emotional impact because of its Darbari Kanada Raga. This Raga is tough to master and has proven to have miraculous benefits. It has even revived a comatose patient!

The concept of Panchabhootas has been intelligently incorporated within these songs which has preserved its mindblowing touch till date.Rhythm is indeed a masterpiece that has contributed sweetness to our childhood.

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