Tuesday 8 January 2019

MahaVaakyas - The Vedas in ONE Sentence

 After organising the Vedas, Veda Vyasa ( the compiler of Vedas ) found that the gist of each Veda could be explained in a simple sentence.

 These are called the Mahaavaakyas.

 The Vedas were never authored.The Vedas were heard and received by ancient sages ( called Rishis ) as sound waves that reverberate throughout the universe ( cosmic sounds - shabda brahman). Veda Vyasa held the task of compiling and organising these knowledge into four portion - the four Vedas we know of today.

The 4 Mahaavaakyas :-

Rig Veda 

Pragyaanam Brahma ( Consciousness is God  )

Yajur Veda   
Aham brahmaa asmi  ( I am God )

Saama Veda   
Tat tvam asi  ( That thou art )

Atharva Veda
Ayam aatmaa brahmaa ( This self is God ) 

The ultimate message of the Vedas is that - You are God / divine consciousness / Atman / 

The ''You'' which exists beyond mind and body.The ''You'' which is absolute consciousness.

The "You" here does not denote your personal identity.

When you wake up from sleep, you may quote the state of sleep as being deep.How did you know the state of sleep when your mind and body were rendered subconscious ?

That awareness which is awake when your body and mind sleeps is the real " YOU" - pure consciousness ( God )

My name can be Vinnith and yours can be Nitya.Our personalities may differ,but our consciousness is common.

Like two bubbles that vary in size, the content is air which is common to both.

Prahlada experienced the reality that God pervades the entire creation.

All spiritual practices and cultural significance is this - to make you realise your true nature as divine.To make you realise that you are atma - absolute consciousness.

Despite having 4 mahaavaakyas,they actually refer to the same thing.

Vedas also declare - brahmavid brahmaiva bhavati - Knowing Brahman ( God ) ,one becomes Brahman.

If you realise Brahman,you realise your nature as Brahman.We are God in amnesia actually.

If one realises his true nature as divine,then all moral lessons drop.When you realise that you are the very consciousness that exists in everything else and every other being, what need is there for you to hurt them ? Love is its natural expression.

You now lose the individual identity and experience oneness with everything else.Everything is you and you are everything - without an individual identity.
Meaning - zero ego.

All problems arise only when you are identified with your body and mind.Realise yourself as consciousness and the drama ends.

No wonder why Swami Vivekananda says - the only sin is ignorance.

Ignorance here is nothing but ignorance about the self - that you are verily God.

 Video : Scene from Tamizh film Baba where Mahavatar Babaji explains the Mahavakya

Affirm daily - You are Pure consciousness.You are God.Everything is God.
Experience the magic.

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