Friday 11 January 2019

Powerful Meditation Method to Awaken Muruga's Energy

Credits to photographer - Khanthan Nair

Thaipusam is just a calendar sheet tear away and the vibe of this festival is already dense in the air

If you are looking for a simple yet powerful practice to enhance your connectivity with Muruga, or rather to invoke His grace within you - then this article is for you

Invoking Muruga :

(1) Sit comfortably with spine erect.Your backbone has to be upright and strictly no swaying or hunching.

(2) Close your eyes.Slowly and gently,bring your gaze to the point between your eyebrows. To achieve this,keep your head immobile and just move your eyes so as to look at the ceiling.In this way your attention gets concentrated at the point between the eyebrows - the surface anatomy for the ajna chakra - or third eye - which is crucial to invoke Skanda's energy.

Precaution : Do not exert force or tension here.Do it gently.No pain or headache should be felt.Otherwise,just skip this step.

(3) Now,visualise ( imagine ) a vel ( lance ) - the insignia of Muruga in front of you.Position the Vel in a way that the tip is exactly in front of the point between your eyebrows.

The Vel should be visualised such that the tip is directly in front of your third eye - and that you are looking at the tip through the third eye ( the space between your eyebrows).Just strengthen your imagination

(4) Look at the tip of the vel through the point between your eyebrows.Meaning - as you are focusing on the ajna chakra point,imagine that you are looking at the tip of the vel through an opening at the third eye.

(5) Now, use a powerful sound form - a mantra.

Take note that it is SHA and not SA. Also, it is BHA and not BA. the pronunciation of BHA should be strong, with the H sound.

The N in 'NA' should be pronounced with the tongue touching the sky of the mouth

Tongue to touch sky of mouth during 'NA' in SHARAVANABHAVA

 Video : A good audio on how the mantra should be pronounced.

(6) Do this as long as you wish and remember not to strain or put in too much force.This practice should be done in a relaxed and devotional manner.

Doing this in a group would enhance its efficacy.

Importantly, keep in mind that this is a very very powerful technique that literally fills your being with the shakti of Shanmukha.

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For clarification regarding this technique, message via whatsapp @ +60163059916.


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