Friday 4 January 2019

Glaring Lies about Bhagavad Gita We are Fed With

If you are from an Indian family residing in Malaysia,there are high chances that your living room wall is adorned by the quotes shown in image above.Possibly also,with a similar picture of Lord Krishna and Arjuna.

This well-known image of ' the essence of Gita' is rather well accepted and unfortunately, misleading many into believing that Krshna spoke some typical motivational quotes you share on WhatsApp.

Lies are now multi-lingual

None of these displayed quotes were actually mentioned by Krishna or even form the essence of the Gita. The well-known quote of 'whatever that happened happened for good' was not spoken by Lord Krishna as well. So stop quoting Him under that.

In fact, the author of this spam 'Gita Saram' is said to be a pastor from Kerala. Either way,it has to be someone who had too much time

I mean,come on.Lord Krshna,being a poorna Avatar,carried a magical duty in establishing dharma and delivering the Vedic essence. And you think He was standing in the midst of a battlefield moistened by the sweat of the most valiant warriors to deliver some motivational message to Arjuna - one of the great Pandavas inheriting the DNA of Indra Himself ? 

And someone gets similar stuff and compiles them into what is being published as 'the essence of gita'.Perhaps the biggest insult one can do to Krishna and the Gita.

This crap is even trending in Youtube

 Of course,one can interpret the Gita and produce these quotes as nothing more than an inspiring message from the Gita.Meaning - you read the Gita and you reflect on these messages which is applicable to your current life.But you cannot conclude them as the very essence of the Gita.OR as something spoken by Krshna.

These motivational quotes are even being displayed in Batu Caves Temple under the image of Krshna.

It would be best that the spiritual schools in Malaysia,especially those under a Vaishnava sampradaya do something about this before Krshna is reduced to a Jay Shetty.

Found this in Batu Caves.People who have never read the Gita should stop talking about it

 How difficult would it be to actually purchase a Bhagavad gita book and read it ? There are even genuine playstore Apps that provide such facilities..

Or better still,avoid talking about the Gita if you are half-baked.You are doing more harm that good in attempt to promote the smriti.

This is one excellent website where you can go through the entire Gita :

Playstore apps display many cost-free resources as well


  1. How is this not the truth brother? :)

  2. You need to chant Lord Krishna name. It is about the duality of existence - materialistic body we are living, and jiva (the absolute truth, part of god).