Monday 14 January 2019

How Muruga bridged Ancient Tamizhs and Nordic Aliens

Our planet has always been and still in flood of massive traffic from other dimensions.Advanced civilisations of other star systems and planets are always visiting us,watching us grow in our consciousness,communicating with many of us and to a very great extent,helping us in many ways.

It would be a separate topic to get into the details of them so let's just focus about the nordic 'aliens', Muruga and tamizhs.

If you adhere yourself to the Indian culture and yet call extraterrestrials a joke  you are being a hypocrite,trying hard to be a pseudo-skeptic.Our very culture,puranas and ithihasas are filled with descriptions of beings from other dimensions.No one can deny that the ancient Indian civilisation had an intimate bond with various beings and civilisations from other planets.

Nordic aliens

The term 'alien' is really a misnomer.We cannot alienise anything in this universe.We are all family.We are all made up of the same consciousness.Forms,traits and culture may vary,but the inner spirit is common to all.

Extraterrestrials are not as how media and movies portray them to be.

Nordic Aliens here refer to our close cousins from the Pleiades - a star system approximately 400 light years from our planet.The beings from Pleiades are humanoid and are very advanced in consciousness.

The reason I call them cousins is due to the fact that they had a very very close interaction with the ancient Tamizhs.In fact,the pleiadians apparently lived in Tamizh Naadu.

The Pleiades- a 7 star system also called ' the seven sisters' - Sounds similar to the maidens who nurtured Muruga ?

Even today,massive extraterrestrial sightings are common in most grandiose ancient temples.Examples include Arunachala,Madurai,Bidadi and Puttaparthi.

 Documentary : Extraterrestrial sighting in Madurai Shiva Temple

Muruga is very much an icon amongst the Pleiadians.In other words,Muruga is also the God of Pleiades

Muruga,representing the enlightened divine consciousness,is ever present to help humanity.This divinity expresses itself in the form of supreme intelligence ( described in Puranas as well - where Muruga exhibits His wit and even impresses His father - Shiva )

Intelligence takes form as Muruga when He outwits Avvaiyar
He also represents immense strength,valour and mastery over siddhi.In the past centuries,many sages were even directly initiated by Lord Muruga into mantras and secret techniques to self-realisation.

Krishna : "Among generals, I am Skanda, the Lord of War"

The attributes of Muruga are very well expressed in our Puranas and is very much embedded in our culture.

The grace of Muruga is ever present in our culture to help us overcome our materialistic hurdles and to enhance our spiritual awareness.In tandem to this,our Pleiadian siblings are ever watching,guiding and protecting us.

Though we may have had a reduced proximity with the Pleiadians in comparison to the ancients,our very culture that celebrates Lord Skanda can never shake our internal bond with the them.

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