Friday 18 January 2019

Can the Vedas Be Translated to Other Language ?

There is this video in social media about a sale of translated books on the Vedas which is getting quite viral
.Exchange of rage has transitioned through the screens of the internet,pouring into the personal space of the Indian diaspora in Malaysia.

 Truly speaking,it seemed a little hilarious when these keyboard warriors who have never taken the effort to study or recite the vedas,made themselves pioneers in so called defending their 'holy books'.

Our keyboard warrior asks as to 'what the hell is catur veda'.Catur Veda is indeed a proper term used.If you had gone to temples and observed the rituals instead of whacking puli saadam and taking selfies,you will notice how the priests mention the term ''chatur veda '' ( 4 vedas ) before chanting the first verse of each Veda.But nah,you think you embody the vedas just because you are a born Indian,and that everyone else is wrong.

 Is translation allowed ? 

 Foremostly,the Vedas do not fall into any category of 'language' and therefore they cannot be translated.The Vedas are indeed not considered books.The original way of preserving the vedas was through chanting and oral transmission.

 Article : The origin of Vedas

Nasa recorded the Sound of Sun - to discover it as the pranava 'OM'

 To put it simple,the sound waves in the cosmos were heard by sages.This is known as shruti ( that which was heard ).In tandem to this,the sages had divine experiences and realised the truths of the universe.These sounds which they heard were chanted and orally transmitted to disciples and this is how the vedas came to this planet.The vedas are therefore ageless and timeless since they comprise the very vibrations of the universe.

 Veda Vyasa compiled these knowledge into four divisions as Chatur Veda to organise things up.Later,He decided to write down the Vedas when people stopped reciting,only as a way to preserve them.

  Vedas are to be recited.Courtesy : Veda class,Nandhi temple, Sungai Petani

 Vedas have to be chanted in the correct intonation in order to realise its truth.Simply reading the translated form without chanting is futile.

 This is because the vedas themselves carry meanings at different levels.It is like an onion where as you keep peeling,deeper dimensions of layers start to reveal themselves.As one keeps chanting the Vedas,his consciousness raises.

A very good analogy on how the Vedas work
This is why the Shri Suktam , a vedic hymn is associated with Lakshmi Devi for its literal meaning.In another dimension,it also encodes for the alchemy of gold.The same suktam is also recited for other materialistic purposes like wealth,prosperity and marriages.At a higher level,Shri Suktam serves as the origin for carnatic music ! 

           Video : Shri Suktam chanting.

 If you simply grab a translated script of Shri Suktam and read it like a bedtime storybook,you will never appreciate the vedas even a little.You gotta chant it and internalise it - and then the knowledge will reveal themselves.

 The knowledge was received by the sages through sounds ( mantras ).So in order to realise this knowledge,you too,have to use the very sounds that the sages received.

Traditionally,the vedas were interpreted as follows :

(1) Meaning of the syllable - in the context of the meaning of the entire word ,

(2) meaning of the word in the context of the meaning of the entire sentence , 

(3) meaning of the sentence in context of the meaning of the entire verse 

(4) meaning of the verse in the context of the meaning of the entire chant

 97 % of the Hindus in Malaysia do not even take the effort to learn the Vedas despite various efforts made by many individuals.

Video : Malaysian Chinese couple reciting vedas.They also teach Indian kids.They have weekly vedam chanting in Alor Setar which is joined by a maximum of 4 people,3 being Chinese

 But these very percentage are the ones who coo and make noise upon issues like these.

 We have had many vedam workshops and free classes with pathetic support and response.Many classes were stopped thanks to the overwhelming support given.

   Europeans chanting the Vedas while our 'keyboard warriors' can't differentiate Shrutis from Smritis.

 I have even written many articles in this blog about vedas which barely got a pinch percentage of response the netizens are giving to this translated book sale issue.

 Finishing this article in an angry tone for the hypocrisy we contain within us.I honesty care a damn if it pisses anyone reading this.

 Again for the sake of it,

For free veda classes throughout Malaysia,contact +60163059916 via whatsapp for details.

 Video : Rudram from krishna yajur veda- recitation by boys in Sungai Petani.In a town populated by thousands of Indians,getting 10 students is a big achievement.

Meanwhile, Sarawakian chinese have an army of veda chanters.The amount of support given by their community.


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