Saturday, 29 December 2018

Adopting a Kula Deivam - An upcoming trend

A kula devata as we commonly know,is a deity who is specific to your bloodline.

There are many ways to trace your kula devata and one easy route would be rooting back to your ancestral village.

Your kula devata works innately within your genetic line. Commonly, a family would have a member who channels the kula devata through trance. This is specific to the family.

Many or perhaps most Malaysian Indians today do not know their actual kula devata.As migration took place,the upcoming generation of the diaspora lost touch with their kula devata temple and its identity.

If you made a random survey some decades back, you will notice how many families tend to give bizarre answers regarding their kula devata. Commonly,they would just blurt out their favourite deity - say Ganesha or Krshna.

They do not know what 'kula devata' actually refers to. Lately, some awareness on kula devata has been circulating the net. An important and authentic clarification on how a kula devata and ishta devata differ has penetrated the awareness of many.This ought to be a good sign but has unfortunately rendered some drawbacks.

In addition, a kula devata may not necessarily be a kaval deivam ( guardian deity ).

Many families started to conveniently 'adopt' kula devatas. For instance,if their grandparents had been worshiping Muniandy,Muniandy now becomes their new kula devata in house.

Now,try another simple survey.Just display the same query today.You will notice how 8 out of 10 families ( in a rough guess ) would vaguely answer Muniandy or Madurai Veeran.And interestingly,these families would not be consanguineous.

 An active Kula Devata will make your life miraculous with an instant manifestation of health, prosperity and protection

You have to understand that your kula devata can never have a vague identity, like just 'Muniandy' or 'Veeran'.They should at least have a prefix or suffix to it. They should be specific to a temple in India at least. Those who are still keeping in touch with their ancestral village would know this. Your Kula Devata would have a unique identity, with a unique history and name.

If 1000 families are going to claim ' Madurai Veeran' as their kula devata, it really doesn't do justice to their ancestral ways.

For instance, you should at least identify a specific form of Mariamman - Samayapura Mariamman instead of a hanging ' Mariamman '.

Your family may have been worshipping Muniswaran or Mariamman for generations, but that doesn't make them your kula devata, despite the intimate bond. You cannot choose or adopt your kula devata, just as how you cannot choose or adopt your genetic traits.

Even if you do not know the identity of your kula devata,remember that by your spiritual sadhana you naturally invoke their energy, as it is within you. Your kula devata is sitting right there in your DNA figuratively. All you need to do is look inward.

If you are Malaysian, I would advise you to reconfirm your kula devata by default.   




  3. Hi bro your contact number pls

  4. Does a kula deivam need to be fierce, because my Kula Deivam is Thiruchendur Murugan and he looks like a warrior but at the same time a child.

  5. My kula deivam is agni veeran but cant find a single photo of him in shops please help

    1. Go to your village temple and take a pic of the deity

  6. I am 5th generation tamil living in singapore so my fathers relatives decided to go to tamilnadu to find our kuladeivam by asking our relatives there and we found out our kuladeivam is agni veeran but i cant get any photos of him ��������

    1. of course because most kula-devata-s are well known only to a particular clan.What you can do is to take a photograph of the deity itself and frame it.That is what I do..

  7. This is great, i just changed my phone wallpaper to my kula deivam and i came across this website. Thanks a lot from the info, and my kula deivam i got to know through my cousin who tracked it back to a village in tamilnadu, arrantangi. i have the pic of the deity as well. Thanks man.

  8. Hi, my ancestors from chidambaram, they used to say MEDU MALAYAN மேடு மலையான் is our kula deivam. Can I know what Samy is that and can share the temple address if anybody knows. Thanks.