Friday 28 December 2018

An Englishman is worshiped here ! - Penang Poomarathammal Jala Samadhi Temple

Poomarathammal temple is located in Gelugor,Penang

History of Poomarathammal

Poomarathammal is said to be a kanni devata.Our tale dates back to the late 18th century.A child was playing near a well which was roofed by a gargantuan tree ( poomaram ). Apparently,this little girl fell into the well.However,there was no sight of her body.Only her clothes were seen afloat on the water.

It was believed that the girl attained enlightenment through jala ( water ) samadhi.She was revered as a divine child and people initially worshiped her by lighting earthern lamps under the tree.They named her ' Poomarathammal' .

Jala Samadhi is sometimes consciously attained by saints

 The locals also claim that they would see Poomarathammal as a child playing near her shrine and conferring help to those who sought it.

The actual shrine.She is worshiped just as a tree bark.The vigraha ( idol ) in image is newly erected

 The White Guardian

There was an Englishman who forcefully cut the Poomaram.Upon cutting the tree,he rode his horse which barely took a few gallops from the shrine when the white man fell down to death.

And lo ! This Englishman ended up being the guardian deity ( kaval deivam ) for Poomarathammal.He was named ' Poomaratthu Ayya ' .

The locals were said to live in oneness with the mysticism in this temple.Sightings of snakes residing in the shrine were very much common.

The current temple is actually a few hundred metres away from the actual shrine.Relocation took place during road development.Nevertheless,the grace of Poomarathammal continues to radiate in abundance till date.

Courtesy : Vikraman Rajagopal Pillai , who preserved the knowledge of this temple from his late Madam Papathi Suppiah Pillai

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