Wednesday 26 March 2014

Why Does The Bull ( Vrishabha ) Face Lord Shiva ?

If you have visited a Shiva temple,you will always find our bovine friend facing the Linga. This geometry illustrates an inner significance.

(1) The Shiva Linga is the 'form' given to the aspect of absolute consciousness that is beyond form ( the form of the One beyond form ). Vrshabha, the bull is a symbol of Jiva ( individual ). Vrshabha, by focusing and meditating on Shiva alone, is transformed into Vrshabheshvara ( He becomes Ishvara ).

The significance to this is that, an individual, by turning away from prakriti ( creation ) and by meditating on Ishvara alone, gets enlightened and realises himself as God .He too, has now merged with Ishvara just as how Vrshabha becomes Vrshabheshvara.

Just like how the bull is transformed to divine, man can overcome his animalistic residue of previous births and realise himself to be atma - God and realise that he too, is verily Shiva.

(2) We have the darshan ( vision ) of Shiva by fixing our line of sight in between the ears of Vrsabha. This signifies that through the space of listening, we can be transformed into divine. This is one of the 9 types of devotion mentioned in our scriptures - known as Shravana ( listening to the glories of God ) 

(3) We also whisper our prayers into the ears of Vrshabha. It comes from a belief that Vrshabha would convey these prayers to His Lord. Here, we connect to the Lord by making friends with Vrshabha.

Similarly, one's company determines the direction of his path. Engagement with friends with an elevated consciousness will catalyse our journey to enlightenment.       

( Adapted from discourses from Bhagavan Shri Satya Sai Baba )


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