Monday 10 March 2014

Divine Miracles

Lord Hanuman's visible darshan via bonfire in Potong Pasir Shiva-Durga Temple,Singapore     

                                   Mother Durga in Flame

Vibhooti materialising in a gesure of "OM" on Isa

Another common parallel - Swami's palm pouring out Vibhooti


Kungumam materialising on Devi

Idol of Shirdi Sai appearing from thin air

Shri Krshna on cradle appearing in altar ( materialisation )

Shirdi Sai changes His line of sight

Like pepper sprinkled, the whitish hue of Vibhooti naughtily unites the figures of different faiths

These miracles are simply a hologram that should serve no purpose but to help raise our consciousness through strenghtening of faith in the divine.

Divinity must be seen in everyone,every being.God is  above you,below you,next to you,inside you.God is you.You are God.Realise that.


Miracles are my 'Visiting Cards' - Baba.

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  1. nice post! We all belive in God , Every one has their own god's and spiritual belief, we should respect them.By: durga mantra Team.