Thursday 6 February 2014


The following article is on common mistake done by many today.Intepreting vedic traditions from logic or from what they have studied in school..or by experiments..this is one disaster where west has foolishly intepreted Yoga as a method of exercise.Experiments are done on mantra and some logical conclusion is brought up, which does not even describe the true meanings of mantras.. they find out that the rituals bring some positive effect and hence conclude such.These positive effects that are observable are just superficial part of the vedic tradition to me.

-Nowadays,many educated persons immersed in Vedic and scriptural ( Shastric ) knowledge and classic scholarship have lost faith in the texts of which they are masters.THey have become afraid to stick firmly to Dharma,for it is laughed at by their cynical friends.They have yielded to the crooked arguments of critics and sold their heritage for trivial returns.

They intepret fasting on the eleventh day of the lunar month ( Ekadasi ) as one of the means for regulation of health,the waving of camphor flame as a remedy for asmathics,breathing exercises ( pranayama ) as helping digestion,pilgrimages as educational tours,and charity as a means of self-advertisement,thus demeaning and desecrating the holy injunctions of Dharma.Such people only DECEIVE THE WORLD ; they are BARBARIANS who do not know or heed the principles of Dharma.THey can learn something from a perusal of Manu's text on Dharma.

Anyone who wants to know Dharma can know it only by following a system of logic ( tarka ) that is not opposed to Veda and the scriptures.

Aarsgam dharmopadesham cha
Vedashastra a-virodhina
Yastarkena anusandhatte
Sa Dharmam veda, na etarah

  Thus said Manu : No conclusions opposed to Veda can be logical.Dry logic is profitless,and Manu does not recommend it to those who want to study the Vedas,etc.Still,many today stick to this logical reasoning and follow Adharma themselves,dragging others with them into the wrong path.That is why Veda Vyasa declared long ago ;

Those who follow the path of causalism and logic,seeking cause and effect connection,will not offer sacrifices in the sacred fire but will involve themselves in low demeaning acts.

Na yakshanti,na hoshyanti , hetuvadha vimohitah
Neechakarma karishyanti,hetuvadha vimohitah

Veda Vyasa said this in Aranyaparva of the Mahabaratha,while describing the conditions that are expected in kali yuga.

(Adapted from Dharma Vahini By Baghwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba )

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