Thursday 29 June 2023

Malaysian Temple & Deity Miracles

I am compiling experiences of devotees with our local deities and temples. If you have something to share, please email me your story to

 (1) Jalan Baru Munishwaran, Perai, Penang

1. ''Vanakam Nanbargaley, today we would like to share something about our Lord Jalan Baru Mathurai Veeran Ayyah, Perai Pulau Pinang. 

First thing happened last year, one of our member go to work trip at Kuala Lumpur. During the stay there at hotel, he feel some disturbance at there. When he back home after 1 week, he started to feel something follow him at here. His wife just get pregnant that time. So every night, he unable to sleep like something push him at bed and always getting nightmare. 

So he decide to go Jalan Baru Ayyah temple seeking for help. He bought 5 lime and pass it to the priest, mostly what the priest will do is, they just put the lime at ayyan feet and pass it back to you. But Surprisingly, that day the priest asked him to go round first the temple while he put the lime on ayyan feet. So he just go pray other deity and come back to Lord Mathurai Veeran ayyah and the priest pass the lime and said "Kavalai Padatinge, Ayyan Pathukuvar".  Maybe ayyan give instinct to the priest to let the lime be there for some time and ayyan might "Manthrichi" the lime to protect our member. After my friend put the lime at his entrance of house and room, no more disturbance. All problem solved, just 5 lime which cost around RM 5 solve such a big issue. That's why we always advice all, go seek our ayyan and pray with him whole heart, sure he will help rather than spend thousand of ringgit to Bomoh. 

Second things, happened to our another friend. He stuck into debt which is not belongs to him (Guarantor), so he unable to pay back. One day, he visited to Jalan Baru Ayyah pray with whole heart asking to solve this issue. During pray he got buy archanai receipt. After few days, he got dream like his mother come in dream and give that archanai receipt to him said "Batrama Paru.. Yoischi Sei"... So my friend woke up and try to find that receipt, luckily he put that receipt in car. So that night he bought lottery and strike 2nd prize and the amount he get is exactly the amount of his debt. Ayyan help to solve his debt only. Not making him as millionaire. Morale of the story, if you're innocent ayyan will help to solve your problem, but dont go asked with him to become overnight millionaire, sure wont happened. 

Third is one of our admin wife get pregnant and she got crave for jalan baru ayyah food always (Pregnant Woman Craving), so every time she visit Jalan Baru Ayyah temple, for sure she will get food. Whatever day, every week compulsory she will visit and confirm she will get mutton curry food. Most important thing is No GDM, No High blood pressure & everything is normal. She deliver baby also in normal condition without complication. That's ayyan power, Nambinaal Kaai Vida Padar.. 

Endrum Jalan Baru Ayyah Thunai. Guys please share any of your experience about him''

Credits: From Taman Pekatrah Thaneer Panthal Facebook page


3. A malay man was once resting near the temple post midnight, when he was welcomed by the inquisitive cues of an Indian gentleman who conversed in Bahasa Malaysia.The Indian man made queries about his whereabouts and ensured the situation fine.

As the Indian man bade farewell, the malay man witnessed Him transform to a tall, strong, handsome looking ancient Indian knight who fitted a turban to his head and left on his white horse in pure majesty, leaving behind a halo of cigar smoke to ascertain the experience real''

- From a devotee's sharing I heard in person many years back

(2) Bukit Mertajam Hospital Muniandy 

''About 60 years ago, a lady experienced complications during delivery in the hospital. She experienced excruciating pain in parallel to a substantial degree of pain score and in that instance, she saw the deity - Muniandy in form walking towards her from the temple
She sighted Him from the windows of the labour room and immediately prayed upon the command of her relatives present there ( apparently ) who cried " ayya vararu maa ! Kai thooki kumbudu " ( Ayya is coming ! Pray to Him ! ) .Muniswaran with His royal gesture approached her, took a deep inhalation of cigar smoke and puffed it onto her face ( redefining  getthu ) which served as an analgesic agent.
With the divine intervention, her pain vanished and she only recalls the following moment of her witnessing a succesful delivery with no postpartum complications whatsoever.
The deity has healed myriads and given patients spine chilling experiences. A temple not to be missed''

- From a devotee's sharing I heard in person many years back

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