Thursday, 15 June 2023

2019: When Sai Baba Appeared in From and Flesh In The Superspeciality Hospital

This happened way back in 2019, during my internship at the Sathya Sai Superspeciality Hospital.

Image: Swami attained Mahasamadhi in 2011

It was another usual day in the plastic surgery dep when my caretaker, Mr Sai Shankar told me, ' Swami came man..', as we were enjoying the heatwave in the bus-ride after work.

I blank-stared for a moment, almost alerting an absence seizure. He then narrated how Swami had physically manifested in the hospital that day.

What surprised me was that everyone in the hospital setting looked pretty calm about this incident, like it ain't the first time happening.

The story chronologically:

Vibhooti had started to manifest in a picture of Swami that decorated the walls of the consultant gastroenterologist's room some time back. However, someone had scrubbed it off ( this was a few days before swami manifested ), leaving an obvious palmar imprint on the picture, with just a residual white hue of vibhooti.

No one really took this seriously until when swami manifested physically. The gastroenterologist was sitting in his room when swami physically appeared out of thin air, sitting on the chair opposite him.

Image: The chair on which swami sat while conversing with the consultant

Swami told the consultant that He had materialised vibhooti and someone had scrubbed it off the picture ( something ought to be not done ). With a sigh, Swami said that He had to now re-materialise another patch of vibhooti on the picture ( which He did ), on the same spot. Swami then vanished!

Image: Fresh patch of vibhooti Swami materialised after conversing with the consultant. You can notice the residue of the old vibhooti from a scrubbed off imprint.

The patch of vibhooti swami re-materialised in the consultant's room

This was not a vision or dream state. This incident happened in reality. Swami appeared in flesh and spoke in mechanical words. Well this is not at all surprising considering the immensely powerful presence of Swami in that hospital that can never be missed.

The materialised vibhooti was distributed as prasada around and I was glad I could share it with some Malaysian friends who came over during my last days of internship for a youth conference.


  1. Thank you for sharing. I had a Sai Baba experience once. This was very nice to read.

  2. damn so interesting