Sunday 11 June 2023

Mythbusting Herbal Footpatch

As much as these herbal footpatches are being popularized, there is yet to be a scientific evidence for the promises they exchange for your dollar.

The footpatches, may work, just not in the way it is promoted.

The Blackish discoloration does not come for your toxins.

Toxins are excreted from your body as a natural means, via urine, faeces and sweat. The discoloration is due to a chemical reaction between the ingredients ( which includes vinegar, tourmaline, wood vinegar and other plant extracts ) in the patch with the moisture and heat from your body. Oxidization causes the blackish discoloration.

In addition, the skin at the sole of the foot is thick. The stratum corneum acts as a cushion to protect the foot from constant pressure and friction. So the sole is one of the worse spots for you to actually expect a toxin seepage.

Other claims which include cure from constipation, flatulence, improved sleep quality, increase in energy etc do not have a robust scientific support. 

Unfortunately, any product which has the 'herbal' suffix sells, regardless of whether its authentic or not.

Herbal and traditional medicine has a proper syllabus and people are trained into it with meticulous knowledge. For instance, ayurveda and siddha medicine provide proper prescription to whatever treatment it promises. They are also adequately backed up with scientific study.

In a nutshell..

Footpatches do not have any scientific backing to it. Testimonials can be a result of placebo effect as well, so let us not take them as a validating factor. However, what I intend to stress upon is that, the footpatch definitely do not work as how they are largely promoted. Anyone who did basic schooling would see through the bull in it..

Sorry to prick the bubble peeps, but your rejoice over your bodily toxins sludging out into the patch may just be fueling the seller's car while he laughs his way to the bank.

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  1. Excellent article. Lemon water on the stomach in the morning and panchakriya, done properly, would alleviate a lot of symptoms that drive many people to try these things. Panchakriya is time tested. I have no allergies or issues with lemons. Some say they cannot do lemon on the stomach, but, even so, I am certain a well trained Ayurvedic doctor could help any person with a proper morning regime, if lemons are a problem. Lemons help alleviate mucus build up in the system. Gut health is basically overlooked. If gut health were a common focus, I don’t think foot patches would be a thing.