Saturday 16 April 2022

Dirty Dravidian Politics Behind Mother Tamil Image Exposed


Recently, Amit Shah's statement on Hindi as the potential language of unison set an emotional opposition from Tamizhs.

In response to that, Ar. Rahman shared a visual of a ferocious 'Goddess Tamizh', as depicted in the image above ( right ) under the banner ' Tamizhanangu'.

The very word அணங்கு ( Anangu ) pertains to 'anger'. பெண் அணங்கு is coined on an anger personified Kannagi in Sillapadikaram.

So we infer that this portrait is set on a theme of rebellion against Hindi. Nothing wrong with that. Nevertheless, we find the dirty hand-prints on the revered form of Mother Tamizh. Let us look closer.

The portrait itself is not designed by Ar. Rahman. He is just the poster boy here.

The whole agenda behind this image is to link Tamizh ethnicity with black colour. . They have destroyed the prosperity-filled depiction of Mother Tamizh to a widow-like, black-skinned persona.

The Dravidian politics influencers have always been trying to link 'blackness' with Tamizh identity. They use this as a base to destroy the native elements embedded in Tamizh culture.

Demonizing Vedic Deities

They have used this to demonize Vedic deities who have been native to Tamizhs. The deities who do not have a dark complexion are branded as being 'Aryan-origin'.

Image: A dark depiction of Lakshmi Devi. They emotionally trigger Tamizhs so that they hate the very deities who are not 'black', or create a new version out of them, deviating from scriptures.

Like this, they go on alienating our deities... ultimately manipulate and remove the very cultural element from us. The above image is Seeman's depiction of a 'Tamizh-looking' Muruga. They first manipulate skin color. Then, they bring up a cooked-up genesis on our deities. As per Seeman's ideology, Muruga is no God. He is just the forefather of Tamizhs who went around doing agriculture. When Tamizhs get influenced by this, they lose touch with the Vedic culture and the deep truths associated with it.

Being Tamizh Does NOT Equate To Being Black

Image: A painting from Chola period. No one pitch-black painted the deities..

Tamizhs can be fair or dark. There is no equation to this. You can be a pure Tamizh and be extremely fair. You can be a North Indian and be dark-skinned. You must be a complete moron to believe that all Tamizhs were pitch black. You must be a partial moron to buy the depiction of Cholas in the fictional movie 'Ayirathil Oruvan' by the non-Tamizh, Telugu director Selvaraghavan as truth.


There is nothing wrong with celebrating black colour. We have been worshiping deities as black vigrahas with no issue. You don't need to put other colours or ethnicities down to justify your pseudo black-pride.

Either way, as mentioned earlier, being Tamizh does not equate to being black. Stop falling prey to these cheap Dravidian tricks.

Let us even look at our village deities who are well accepted by these fanatics too. They do not hold black colour as their signature. For instance, let us look at the dhyana shloka pertaining to Lord Munishvara, as per Shaiva Agamas, which was used as a basis to construct the glorious temples in Tamizhakam.

Image: Even the so called 'Dravidian' deities are not painted pitch-black. The deity depicted above is Sem Munishwaran.

munīśvara dhyānam:

raktavarṇaṃ trinetraṃ ca jaṭāmakuṭamaṇḍitam ।

bhasmoddhūlita sarvāṅgaṃ nāgābharaṇa bhūṣitam ।

triśūlam dakṣa haste tu ūruhastaṃ tu vāmake ।

lambitaṃ dakṣapādañca śayanaṃ vāmapādake ।

karṇabhūṣaṇa saṃyuktaṃ munīśvaramupāsmahe ॥

The very first verse starts with 'raktavarNam', which describes the lord as being red in colour, not pitch black. A form of Munishwara, called Sem Muni gets His name because of His reddish appearance.

I hope the DMK turtles don't give a Mongolian identity to Muniandy and brainwash villagers against Him.

Image: Udhayanidhi, son of Chief Minister of DMK monopolised Tamizh Nadu, pairing up with Amy Jackson, a British model who plays the role of a pure 'Tamizh ponnu' named Nandhini in his flop movie 'Gethu'..

As for DMK, it is okay to name themselves 'Stalin' and romance with dairy milk looking 'Tamizh pen' of pure British origin but the moment you worship a fair Mother Goddess, you are an Anti-Tamizh Sanghi @ Papanar.

In a nutshell, this drama is just another DMK thing, which has been always there. Just ignore them and don't submit to their emotional string play. 

Let us celebrate deities as they are. Let us celebrate Mother Tamizh as She was originally depicted. There is no need to stain your black emotion on everyone.

The kid above: False representation of Cholas in the movie 'Ayirathil Oruvan', directed by a non-Tamizh, Telugu director Selvaraghavan. He portrayed the Cholas as beastly barbarians in this flop movie, convincing people to actually believe his depiction as fact.

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