Wednesday 8 September 2021

Super Advanced Airplanes : Vimanas Described in Rig Veda

Advanced vehicles that could soar across the heavens were nothing alien to the ancient Vedic civilization.
Let us cut the introduction short as we have been enough educated on the reference of advanced aircraft - vimanas from the Ithihasa-s ( Ramayana ) and Puranas.

You would have heard of such vimanas that could do wonders including interstellar travel.

However, it is not common that you hear references from the very shrutis, the Vedas. So let us look at what the Rig Veda has got to reveal on the vimanas.

Aircraft that works on fire and water

This is from the 1st Mandala of Rig Veda,164th Sukta, verses 47 - 48. This portion was downloaded from the cosmos by the Rishi Dīrghatamas Aucathya.

* The Vedas are the cosmic truths that exist as cosmic vibrations; as Akasha.The truths of the universe were downloaded by sages in the form of sounds that they envisioned. This is why we quote the rishi who downloaded the particular Veda mantra. The Vedas are not composed - they are the absolute truths downloaded and revealed to the world *

Translation: Along the dark course, the birds are golden coloured ( flame ). They fly up to the heavens, clothing themselves with water. They return here from the heavens, and all of the earth is moistened by their ghee.

Translation: 12 are the fellies, one is the wheel,3 are the naves: who understands this ?

Therein set together are spokes 360, which in no way can be loosened.

This verse actually talks about a vehicle that soars into the skies ( heavens ) swiftly using water and fire as an energy source. The vimana is said to contain 12 pillars, one wheel,3 pieces of machinery,300 fulcrums, and 60 instruments.

Aircraft that works on wind power

Translation: The Vayu-Ratha ( wind-chariot ) is described in the 5th Mandala,41st Sukta of the Rig Veda. It appears as the 6th Rik. This portion was downloaded by Rishi Atri Bhauma.

Aircraft that operates on electrical power : 

Translation: The reference for Vidyut Ratha comes in the 3rd Mandala,14th Sukta as the 1st verse. This was downloaded by Rishi ṛṣabha Vaiśvāmitra

This verse speaks about the chariot of Agni which is powered by electricity.

Three-wheeled vehicle designed to operate on air

This reference comes in the 4th Mandala,36th Sukta as the 1st Rik. This portion was downloaded by Rishi Vāmadeva Gautama

Translation: This verse speaks about a vehicle that is neither powered by animals nor reins. It is three-wheeled ( tri-cakra ratha ) that 'rolls' in the sky.

Amphibious Aircraft that travels in both water and air

This comes in the 6th Mandala,58th sukta as the 3rd verse. It was downloaded by Rishi bharadvāja bārhaspatya.

Translation: This verse describes the vehicle of Lord pusḥa which is golden in color. It travels across the ocean and mid-air.

These are some references from the Rig Veda which actually describe various forms of Vimanas that we can see as a synonym for 'glory'.

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