Thursday 12 August 2021

This is How Youtuber Praveen Mohan Misguides Hindus - Take Precaution With His Channel

Praveen Mohan is a famous youtube personality who has garnered a lot of viewers from the Hindu community. His clickbait titles are often jaw dropping.

I have no issues with this dude going around ancient temples to make some ancient alien theory about them.

However, he has gone to an extent of going against the core Hindu principles. He has insulted the Vedic tradition with blatant lies.

Most people cannot see the danger this guy possesses simply because they get awe-struck at every apparent 'glorification' of ancient Hinduism.

Praveen doesn't glorify the ancient Vedic culture. He just makes bizarre theories that can fetch views.

Any explanation in regards to the Vedic tradition must have the 4 pramanas as their basis :

1. Shastra Pramana: The authentic scriptures - shrutis. These are the authority of Hinduism. For example, quoting a verse from the Vedas to validate a fact.

2. Apta Pramana: Authentic, time-tested,foolproof compilation of experiences of sages, rishis and enlightened masters which is in term with shastra pramana. For example, the event of Ramayana is known because of its reference to the smritis - the Valmiki Ramayana. Any version of Ramayana that contradicts this version is against Hinduism. The portrayal of Ravana as a tamizh king today is simply due to the non-adherence to apta pramana.

3. Atma Pramana: With Apta Pramana, a guru is able to experience and live the truths claimed by the shastra-s

4. Sakshi Pramana: Manifestation and experience of the Guru's initiation in the disciples of a particular lineage, which is demonstrable to the world.

5. Pratyaksha Pramana: Having validated by scientific study

Praveen and his lies 

1. Fabrication of Hindu scriptures

There was a famous video by Praveen on the mystery of Jagannath temple in which he tries to speculate on Lord Krishna's heart and relates it to a metallic device akin to ironman's arc reactor

He creates a fake story about Lord Krishna. He claims that lord Krishna 'died' and His 'body' was burnt by the hunter who shot him. Then, Praveen adds up more bullshit to his baseless story, finally leading to speculation on how the Lord's undecaying 'heart' present in the vigraha of Jagannath temple is indeed a metallic device, originally equipped by Lord Krishna.

This story of his is inspired by Sarala Das, a 15th-century poet of Odissa.
However, Praveen in his video, states that his story has reference from 'ancient scriptures' - which is false. This is only a folk legend.

There are many folk stories that have tried to explain the Brahma-padartha. For example, one legend states that the Brahma-padartha is actually the tooth of Buddha. While others infer it to be a shaligramam.

These are folk stories that are not part of 'ancient scriptures'. There are folk stories in the Phillipines that actually describe Lord Hanuman as a fisherman who loved seafood. Are you going to accept this?

Praveen could have been transparent with his quotation by saying that his story serves as nothing more than a 'folk-lore' of Odissa created in the 15th century. But nope, he literally says, quoting him in verbatm: 'ancient sources clearly record His death' - which is an utter lie.

The ancient scriptures did however, record the event of Krishna leaving the body, which has nothing to do with anything Praveen mentioned.

If you don't believe me, take a look at the Bhagavad Gita ( Mausala Parva, chapter 4 ) and Shrimad Bhagavatam and make a comparison with Praveen's story. 

Lord Krishna's body was not burnt by the hunter. The 'heart theory' by Praveen has no reference from any of the 5 pramanas!

Yes - the Jagannath temple mystery remains a question mark. But that does not mean this YouTuber can come up with his own bullcrap version of Mahabharata to increase his views!

His video has fetched more than a million views and what a pity - lakhs of Hindus believe his version of 'Krishna's death' as fact.

The real narration of how the Lord left the mortal frame is well described in our scriptures. In addition, the 'heart theory' has never been approved by any bonafide guru or sampradaya.

Praveen has no reverence for our deities or avatars. His choice of words to describe an avatar like Krishna, who is highly revered by all Hindus proves it. As such, this fellow is capable of altering the ithihasas in any way he likes just to get views.

2. Praveen directly insults Vedic Gods

Dude finds a giant skeleton and he knows how to get millions to watch his video - just make a random link to Hinduism.

And he does it - giving his speculation on how the skeleton could be Lord Hanuman's. This is a direct insult to the deity. Just because Hanuman exhibited Mahima siddhi, you call a random skeleton His remains? 

In addition, Lord Hanuman is a Chiranjeevi as per shastra pramana. He did not 'die' and leave behind a skeleton for this YouTuber to make a video on.

3. Reducing the position of Vedic deities by desperately linking them to modern-day parallel

He makes a video on how Lord Vishvakarma is holding a theodolite ( a tool used to measure vertical angles for construction ).In the video,he adds that Vishvakarma's multiple heads represent a 'group' of people who are working on a construction site.

Vishvakarma is actually holding the sruk and sruva ( which are used in a yaaga ),as shown in image below

The Vedas describe Vishvakarma as the cosmic intelligence who engineers the geometry of the universe.

There is a whole portion from the Rig Veda which describes Vishvakarma.Here,He is described as the priest of a yaaga ( which explains why He holds a sruk and sruva ).This appears as the 81st sukta of the 10th Mandala in rig veda.

the opening verse of this suktam : 

' ya imA vishvA bhuvanAni juhvadRsHir hotA nyasIdatpitA nah:'

The word 'hota' here refers to Vishvakarma as a priest who presides a Yaaga.

In the Purusha Suktam ( which appears in all 4 Vedas ) , creation of the cosmos and the origin of the 5 elements is described.Here,Vishvakarma is stated as the very cosmic architect who designs the geometry of the universe.The entire process of creation is seen as a Yaaga through which the Purusha expands Himself to infinite components which form the Universe.

' vishvakarmanas samavartatadhi'

This verse is found in the Purusha Suktam.

However,our youtuber chooses to belittle the grand position of Vishvakarma to a mere craftsman.

Yes - Vishvakarma represents labour force too,because any construction is part of the cosmic design.But that does not mean you can reduce his position to a mere craftsman who worked on an instrument like theodolite.

There is no need to relate every bit of the Vedic culture to modern science in order to glorify them.The vedic culture is glorious in its own ways.

What makes him think that the ancients even needed an instrument like theodolite to build the marvels ? Why must western gadgets be a gold standard for any explanation ? 

Oh yea , as an ancient alien conspiracist, he must relate every advancement of ancient india to a western parallel.If westerners lack that, give the credits to aliens.

3. Degrading characters from Itihasas blatantly for views

Above : Dude comes across elephant skulls in Shri Lanka and says it is the remains of  Ravana and his clan...

Praveen is not a fool here.He clearly knows they belong to elephants.He is also aware on how foolish the Hindu community can be - so, just add some icon from Hinduism to his speculation and he can laugh his way to the bank.

.... I am speechless...

Im' afraid of what else this guy could come up with in the name of Ravana...

But isn't this science ? Isn't he promoting scientific evidence ?

No.I agree that Praveen does bring the mysteries of ancient temples to public eye.However,most his explanations are blatant speculations.

He is NOT a researcher.

A scientific approach must include observation,a hypothesis and inference.The inference must be supported by an evidence.

Praveen's videos are not based on any of these.His hypotheses are all simply bizarre and intentionally structured to grab views.He is aware on how sentimental the hindus can get if you speak about some 'past ancient glory',regardless of what is being presented.

The fact that most Hindus do not study the scriptures or follow a proper sampradaya makes his work easy.

Analogy on how Praveen makes his videos 

This is how I would make a video if I were to think like Praveen ;

I wake up one day and decide to have some breakfast.I visit a nearby tea-stall and buy some vada.I video myself with the vada and explore my finger into the hollow fritter,allowing it to rest on my digit.

And then I claim on how it resembles the chakra of Lord Krishna.I add on saying that the chakra of the Lord was actually a vada.

I conclude the video saying that the ancients had advanced knowledge to prepare a snack which is globally relished today.

I also add on how Lord Krishna was actually an alien because He was able to make a vada of perfect circular structure which would be impossible in the past without western gadgets.

I then downgrade the position of Lord Krishna and say that he was a chef who lived in Sowcarpet,frying vada-s daily for the village.

Image : Crispy Vada-s.Praveen's expertise lies in frying vada-s with his speech.


  1. Finally,someone who has written this.There was a youtuber who exposed Praveen long back but his channel was reported by Praveen.This shows how child-like praveen can be.
    the truth is - all he cares about is views and money.
    he has nothing hindu in him.He is part of the 'ancient alien theory' group.

  2. Awesome rebuttal. It is amazing how many of the so-called upper strata of Hindu Society, even those with advanced degrees and living in the West are so internally ashamed with the 'current state of affairs in the sub-continent", that they have to seek glory in an imagined Super India of the past. As you correctly opined, Indian Civilization in the past was like the Greek, Chinese and other civilizations an advanced one for its time and age. But the ability of so-called upper class educated Indians to fall for this Pseudo Scientific belief systems (I call it BS) is astounding. Unfortunately, garbage peddled by the likes of Praveen Mohan will have millions of gullible people in India, who will swallow his garbage hook, line and sinker. Meanwhile Mr. Mohan is laughing all the way to the Bank. Maybe, I should get into this line of business too. A sucker is born every minute. By the way, the same kind of pseudo scientific nonsense has many more adherents in the so-called "advanced west" as well and sadly in the Muslim world. I despair sometimes at the human condition.

  3. Excellent.... My 10 year old and I often talk and laugh how Praveen would show this in his video..
    You said it.. he has a formula for all his videos . See something.. give reverse search ..then bring in an analogy with modern funda and talk about aliens and ancient technology..
    I am surprised how people blindly belive what he says...

  4. Hello and Good Morning... I have read your write up on Praveen. I agree with your concept. Facts are Facts, supposedly. I have seen facts: Religious and Scientific, all are subject to new discovery and new perspectives. If you do start at the Vedas, many things are Mush. However, the war of approx 10K bc. is now being proved. So the old facts.. glyphs, carvings, metalwork, all support the Rig Veda, and all off shoots. Thanks to Praveen We can look at the new data, as it relates to new finds all over the world. And a fresh perspective is just what is needed.

    Wishing Peace and Wellness.. don

    1. Thanks for opening our eyes sir/madam

  5. Nice job with this video. I always wonder however, why people want to get into a binary bucket system to look at others in the world. In your case you have pretty much declared what Praveen Mohan cares about, while much of his personal history/background is not known to the public. At least not from his channels. Just because he didn't agree with your views, you are branding him as a fake.

    Can you pick any random post of his and make similar claims as you have made in this video ? If you can do that then there is some weight to your argument.
    Point I'm making is, although your intentions for subject matter are in the right directions (as to clarify what is pramana and what is not, and hence how not to interpret a certain something from this video) I am disagreeing with your world view. If you KNOW that praveen is only after money, and if it turns out he is not, then, you're time and life will be a wasted effort.
    I have watched Praveenmohan videos from the time youtube hits was not a big thing about these topics. Praveen's videos have created this user base.
    Alien invasion theorist - if its a theory which can hold its ground with enough correlations, then it should have its place.
    If you disagree to it, you post against it. Without unnecesarily bringing personal attacks. It makes your videos look less authentic. I can point out errors in your work or ask questions of inconsistency as well. If I look at you as a bigoted half-baked know-it-all; then I'll myself start making mistakes in assessing your work .

    While I myself have thought about making videos like yours, and was super excited to see your level research and effort you put to make this rebuttal video, it is thoroughly dissapointing to see the tone of it.

    I personally see Praveen as a guy who probably does not come from a sampradaya. He, may not even understand the value of it and/or the information he is missing because he does not have access to it.

    Videos like yours should add constructive criticism, give deeper clarification from all the information he has unearthed (which otherwise would be inaccessible to folks like you as well) - I mean how many temples have you visited and reviewed. Do you know all those things existed until Praveen pointed them out ?

    IMHO. You should be friends with him. Not cross.