Saturday 31 July 2021

Betrayal : This Lady Misused the Vedas She Learnt from Me # The Reason Why The Vedas Were Not Taught To Everyone !

 Online Veda classes has definitely helped me extend my reach to a global platform.Thanks to technology,I can now help and inspire enthusiasts with Vedam learning wherever they are.

 I chose to make my primary teaching through Whatsapp - due to its efficacy.Even if I conducted a live class on a weekly basis,the participants were expected to keep in touch with me through Whatsapp.

 Through whatsapp,communication with students is beyond time and schedule.In fact,I get to track their progress on a daily basis.

 Hence,I got the opportunity to help students from various parts of the world.

The picture above is the contemporary ShurpaNakha,disguised as a pious figure.Her name is Priyanka Chatterji @ Chakraborty from Kolkata.She contacted me last year to learn Vedas.Her local teachers do not teach women so she never had the opportunity to learn.She attempted self-tutoring through youtube videos ( something one should NEVER DO ) and in that process,stumbled upon a video of one of my student's Veda recital.

This is how she approached me.I thank all those who refused to teach her.

She said she had learnt some suktas using Youtube.I analysed and gave a feedback.Then we agreed to learn everything properly...

My syllabus always begin with an explanation on the genesis of Vedas,followed by a guideline on pronunciations and svaras.Then I go to Gayatrii.I polished her Gayatrii which had mistakes.

She got the gayatrii recitation perfected.I told her to recite it 108 x and notify me once done - to ensure the correct pronunciations and svaras are drilled and to avoid the old patterns from resurfacing.
If the student fails to give a correct recitation after the 108 x sadhana,they will have to redo the whole process until it reaches perfection.

She went well with the progress,we started covering other portions from the Vedas..

She then disappeared for about 4 months and then sent me the message as above.

Her lack of sincerity and dedication started showing.This is her true nature.All my effort went to drain because nothing of what she learnt 4 months back was put into practice

She started giving silly reasons - saying that she did not contact me as she could not pay dakshina - which I never forced upon.I did not give a deadline for her dakshina actually

Nevertheless,I was willing to start back from scratch.Re-analysed her Gayatri which was again - full of mistakes.

Concurrently,I stumbled upon a video where she had recited her mistake-rich Gayatri.She had collaborated with a music channel and published her vocal under the banner - ''authentic gayatrii recitation''.

Imagine the damage it could do to hundreds out there who would believe the false title.

She went into denial mode and started giving rude replies.

She kept telling lies after lies.In fact,she still continued ( and is continuing ) to collaborate with the channel to publish her vocals on Vedam recitation which she very well knows - is imperfect.

She does not care about preserving the authenticity of the Vedas.

She refused to remove the video from the music channel and started giving sarcastic replies - asking me to expose other channels which have published incorrect Gayatri recitation

In short - the music channel she collaborated with is refusing to remove the video or even edit the title because there is investment made.

Why she is clearly lying ? 

She claims the music channel is refusing to remove the video despite her pleas.Yet,the channel is uploading her vocals continuously.

Clearly,she is just here for fame and profit - caring a damn to respect the Vedas.She could have at least changed the video title and not give a false image of 'authentic recitation' - which is a direct insult to figures like Challakere Brothers and Sri K.Suresh who have worked so hard to provide authentic sources through internet.

See,this is the reason why the elders created so many restrictions in regards to the Vedas - which all of us complain as 'discrimination'.

First,she is destroying herself with improper recitation.Next,she is destroying the lives of many who get fooled with the video.

You can trust an animal, not a human.

Above : Priyanka Chatterjee @ Chakraborty from Kolkata - was refused the opportunity to learn Vedas.Contacted someone from Malaysia to learn.Sugar-coated some lies to learn lessons in a half-baked manner to finally submit to a music channel to sell Vedas in view of profit and fame.


  1. Extremely ridiculous..highly disturbing that she is misguiding society..where now slowly people are taking interest to learn VEDAS and started taking benefits from correct vibrations of Vedic sounds.well in personal level by betrayal of her Guru where she will reach??

    1. She had all the opportunity to reach far - she would have mastered many parts of the Vedas and could even open her own channel to guide people - but a petty moment of fame blinded her.

      She even challenged me saying she will somehow learn the Vedas because she is determined to.Silly lady thinks I am against her learning when I am trying to correct her wrong recitation.