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Devi Suktam | Ambhrni | Vak Suktam Word to Word Meaning and Commentary Rig Veda

The crux of Shakta philosophy lies in the 10th Mandala of Rig Veda as the 125th Suktam.

Before getting into the details,we have to look into the genesis of the Vedas.

Origin of the Vedas

The entire creation is a reverberation.Reverberation means sound energy.The entire structure of the universe is simply a hologram produced from its underlying vibration - like a skeleton which gives framework to the body.

The element which exists as the cosmic sound mentioned is akasha ( ether ).In ancient times,many sages and rishis,with their penance and meditation activated the non-mechanical parts of their brain.This enabled them to download all forms of knowledge and data from the universe directly.

They received these knowledge in the form of sounds which they heard and saw.Just as how a pendrive transfers information in the form of data,knowledge was transfered as sounds.

The sages who experienced and received these mantras ( sounds ) , taught the sound structure to their disciples - as only by reproducing the same sound structure will one be able to tap into the frequency at which the knowledge was downloaded.

This was how the Vedas came to the planet.Innumerable Rishis downloaded various forms of knowledge - which were simply referred to as 'shruti-s' ( that which was heard )

Then,Veda Vyasa who happened 5000 years ago,organised the Vedas into 4 and branched them.

The Devi Suktam is from the Rig Veda samhita.It was received by the daughter of Sage AmbhrNa.Her name was Vaak-AambhrNii.This is why this suktam is also referred to as 'Ambhrini Suktam / vaak Suktam'.

Devi Suktam by my Whatsapp Veda Learner Kum.Shravanti

So let us look at the word to word meaning breakdown.

om aham rudrebhirvasubhishcaraamyahamaadityairuta vishvadevaiH.

aham mitraavaruNobha bibharmyahamindraagnii ahamashvinobha

Om = primordial sound

aham = I !

rudrebhiH = to the rudras

vasubhiH = to the vasus

caraami = stir

aham = I

aadityaiH = to the aadityas

uta = also

vishva-devaiH = all deities

aham = I

mitraa-varuNa = to Lord Mitra and Varuna

ubhaa = to both

bi-bharmi = to fill and activate

aham = I 

indraagni = Lord Indra and Lord Agni

aham = I

ashvinaa = the ashvins

ubhaa = both

Meaning and commentary :

I am the One who Powers the Rudras and the Vasus.I am the Power ! I am the One who rotates the galaxies.I am the One who powers Mitra,Varuna,Indra,Agni,the Vishvadevas and Ashvins.

Here,The Primordial Shakti declares that She is the very source for every entity of the Universe.

The Rudras are the life forces.They also represent the sensory function and mind ( similar to Indra,who is the deity who represents mastery over indiryas ( senses ).This is why the Vedas denote Rudra and Indra to be ONE.

The vasus are treasures,both external and internal.

Aditya refers to that which our solar system revolves around - The Sun.

Mitra is the deity ruling over light and varuNa is the deity ruling over darkness.

The twin ashvin deities are the cosmic doctors.They also represent the twin breathe within us.

aham somamaahanasam bibharmyaham tvashhTaaramuta puushhaNam


aham dadhaami draviNam havishhmate supravye yajamaanaaya sunvate

aham = I

somam = the soma  juice ( a vedic beverage which induces bliss ).This is the state of bliss experienced in the state of godhood

aa-hanasam = deliberate,intentional killer ( of the bodily feeling )

bi-bharmi = fill them and activate

aham = I

tvashhTaaram = to Lord Tvashta who is the cosmic architect

uta = also

puushhaNam = to Lord Puusha,who is the nourisher

bhagam = good fortune

aham = I

dadhaami = to provide and preserve that which has been provided

draviNam = treasure

havishhmate = to one who offers havis ( offerings ) into a yaaga

su-praavye = sushhThu riityaa praapti = excellently begotten

yajamaanaaya = to those performing yaaga

sunvate = squeeze out ( soma juice used for soma yaaga )

Meaning and commentary :

I release the soma ( bliss ) which brings you beyond body and mind,where you realise yourself as consciousness / atma.

I power the cosmic architect,tvashta.I power puusha,the nourisher,and Bhagam who dispenses bhaagya.

I provide and maintain the merits and wealth promised by a Yaaga conducted by one who spreads the bliss of divinity through the action.

aham rashhTrii sangamanii vasuunaam cikitushhi prathama yajniyaanaam

taam maa deva vyadadhuH purutraa bhuuristhaatraam bhuuryaa veshayantiim

aham = I

raashhTri = Queen

sam-gamanii = equally going

vasunaam = the treasures

cikitushhii = collector

prathamaa = the first

yajniyaanaam = those worthy of worship via yaaga

taam = to those ( mentioned above )

maa = myself

devaaH = the devas ( who shines - comes from root 'div' = to shine )

vi-adadhuH = visheshha riityaa adadhuH = specially give and retain

puru-traa = purushhaam traayate iti purutraa = rescuer of persons

bhuuri = many

bhuuristhaatraam = saver of many places

aa-veshayantiim = intentionally entered

Meaning and commentary :

I am the Queen,who is within you.I am the very first among the worshiped and gatherer of treasures.

Thus,I am spread and my powers given out,in places,very many.

I am present in all beings,as I am all pervasive.

mayaa so annamatti yo vipashyati yaH praaNiti yaiim shRR^iNotyuktam

amantavomaanta u pakshiyanti shrudhishruta shraddhivan te vadaami

mayaa = by my power

saHa = He

annam = food

atti = eats

vi-pashyati = visheshha riityaa pashyati = specially sees

yaHa = whosoever

praaNiti = breathes

yaHa = whosoever 

iim = the very bija ( sound form ) of Shakti

shR^iNoti = hears

uktam = uttered

a-mantavaH = un-mindful

maam = of me

te = you

upa-kshhiyanti = to ignore

shrudhi = hears

shruta = that which is heard ( shrutis = vedas )

shraddhivam = with faith

te = you

vadaami = I speak

Meaning and commentary :

By My power alone,those who eat,may eat.Those who see,may see.Those who breathe,may breathe.Those who hear,may hear.

Even unmindful of my presence,they are all abiding in Me.Hear ye ! O wise ones ! The truth indeed which I speak !

ahameva svayamidam vadaami jushhTam devebhiruta maanushhebhiH

yam kaamaye tam tamugram kR^iNomi tam bramhaaNam tamR^ishhim tam sumedhaam

aham = I

eva = only 

svayam = myself

idam = all this

vadaami = I speak

jushhTam = pleasing

devebhiHi = the deities

uta = and also

maanushhebhiH = men

yam = whatever

kaamaye = desired

tam-tam = whatever-whatever

ugram = ferocious

kR^iNomi = I do

tam = whatever

bramhaaNam = braamhaNa 

tam = whatever

r^ishhim = rishi

tam = whatever

su-medhaam = sushhThu medham = excellent + memory

Meaning and commentary :

That which delights both men and deities, ; I only myself utter.Those who desire,accordingly I make them ferocious ( powerful ),be it  a braamhaNa,rishi or a genius.

aham rudraaya dhanuraatanomi bramhadvishhe sharavehanta vaa u

aham janaaya samadam kR^iNomyaham dyaavaapR^ithivii aavivesha

aham = I

rudraaya = of rudra

dhanuH = bow

aa-tanomi = intentionally extend ( to pull and stretch the bow string )

bramha-dvishhe = to the who express hatred in words and deeds for Brahman ( absolute consciousness )

sharave = with the arrow

hantavai = to kill

u = too

aham = I

janaaya = amongst janataa ( people )

samadam = sam-adam = equally feasting

kR^iNomi = I do

aham = I

dyaavaapR^ithivii = in heaven and earth

aa-vivesha = intentionally enter

Meaning and commentary :

I alone stretch Rudra's Bow Almighty and smite His arrow towards those who ignorantly hate Brahman.

I create a beautiful place where people are nourished equally.

I inter-penetrate everything from the heavens to Earth.

aham suve pitaramasya muurdhan mama yonirapsvaa antaH samudre

tato vitishhThe bhuvanaanu vishvo taamuum dyaam varshhmaNopasprshaami

aham = I

suve = to give birth

pitaram = father

asya = his

muurdhan = chief

mama = mine

yoniH = womb

apsu = from the infinite waters ( universe )

antaH = at the very end

samudre = ocean

tataH = from there

vi-tishhThe = visheshha tishhThe = specially located

bhuvanaa = planets

anu-vishvaa = subsequently all places

uta = also

amuum = whichever

dyaam = ( in the ) heavens

varshhmaNaa = the clouds

upa-sprshaami = gently touch

Meaning and commentary :

From my womb of the ocean's waters waters deep and dark ; I bring forth the Father Creator in Chief (the endless and dark expense of outer space is termed ' deep dark ocean waters').

From thence,I exist in all planes of the Universe,so much so,I brush with the highest 'water bearing clouds' of the highest plane ( the outermost fringes of the Universe Time -space are termed ' water clouds' )

ahameva vaata iva pravaamyaarabhaaNaa bhuvanaani vishvaa

paro divaa paraenaa pR^ithivyai taavatii mahinaa sambabhuuva

aham = I

eva = only

vaata-iva = wind-like

pra-vaami = manifestly blow

aa-rabhamaaNaa = to stir

bhuvanaani = planets

vishvaa = everything

paraH = beyond

divaa = heavens

paraH = beyond

enaa = of these all 

pR^ithivyaa = planets

etaavatii = so much more

mahinaa = mahimaa = greatness

sam = equally

babhuuva = become

Meaning and commentary :

Like the wind,I myself only blow ; the very life force into all planes.Beyond the heaven and earth,my magnitude lies infinite.

OM shaantiH shaantiH shaantiH

Om,peace,peace,peace ( peace to body,mind and atma )

Credits to my mentor,Shri Maunish Vyas,author of Rudra Tattva for imparting this word to word breakdown.

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