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The Mysterious Forest Devi of Rig Veda - Aranyani Suktam

In the Rig Veda, we have a portion which reveals a mysterious deity of the forest region ( Aranyani ).This portion is found as the 10th Mandala as the 146th Sukta. It is colloquially called 'AraNyaani Suuktam' ( AraNya : forest )

Introduction to Vedas 

The entire Universe is reverberating. When there is reverberation,there is sound. In other words,the entire cosmos is simply a manifestation of sound energy.T he ancient Vedic sages through penance, were able to download cosmic data directly. They received cosmic truths in the form of sounds which they heard and envisioned. These truths were recited as received, and passed on generations after generations.

Various truths downloaded by various Rishis gave rise to the ocean of Vedas. Veda Vyasa later compiled these Vedas and classified them. This is how the 4 Vedas came to existence. Each of these Vedas had many branches. Each branch had 4 components : 

(1) samhita
(2) brahmana
(3) aranyaka
(4) Upanishad

What we refer to as 'Aranyani Suktam' is part of the Samhita of Rig Veda.The sage who downloaded this portion ( in the form of mantras from the cosmos ) is devamuni airaṃmada.

My Whatsapp Veda Learner Shravanthi reciting the Aranyani Suktam.

Who Is This Mysterious Devi ?

Forest is pure life energy. It is the sustainer of the planet. The very form of the forest is Aranyani Devi. She as a mother in the form of a manifest green density, sustains the entire planet and nourishes it.

AraNyani Devi is the very form of solid life energy which sustains the ecosystem - forest !

YES ! Forest is a living consciousness. She nourishes all life-forms. The forest is a Devi.

Video above : My student from Sarawak reciting the Aranyani Suktam

In the Rig Veda, AraNyani Devi is described as a deity who has the deep forests as Her Home. She does not come close to the villages where humans reside. In other words, She is far from civilisation.

Further, the Devi is described as having anklets which echo with tinkling sounds. She ever dances gracefully in the forests.

The Vedas further describe forest Devi who has a very powerful and graceful presence. She provides food and nourishment for the animals and even visiting humans. The devi does not harm anyone who comes to the forest region, unless there is a scent of evil intention.

Folk Deities Who Reside in the Forest Region

In the Hindu culture, we have many deities who reign the forest. Any goddess who represents the forest energy can be bannered as ' AraNyani Devi'. The commonest example we can think of is Vana Durga.

Video: Vana Durga Temple in Nilgiris.

Image: Aranya temple in Arrah, Bihar.

In the Tamizh culture, we worship an expansion of Kali in the name of 'Katteri Amman' ( not to be confused with the vampire 'Katteri' ). Katteri comes from kadu ( forest ) + eri ( water body like a pool ).The ancient Tamizhs refered to Her as 'Katteri' as She resides in the forests.

Image: A beautiful forest terrain presided by a close-to-heart Muniandy temple in Kedah. I always recite AraNyani Suktam whenever I encounter Her and the experience is amazing. It is blissful beyond words.

Portion of the Vedas learnt in the Forest Region

AraNyai Devi also mothered ancient Veda learners. The Aranyaka refers to the portion of the Vedas learnt in the forests in ancient days. These lessons were learnt in strict discipline and secrecy.

In fact,the Rishis ( downloaders ) of the Aranyaka are mostly unknown.

I can write all I can in this article but the best way to realise the Vedas is through its recitation and meditation. As the Vedas were downloaded as cosmic sounds, you too, need to reproduce the necessary vibrative frequency to realise the truth it carries.

The truth I saw through the recitation of Aranyani Suktam was extremely touching. I have ever since, taken a pledge to popularise and teach this Sukta as a prime lesson.

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