Saturday 30 January 2021

The Cult of BrahmaKumari - A New Age Method of Destroying Hinduism

The new-age trend of defaming Hinduism - Using random facets of Hinduism to attack Hinduism itself.This skill is mastered by The Brahmakumari Cult Group

At a superficial view,BK appears to be in absolute agreement with the Vedic Culture.They speak of the Vedic deities,the 4 yugas,concept of reincarnation etc

Try attending their course and you will see how they are crudely anti-Hindu.

In fact,they use Vedic terminologies to defame Hinduism - a rather cunning way adopted by many anti-hindu funded organisations on the contemporary.They attack the Vedas by displaying their own proclaimed 'truths' about the deities and concepts of Hinduism.

My experience with BK and their members

This was back in 2016 when I was introduced to BK.I was aware of the bullshit they promote yet I attended their '7-day course' in one of their centres ( which was a terrace house functioning as a BK incubator ) because I needed the qualification should I choose to expose them.

This was a dude from Kedah who was a senior-member of BK in Malaysia.He finished the 7-day course ( which is formally introduced to every newcomer ) within 2 hours in a personal interview-like session with me as he found me 'bright' enough to grasp things ( again,an intelligent way of ego-boosting to convince you to join their cult ).

Yes,they do speak of Brahma,Vishnu and Shiva - but in a rather screwed up manner,evidenced by image above.That is their founder sitting there as Lord Brahma.

Throughout the 'course',he was constantly criticising hinduism and constipating his way through to mindscrew me.

Here is a summary of the what I went through

(1) Typical cult-structured ego-boosting.He constantly tried to boost my ego by sugar-coated words which put my pancreas to shame.For example,declaring me as one of their 'chosen ones' among the millions out there as I had stepped into their centre and was already receiving the grace of BK.He went on with his compliments on how I was 'bright' and had the necessary qualifications to be a strong member in their cult - which he claimed to be the only way to truth.

(2) Then the real game starts.He goes on to criticise my core belief.He dismissed the Vedas and smriti-s as false fairytales and emphasised his view on how BK has rightly decoded the terms used in Vedas - like atma,lokas,Brahma,Narayana and Shiva.For example,lord Narayana as per BK view,is nothing more than an ancient king who walked this planet.

(3) His BK groomed intellect then manifested sympathy as I was wasting my life with Hinduism.He added that only low-life forms visit hindu temples.To make him look mentor-like,he actually pressured me to take a resolution such that I would never foot into any hindu temple or shrine.This includes my personal altar in home.

(4) Then he goes on to talk about the ultimate teachings of BK.I do not wish to smear dirt on my webpage by writing on them,so I will summarise their ideology in a nutshell 

- The members of BK believe that the Earth is merely 5000 years old. ( I tried my best from bursting here ).They oppose any scientific finding that clashes with their theory.

- The first language of the world is Hindi ( I almost shat bricks here )

- The founder of BK is the rebirth of Lord Krishna 

- Their form of meditation is the only true Yoga - which they call as 'Raja Yoga'.They have this dirty trick of using terms of Hinduism to mask their own self-styled meditation practices.

- Shiva is their supreme.But it is not the same way the Vedic tradition looks at Shiva.They believe Shiva to be a dot of light in the cosmos which their disciples communicate with through meditation.Any description of Shiva other than the stated form is false as per BK protocol.

- Their supreme God communicates through their founder by giving revelations they refer to as 'Murli-s'.These are like overhyped Jay Shetty quotes.

Brahmakumari members adorn themselves in white because they are forced to cognise themselves as soul.An initiated BK member considers himself corpse ( Yes,it makes no sense but what else do you expect from a dark cult ? ) White is used to cover dead bodies and that is their ideology.This is also why they never use vibhuti,jewelries etc To them,they are corpse.But then, they still eat,defecate,copulate,work,earn,live in houses etc... I guess a proper term would be 'zombie'.

Image above : a BK member insulting the core belief Hinduism holds - that too in a group specific for Malaysian Hindus.

Now,I have no issues with anyone believing in anything they like.But don't come to me to ridicule my tradition and sampradaya.Go shove your 5000 year old Earth theory to those who are whole-heartedly willing to accept it.

BK has falsely-predicted the complete destruction of the planet many times - only to finally present themselves as nothing more than a laughing stock.

Somehow,the trend of ridiculing the Vedic tradition by mushrooming so called 'spritiual organisations' is on the rise.In Malaysia we have another clown who has been ridiculing Hinduism in the name of Healing under the banner of 'Prana violet healing'

These jokers never approach non-Hindus to display their ideologies.These organisations are mostly funded by big power sources which have their sole aim to destroy Hinduism.

Hindus,be aware of such dangerous cults.You know the value of the Vedic culture.As such,never succumb to such morons.

Be integrated to your sampradaya,guru,ishta devata and kula devata.

Michael Jackson : I danced with the corpse !

BK members : Hold my beer beta..we celebrate birthdays as corpse


  1. BK is a big fat business and yes, they are very predatory. They're very similar in many ways to the pentacostal xtians.

  2. Yes, you are correct and creat fb group we are fight against this cult.

  3. 🙏🏻 for your guidance. But I love only Sanatan Dharma and will follow it till the end

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