Thursday 17 December 2020

Vedic Ritual to Transform Yourself into Rudra

Nyasa ( lit meaning : to clean ) is a purification ritual done before the commencement of a Vedic Puja,Vedam recitation,Abhisheka or Yaaga.

They vary according to the ritual done.In general,they usually involve anga nyasa ( contact of digits with different parts of the body - namely chest,eyes,head and hair tuft ) and karana nyasa ( involves usage of both hands and their digits to invoke particular energies and unleash latent potentials ) 

A nyasa is an important maneuver that involves mantra,gestures and meditation to prepare one for a ritual.

A nyasa does a lot of ground-work.For example,it sorts of 'unlocks' the hidden potential within a Veda mantra ( which would be used in the particular ritual ).This enables one to unleash the full potential of the recited Veda mantra / hymn.

Also,the lead person of a ritual is at risk which may not be very obvious.He is the show-runner and hence,any flaw or error in the entire ritual is taken by him / her.This includes any possible negative influence that may try to disrupt the ritual.The lead person becomes a target to these factors.As such,doing the nyasa confers protection from such factors as well.

There is a lot more to nyasa itself but let us keep it short.

Video : My Whatsapp Veda student Shravanthi reciting Rudram

Shri Rudram is an important part of the Vedas ( Taittiriya Samhita 4.5,4.7 ) which is extremely powerful.

The nyasa done before the recitation of something gargantuan like Rudram ( be it for an abhisheka or yaaga ) is a little more complex, in comparison to the nyasa done for other mantras.We call this 'laghu-nyasam' in general.

Now,we have something called the Maha-nyasam ( maha = great ; the great nyasa) which is a very complex ritual done before the commencement of a major Rudra yaaga ( like the Atirudram or Maharudram where Rudram is recited over thousands of times in a Yaaga ).

In Mahanyasam,we literally transform every limb of ours into an aspect of Rudra.As such,we literally make ourselves into Rudra and then enter the ritual.This process is undone once the ritual is complete.

Mahanyasam is a very elaborate process by itself.

It is said that ' One should Recite Rudram as Rudra'.The essence of Rudram is on the advaitic truth that everything is consciousness ( Rudra ) , including you.Everything is Atma.

Hence,the scriptures say ' na rudro rudra marcayete'.This means - no one can touch and worship a Shiva Linga without becoming Rudra Himself.

Video : My Whatsapp Veda Learner Smt Kavita reciting Atma Raksha mantra which is used in Mahanyasam.It is from the Taittiriya Brahmana of Krishna Yajur Veda.It speaks on the unison of body,mind and atma for one to realise His true self as Atma ( Rudra ).As we can see,the entire Mahanyasam gears one into the realisation that He is verily God before even performing the ritual.

Nevertheless,the impact of Mahanyasam is only valid for the Yaaga or ritual.It is not permanent.

It is like temporarily spiking your state into that of an enlightened being so that it may be used best for the ritual.As said earlier,this entire process is actually undone after the ritual.

A grand Rudra Yaaga is an experience words cannot describe.You should ask someone who has participated in one.There is no doubt why such a ritual require such elaborate Nyasa ( Mahanyasam can take upto 2 hours )

So Mahanyasam,despite its grandeur,cannot transform you into Rudra permanently.So,what can ?

Rudram itself can.Rudram will :) 


  1. Nice article Vineeth. I was hoping you would be giving a little more detail about Laghunyaasam. The Atma Raksha recitation was excellent.

    1. In laghunyaasa, we have a small portion of Rig Veda where we establish different deities at different parts of our subtle body. The form of Lord Shiva is also described.The necessary preparation for the ritual is elaborated as well.Nevertheless, Laghunyasam is mostly shlokas which are not from the Vedas.

  2. Hello i have a question so can be clarified about it, so to chant rudram, i have to recite laghunyasam or mahanyasam?

    1. Laghunyasam will do. Mahanyasam is only done in grand rudra yaagas like Maharudram / Ati Rudram.