Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Dangers of Subliminal Beats

Subliminal beats are the very form of Kalpavrksha to many teenagers on the contemporary.Its ubiquitous availability across the net is synonymous to God's key in which one can use to unlock the universe to alter anything in his life , so as to speak.

What are Subliminal Beats ?

Affirmations ( powerful statements about a reality to be manifested.eg - ''I am wealth'', ''I have wealth'' for wealth manifestation ) are played along an audio.The pick is  - you cannot hear them ! They are recorded at a very low frequency such that your conscious mind cannot hear them.It enters you subconsciously.They do not allow you to hear it as your inferiority complex will start blocking the input.

This effect is enhanced by masking the affirmations with soothing music.

In other words,subliminal beats appear as a relaxing music with hidden affirmations meant to enter your subconscious mind to manifest the command.

So, this method is used to deliver affirmations that potentially encompass all possible desires ! making your face handsome,enhancing height, muscular physique etc...

So those who want a muscular physique without having to hit the gym see this as a golden opportunity.That too,its free of cost. Subliminals shine as a promising solution for those who are suppressed by inferiority complex about their appearance or life.

In addition, beats also include extraordinary dimensions - like developing telepathic powers,awakening chakra-s without sadhana etc.

Sounds absolutely practical ! 

Absolutely.And this is why myriad are attracted to it - using it for months all-together,spending hours on it, having their earphones plugged all night long - with the belief that they will transform into the next Chris Evans or Henry Cavil within 6 months.

What you didin't know

I would illustrate a live testimonial :

This boy contacted me recently as he found my writing on Gayatri Mantra and  wanted to verify his recitation with me.He realised the Gayatri to be a powerful remedy to the after-effects of subliminals that misshaped his facial features. 

Testimonial 2 

My friend from Bengaluru stopped using Subliminals as she witnessed the adverse effect it carries.

Caution with Sound energy

As the Vedas assert in the Taittiriiya Upanishad of Krishna Yajur Veda,you exist as 5 layers - panchakosha ( five sheaths ).The mind is only ONE layer among 5.Mind work has a very short term effect.Energy work has a permanent effect.

In the Vedic culture,we never identified our self with mind.This is a western thing.Consciousness is the real deal here.We operate from the consciousness.From the heart,which is the seat for absolute consciousness.

Subliminal goes wrong when you put excessive input to the mental layer when the other 5 aspects are not in unison.This causes your whole system to crash.

This is why the Indian culture - especially the yogic tradition gave so much importance in aligning the geometry of the body,mind and energy system.

A lot of talk is going on in regards to the subconscious mind and its power but unfortunately,people are simply concluding a circle to be a straight line with their limited view.

To think that you are the 'mind' is absurd.To think that you can puppet the Universe with your mind is the highest degree of stupidity.

You are not a programmable device to reorganise your system by merely inserting mental inputs.

Simply forcing upon affirmations to manifest looks and wealth may give a temporary result, but the long term damage is devastating.Sound energy is a dimension by itself.Tuning yourself to a frequency with just mechanical affirmations may be more dangerous than you know.

This is why in the Vedic culture,we use the term 'Sankalpa' to manifest a reality.There is no English term for 'Sankalpa' because it is too profound.

We use Vedic mantras and rituals to align ourselves to the cosmic geometry and make a will upon identifying our very nature as the very cosmos.

The will is from the spiritual heart,which is the seat for consciousness.And a will coming from the very source is bound to materialise.

Go Beyond Physicality and Mind ! 

Stop this business of trying to fit into societal standards of beauty and success.There are thousands of subliminal videos on Youtube with each garnering over a million views.Do you think each person listening to it has transformed into the next Miss world ?

Vedic culture and Mantras.

The Vedas which are the highest authority of the Vedic culture is rooted in sound energy.We have made a rigid system of reciting the Vedas in specific intonations and pronunciations to raise our consciousness.

Strict discipline and reverence towards the mantra-s were required for one to delve into it.

We understood the whole science of sound energy and its impact like no other civilisation did.

Things  would have been much easier if we just followed what our culture has gifted us with.

Unfortunately, the grass on the other side is always greener.We never value the gift we possess until we get hit hard.

Video : Me,demonstrating the Power of Conscioussnes to alter clouds


  1. Amazing ,so blessed to have seen this.This is a great learning,so many of us run towards quick fixes to our lives without inner purification.thank you much🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    1. yes.Please do share with your friends.People of my age are getting obsessed with this crap

  2. God bless you Vinnith. You have profound wisdom to share, Keep up the good work bro! :)