Thursday 19 September 2019

Dravidian Movement's Attempt To Atheise Thiruvalluvar

 The anti-Hindu elements progress insidiously to atheise Tamilakam

Over ages, the Tamizhs had been sentimentally influenced to separate the Hindu / Vedic culture from Tamizh identity.

The Dravidian Movement coo on how the Tamizh identity is devoid of Hinduism - which is lately pissing off professional clowns who are apprehensive about their job being hijacked.

 De-Hindufying Thiruvalluvar

Thiruvalluvar is a gigantic icon of Tamizh identity. Our Dravida boys have been rubbing their nose on the Hindu insignia that adorns Valluvar silently.

If you look at the older depictions of Thiruvalluvar, he is always portrayed with an obvious tripundra ( Vibhuti marking on forehead ) and rudraksha beads.

Now take a look at the modern images.No Vibhooti.No Rudraksha. They are trying hard to remove the slightest Hindu element from this influential icon. 

Hinduism in Thirukural

Unfortunately, the Dravida boys forgot the fact that Thiruvalluvar has his parallel to the Thirukural and not to that of an artist's painting.No one knows how Thiruvalluvar looked like. The current images are just based on an artist's assumption.

The Thirukural is rich with Hindu elements - that can never be destroyed by Periyarists.

Lord Indra can be found in many verses of the Thirukural.Indra is actually a symbol of mastery over senses.In Bahasa Melayu,the 5 senses are referred to as Panca Indera ( Pancha-Indra - 5 Indras {senses} )

Thiruvalluvar says :

(1) ஐந்தவித்தான் ஆற்றல் அகல்விசும்பு ளார்கோமான்
இந்திரனே சாலுங் கரி

Aindhaviththaan Aatral Akalvisumpu Laarkomaan
Indhirane Saalung Kari

The king of Gods Indra the great, is the prime example for the power that one can acquire by conquering his senses.

(2) பொறிவாயில் ஐந்தவித்தான் பொய்தீர் ஒழுக்க
நெறிநின்றார் நீடுவாழ் வார்

Porivaayil Aindhaviththaan Poidheer Ozhukka
Nerinindraar Neetuvaazh Vaar

Those shall long prosper who abide in the faultless way of Him who has destroyed the five desires of the senses

He even mentions about Shri Krshna in the verse 'thamarai kannan ulagu'.

The very first verse ( kural ) is in reference to  God.

அகர முதல எழுத்தெல்லாம் ஆதி
பகவன் முதற்றே உலகு.

Agara mudhala ezhuththellaam aadhi
bhagavan mudhatre ulaku

Meaning : 

The syllable 'A' is the first of alphabets through which speech is maintained.Similarly,the primordial God is the first in parallel.

In another verse, 

ஆபயன் குன்றும் அறுதொழிலோர் நூல் மறப்பர்;-
காவலன் காவான் எனின்.

aapayan kundrum,arutholilor nool marappar, kavalan kaavan enin

This verse says should a king not rule properly, the Brahmins would stop reciting Vedas.

Aaru-tholilor ( one with 6 duties ) refers to the Brahmins.They are known by the term ' shat karma niratha' - one with 6 duties.

Here,Thiruvalluvar talks about the Varna system in Hinduism 


எழுமை எழுபிறப்பும் உள்ளுவர் தங்கள்
விழுமம் துடைத்தவர் நட்பு.

Elumai elupirappum ulluvar tankan
viluman tutaittavar natpu.

Meaning : 

Literal translation :

- The wise remember through all seven worlds and in seven-fold births.
- Friendship of those who wiped the tears of sorrow on Earth.

Underlying meaning :

The wise will never forget the love of those who wiped their tears of sorrow in the upcoming births.

Here,Thiruvalluvar expresses rebirth.If his work was non-hindu oriented,he would not have used this verse as it contradicts the belief of Abrahamic religions.


மடியுளான் மாமுகடி என்ப மடியிலான்
தாளுளாள் தாமரை யினாள்

matiyuLaaL maamukati enpa matiyilaan
thaaLuLaan thaamaraiyi naaL

Meaning : The black Moothevi dwells in laziness and Lakshmi dwells in effort.

Moothevi in Tamizh refers to Alakshmi ( opposite of Lakshmi ).Alakshmi finds reference in Shri Suktam of Rig and Yajur Veda.

Ahimsa ( Non-violence )

தன்னூன் பெருக்கற்குத் தான்பிறிது ஊனுண்பான்
எங்ஙனம் ஆளும் அருள்.

How can he be possessed of kindness, who to increase his own 
flesh, eats the flesh of other creatures?.

- செயிரின் தலைப்பிரிந்த காட்சியார் உண்ணார்
உயிரின் தலைப்பிரிந்த ஊன்.

The wise, who have freed themselves from mental delusion, 
will not eat the flesh which has been severed from an animal.

- அவிசொரிந் தாயிரம் வேட்டலின் ஒன்றன்
உயிர்செகுத் துண்ணாமை நன்று. 

Not to kill and eat (the flesh of) an animal, 

is better than the pouring forth of ghee etc., in a thousand sacrifice

. கொல்லான் புலாலை மறுத்தானைக் கைகூப்பி
எல்லா உயிருந் தொழும்.

All creatures will join their hands together, 
and worship him who has never taken away life, nor eaten flesh. 

- உண்ணாமை உள்ளது உயிர்நிலை ஊனுண்ண
அண்ணாத்தல் செய்யாது அளறு. 

Not to eat flesh contributes to the continuance of life; 
therefore if a man eat flesh, hell will not open its mouth 
(to let him escape out, after he has once fallen in).

- படைகொண்டார் நெஞ்சம்போல் நன்னூக்காது ஒன்றன்
உடல்சுவை உண்டார் மனம். 

Like the (murderous) mind of him who carries a weapon (in his hand), 
the mind of him who feasts with pleasure on the body of another (creature), 
has no regard for goodness

Dravidian movement is never agreeable to Ahimsa which is the core of Hindu dharma.

Let's look at what Dravida boy Semen,I mean Seeman has to say : 

Simon Sebastian AKA Seeman against beef ban.He proclaims his freedom to eat foxes and ox.

Anyways,looks like the great Tamizh icon revered Hindu culture.

The movement should stop working against what they claim to preach for.

Tamizh culture is rooted in Hinduism.Nothing can change that.

In a nutshell, spend your time listening to Tamizha boys rather than Dravida boys

                              Goyang-Goyang by Tamila Boys

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