Friday 15 February 2019

This Vegan Stall in Penang will make your tastebuds go frenzy

This newly erected cruelty-free stall will open a new dimension within your tastebuds and turn your pseudo-grave guts into an inhabitable botanical garden with their Middle Eastern delicacies.

Location: Reggae Club Lebuh Chulia ( Google map it ). You will find this stall just in front of the Bob Marley Reggae club.

Let the images speak of the vegan royalty that presides over this infamous Chulia street.

Dig in !

I took this Arabian Falafel plate and left it spotless. 10 RM for it. 
Of course, Bob Marley's weedy songs added some high to the food as well.

The bally browns you see are chickpea-based.

Update ( 2023 ).

Image: Dunking in on March 2023. Sure they have improved a lot. Still makin' my tastebuds go frenzy. A must try experience, especially when you are pampered with the Reggae vibes of Bob Marley.

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